Tottenham 3-1 Dortmund - Harry Kane 60'

Tottenham 3-1 Dortmund - Harry Kane 60'

Kane is unbelievable. So clinical

Missed the fact the buildup to Dortmunds first goal was offside.

Opens Stream -Kane instantly scores-

Okay I guess I'll do my homework.

Tbf their first goal was offside as well, that one obviously wasn't as clear though

Sadly Spurs were robbed by Dortmunds first offside goal. They even themselves out

And then they all join forces to create the greatest England performance in a World Cup... ah, who am I kidding.

Sadly Dortmund got robbed prior.

yeah but that doesn't fit the narrative

If anything comes out of this champions league I want Kane, Alli, rashford, stones etc to do well, especially Kane. Hopefully this can be e season where he proves to the world he is one of the best strikers in the world.

Kane has been clinical

Seriously, don't understand why that was just glossed over

Meh, still a 4 season wonder

Cmon you can't leave Kane unmarked in or around the box

A lot of bitter people in this thread, none of whom complained about the offside on Dortmund's goal...


Like usual tbh, one of the best finishers in the world imo

shouldve been 2-2 and now its 1-3 instead, thats game.

Absolutely delightful from Spurs, really pleased to see them with such a fantastic start to their CL campaign.

Kane's first goal should have been disallowed because he pulled down Dahoud.

Problem is with that is that Dahoud went down like a right sack of shit, so it didn't really warrant a free-kick.

I never knew how whiny German fans were until their teams were losing.

Ignore the fact the refs have been awful in general and say that they're favouring one side over the other.

No chance was that a foul lol

Great hold up play from... Davies?

whatever the decisions of the ref prior, you cant take away how good of a finish this is

I don't even think that's an opinion, his goals speak for themselves

Balances out the fact dortmunds first goal was offside

Dortmunds first goal should have been offside... really no idea why we are getting such a hard time over this.

This thread is just full of people talking about the unfair offsides and not Kane's excellent finish.

But he was still offside so why does it matter if it was barely noticeable.

Considering you're banging on about rules, you want to pick and choose which ones apply.

I'm not a Spurs fan, and i can see some of the pathetic bias against you lot in this thread.


First goal for Dortmund came from an offside pass.

I love how all the fans of English small teams are standing up for us. Chelsea fans going on about poor Dortmund and here I see Bournemouth and Stoke fans praising us to the hilt.

So if they called the offside, the goal wouldn't have happened. Glad we agree.

AA Replay:

This is theft !

Another great finish. And there's still mongs on /sub/soccer who insist Kane is mediocre and the premier league is shit, lul.

Stuff like this is why we need VAR

Yeah lets just ignore the offside for the first dortmund goal

Like Ariel giving up her voice for her legs

I can dream :( shame we'll have 52 year old Defoe on the bench and Livermore playing against 10 at the back teams in qualifying, while Cahill and hart play over Keane/Maguire and Pickford.

Are we allowed to call him world class yet? I feel like because he's English people will still say no

Why wasn't Dortmund's first goal?

All comments about the actual goal this post is about are getting downvoted, all comments about the disallowed goal not involved in this post are upvoted

Im not mad but every goal thread "we're being robbed boohoo" rather than blaming your lack of defending or goalkeeping.

Davies and Jan were immense.

Kane Theft Auto

100% not and it's pretty easy to see the player went down easily to try draw a foul

100% if you are a little girl.

Just a shit Watford

Oh shut up. Spurs were hammering you all game. Easily could've ended with them scoring 4 before the disallowed goal.

Spurs was already looking much better in the second half before the third goal.

Just the absolute power and placement is so precise. It's insane how he can basically put it in the bottom corner from anywhere in the box 9 times out of 10.

The defender went down like a right soft cunt, so not a free-kick in my opinion.

Davies becoming a striker all of a sudden confusing the fuck out of Dortmund's defence lol

I guess this linesman is more competent than the other

Dahoud dived let's not make any excuses

What does that even mean? You're whining cos you're losing, and it's sad.

Kane > Messi

Just like Dortmund's first goal


Karma is a bitch

Also didn't call offside in Dortmunds goal...

Why would you leave this unmarked?

Quite sad really. Phenomenal strike.

Dahoud went down at being touched to try and win a free kick

Maybe this will help quell the "Kane can't do it in Europe" trope.

He only made it into the first team with stellar Europa performances and was injured for much of the sub-par CL games.

Given a large enough sample size, he'll show his quality in all competitions, including on the international stage (although it's for England, so hardware is very unlikely). He's got plenty of time to do it.

Ref was poor for both sides though. It wasn't one sided.

Copy of Messi's first goal yesterday.


I guess you’d prefer football to be non contact ?

I think a great performance and three goals against dortmund is still something to be proud, not as if spurs made the call for offside

Edit - For those interested, he said this game was nothing to be proud of for spurs due to aubas offside goal

You mean when Dahoud was draped on his back like a bad cape? Also, lmao at the last sentence. Dortmund's first goal was offside in the buildup, Dier got a yellow card for a perfect tackle, and Vertonghen got a red for basically nothing.

He can't breathe through his nose but he can score goals.

There was an offside in the buildup to your first or we just gonna ignore that?

Who can you leave unmarked?

Dortmund wouldn't have had the opportunity to score if that's called correctly

Two top leagues already have it, so hopefully the CL/EL next season aswell.

I mean Bundesliga has basically squashed all the 'issues' with it.

Total pochball

Not really, Dortmund's goal was offside.

he's said in an interview that he practices low hard shots to the corner a lot in training because that's been drilled into him since a youngster, that's why it's his preferred shot

Are all Dortmund fans 12 year olds or are they just the vocal minority ? Holy shit.


He still made movement towards it, though, which could be argued to have impacted play, especially Lloris.

yeah but that doesn't fit the narrative

low driven OP still in this season

Something something down here salt is a way of life :) :) :)

Keep it coming, /sub/soccer

So? If it was called, the goal wouldn't have come. It was the same sequence

4 goals in 4 Champion's League games for Harry Kane

A play like 5 passes before the goal, yeah it was

So did Dortmund on their first goal.

Insane game for a neutral

Lol that username sounds like something I'd type into pornhub

Why isnt this offside as well?

Rough for Dortmond, damn..

Lol, you say stay in school like it's an insult.

Hey you! Yeah you! Keep pursuing your educational career! That oughta get to him...

It has both ways. It's not as one sided as is being made out in here though.

Bitter that we won?

Burki sucks

Good game though, i was terrified you guys would pull something out of your sleeve all the way through

Messi is just a shit Kane


should be 2-2 but what you gonna do....