Top intel Democrat: "Circumstantial evidence of collusion" between Trump and Russia

Top intel Democrat: "Circumstantial evidence of collusion" between Trump and Russia
Top intel Democrat: "Circumstantial evidence of collusion" between Trump and Russia

"Circumstantial evidence of collusion," but "direct evidence of deception," he says.

We don't know exactly what they did, but we know they're lying about it.

Oh let me just leave these things here for all to copy-paste:

Robert Mercer (Cambridge analytica [involved in brexit], cato, breitbart) & Russian Oligarch's yachts met up at an island in the past week.. People are tracking Oligarch private jets like MKATE. DNS lookups pinging every 10 minutes between Alfa Bank (Russian bank with ties to Putin) and Trump org. Potential Theories of either DNS-lookups as "pings to indicate package/mail pickup" or DNS-lookup pings as "code-like content" in place of emails potentially through mobile apps. Pings increased during RNC/DNC conventions. Pings at Trump org stopped when NYT/Slate asked direct questions to Alfa Bank (so Alfa told Trump org to stop the pings somehow).... Carter Page changed story to WSJ through text messages saying he had gone to Moscow, met with "Russian think-tanks & university officials." He lied on national television. Paul Manafort lied on national television saying he wasn't involved in changing the RNC platform on Ukraine. J.D. Gordon confessed that Paul Manafort & leadership ordered this. Roger Stone communicated with Guccifer Russian hacker and admitted to back-chnnel comms to WL. He has been sent a letter from SIC to preserve Russia-related campaign-related documents. Paul Manafort is wanted for questioning by prosecutors in Ukraine. He has told WashPo, "It's not like they carry badges!" regarding meeting with Russian spies. DT bought a $40 million mansion... then sold it to Russian oligarch of fertilizer Rybolovlev for $95 million a few years later. Rybolovlev then demolished the estate to sell the property. Typically in the legal world this is called Money Laundering. Campaign Lawyer Mike Cohen was caught around French islands in Europe, along with Russian oligarchs who also were vacationing around there. Oligarchs are used because they are not officials. Lawyer Cohen gave 4 different stories to 4 different news outlets about his involvement with Russians. He also claimed he never went to Czech, but actually had gone to Czech in the past, and there is suggestion that he has an Israeli pass port. These guys sure vacation a lot in Europe for some strange reason during the campaign even (are they vacationing or are they working?). Interesting stories swirling around about Azerbaijan Baku hotel that DT was involved in along with Ivanka and other sons. Dakota pipeline was going to be built with Russian steel.... when the media found out, quickly Sean Spicer tried to frame it as "no we will buy american." Russian propaganda that promoted DT for years since GOP primary stopped around late February. Indicating their dissatisfaction. Russia has been murdering officials and their own people, some of whom charged with treason and accused of working for the US. Coverup of UN amb of Russia, who died in NYC, Coroner in NY told to withhold cause of death and refer questions to State Dep. Russia launches investigation of US media. Nigel Farage had dinner with DT, then Nigel Farage ended up in London near Ecuador hideout. He was asked by journalist if he was there to meet Julian, and he stated something like "I don't talk about who I meet or where I go." Then the WL thing happened. This WEEK: Russian botnets are on overtime attacking McCain, Graham, CNN, Evan McMullin, and others in the media. Same Russian botnets this week are promoting Le Pen & attacking Merkel. Still ranting about globalism and muslims. This week Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats have been asking questions about Russian money laundering...

If you wanna know why everyone is going so slow and carefully... because we have a serious issue. A very very serious issue. There's going to be a reckoning.

If these people don't get punished, then you know what has happened.

More like we dont know exactly HOW they did it, but we know they're lying about it.

Just in case you hear people say "it's only circumstantial evidence", TV and movies have created some significant misconceptions over the years. Often people think circumstantial evidence is something vague, meaningless or easily dismissed. But that's not quite how it works.

All "circumstantial evidence" means is the evidence is something from which a fact may or may not be inferred, and in most crimes it makes up the vast majority of or even the only evidence. Yes, you can indeed be convicted on circumstantial evidence alone.

With this form of evidence there are other possible explanations that must be ruled out (this is why we have the whole "beyond reasonable doubt" thing), and as this occurs circumstantial evidence can paint a clear picture of fact. It includes anything that isn't direct evidence (like, for example, an eyewitness account of a murder). Things like fingerprints, a smoking gun, a dead body, some testimony (e.g. I saw the car swerving as if the driver were drunk or I heard screaming coming from the bedroom), most forensic evidence and so on.

e.g. if you have a gun, fingerprints on the gun, proof of ownership of the gun, death threats sent by the defendant to the victim, video of a defendant sneaking out of a building, the victims blood all over their clothing, and the same type of bullets in their possession - all you've got is circumstantial evidence, but you've got a pretty fucking convincing picture of the crime.

So circumstantial evidence is incredibly important - how convincing that evidence is, and what other potential explanations there might be, are things we now need to urgently assess. We have a metaphorical "smoking gun". America now deserves to know who the fuck fired it, the truth of what the fuck happened, and why the fuck Trump's team are going to incredible lengths to hide the evidence - which is something that may well strongly support an inference that this circumstantial evidence isn't just coincidental or suggestive of some innocent explanation, but rather something that points to the conclusion that some shady or even treasonous shit has gone down.

America found lipstick on the collar, their shirts smell like perfume, and they've been staying out late, but the phone is clean.

If Comey doesn't offer any signal tomorrow that a major investigation is underway, you know that we're fucked and the Russians have infiltrated our intelligence agencies too.

Even a bunch of "I cannot confirm or deny" statements would be somewhat comforting. But a flat out denial that there's any Trump-Russia connection, or a continual effort to downplay those connections publicly, should raise one big red flag.

I'm still on the fence about Comey's true intentions. That letter he released two weeks before the election still looks like a nefarious effort to torpedo Clinton and elevate Trump.

If these people don't get punished, then you know what has happened.

It's my canary in the coalmine on the long-term solvency of our democracy.

The things that come from this guy and Nunes, you wouldn't even know they were on the same committee smh

I am sure Nunes being on the Trump transition team has nothing to do with it.

I can't believe the amount of conflict of interests these people are getting away with.

I'm not convinced Trump maliciously colluded with Russia.

I am. This Russia business is all about sanctions and big oil money. Billions and billions of it. When it boils right down to it, THIS is what is all about.

All the theories about Putin trying to destroy western democracy, having blackmail material over trump, his own puppet in the white house etc etc, are all valid theories, but there is collusion here for vast sums of money. Trump has his stake in this i have little doubt.

PLEASE don't let him complete the four years. if he does, the russian story will forever be branded as a liberal conspiracy. look at bush. a lot of respectable people had declared that his decisions(or lack of them) led to war crimes but now he is going around giving interviews, basking in the glory of a stupider, even more corrupt and unpatriotic man in the office, and no one cares. trump needs to be branded a traitor to an extent that he and his family can never shake it off with strategic PR

I don't think he believed releasing that information would cause Clinton to lose. Everyone thought Clinton would handily beat Trump, and that goes double for Beltway insider types. This has been totally forgotten now, but it's the case. People were giving 538 crap because they said Trump had even a 20% chance of winning.

I think Comey thought Clinton would win and the FBI would come out of it looking all noble and impartial because they didn't do anything that could be thought of even slightly as a "cover up of email stuff" and Clinton still won.

But of course Clinton lost and things didn't work out that way at all.

"Come on baby, who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

Nunes "I can't quit youuuuu!"


99% of the total activity on that server was between it, DeVos' company, and a server in Russia.

It's a server previously used for mass emails (fairly high capacity unit), now being tasked as a very low load DNS server.

It was configured with all but one port closed and could only accept traffic from a very narrow range of IP addresses (thus not functional as a real DNS server).

All traffic occurred during 'business hours' and did not follow a pattern of automatic lookups. Rather, it followed a 'pattern of human communication' according to the people that discovered it.

A tool called Iodine allows somebody to transfer IPv4 traffic via a DNS server to avoid interception of said communications. A server used for this purpose would be configured EXACTLY like the Trump server was.

It was a secure document drop/communication channel. Period. The question is whose it was and why.

A popular misconception is that circumstantial evidence is less valid or less important than direct evidence. This is only partly true: direct evidence is popularly, but mistakenly, considered more powerful. Many successful criminal prosecutions rely largely or entirely on circumstantial evidence, and civil charges are frequently based on circumstantial or indirect evidence

I also think it should be noted that Roger Stone was a victim of a hit and run in Florida last week. Somebody t-boned his car and sped away from the scene of the accident. Stone wasn't hurt, but the timing of the crash was odd given that he's been publicly bragging about his ties to Russian-backed hackers and operatives.

He claims the "deep state" tried to off him. I think the Russians are branching their election conspiracy "clean up" effort out to American citizens that won't stay quiet.

If no direct evidence is found we'll have to conclude that bumbling buffoon Trump outwitted every single US intelligence agency at their own game.

Carter Page admits to pg30 of the dossier before the dossier went public in video with only 6k views so far!

Pg30 of the dossier:


Close associate of SECHIN confirms his secret meeting in Mosco\v with Carter PAGE in July

Substance included offer of large stake in Rosneft in return for lifting sanctions on Russia. PAGE confirms this is TRUMP's intention



Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid October 2016, a close associate of Rosneft President and PUTIN ally Igor' SECHJN elaborated on the reported secret meeting benveen the latter and Carter PAGE, of US Republican presidential candidate's foreign policy team, in Moscow in July 2016. The secret meeting had been confirmed to him/her by a senior member of SECHIN's staff, in addition to by the Rosneft President himself. It took place on either 7 or 8 July, the same day or the one after Carter PAGE made a public speech to the Higher Economic School in Moscow.

In terms of the substance of their discussion, SECHIN's associate said that the Rosneft President was so keen to lift personal and corporate western sanctions imposed on the company, that he offered PAGE/TRUMP's associates the brokerage of up to a 19 per cent (privatised) stake in Rosneft in return. PAGE had expressed interest and confirmed that were TRUMP elected US president, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted."

Honestly it seems like it could be as simple as the Trump campaign getting their metaphorical hand caught in the cookie jar but then they just pretend they can lie about it which ultimately makes things worse.

I'm not convinced Trump maliciously colluded with Russia, but there's every appearance Trump did stuff he knew was borderline unethical (just as almost everything about his career is borderline unethical), but maybe didn't expect the checks and balances to catch up with him so quickly.

In combination with Nunes's categorical denial of an investigation - which would look really dumb if Comey were to declare an active investigation tomorrow - this sounds to me like getting ahead of a story to manage expectations. I'm back to feeling pessimistic about Comey's announcement tomorrow.

Yeah, no more of those Ford pardoning Nixon or Obama's "we need to look forward not backward" bullshits. These traitors should be used as an example to send a message to others who would put party over country.

I mean, the juiciest would be if Trump actually bought part of Rosneft. That would be like a country-defining moment if that happened and was proven to have happened. That would probably mean a constitutional crisis, maybe a convention, Russia getting fucked hard by the entire world community, could spark actual military conflicts, etc.

That's all conspiracy-level right now, though, so I prefer to focus on the shit that's actually happening and hope that justice runs its course.

My guess... they already have all the hard evidence they need, and Comey won't release it because: agents/informants need to finish gathering hard evidence and get to safety, and they want an airtight case. I have a feeling Comey wants to arrest this guy, not just indict, not just have congress act. He wants to put the handcuffs on him. (And, I know many of you think Comey was a traitor because he released the letter about Clinton. I happen to think he was put in a situation of the lesser of two evils.)

I wish the media would stop connecting the bullshit wiretapping story with the very real story of collusion between trump and Putin

They're separate stories

One story is about Trump being full of shit, the other story is about him being a traitor.

Their big rhetoric about how Clinton plays by a different set of rules has always been bullshit projection. Clinton got investigated near constantly over 25 years and they found nothing, because there was nothing. There was barely any circumstantial evidence that any competent law enforcement agency would spend time on for a normal person. It was a different set of rules in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, these fucks will do anything to keep themselves protected from the justice of the people.

I've said "no way in hell" way too often in the past year, and have it come out sideways, to continue saying it... Your confidence makes me feel a little better though, I suppose.

Nunes is playing word games. He says stuff like he hasn't seen any evidence of collusion. Which could mean he hasn't seen a video of Donald Trump talking with Vladimir Putin to coordinate their efforts on throwing the election.

Meanwhile Shiff is saying is that there is probably some suspicious timing between events in the real world and meetings/contacts with Russian intelligence by the Trump team.

I'll wait for Comey to speak. I wonder if the mysterious traffic between Russian Alfa bank (the owners are friends of Putin and the bank is heavily involved with Russian State income distribution through pensions) and Spectrum Health (DeVos's husbands company) and Trump tower in the months leading up to the election have anything to do with this. 99% of the DNS traffic going to one server in Trump tower originated from those two sources, which was configured to only accept communications from "approved" servers. How interesting is it that Alfa Bank is one of those "approved" servers? If you or I tried to ping it our request would be rejected and we would get an error message. Why was an Alfa bank server let into the Trump tower server?

Trump is using the classic Republican modus operandi by accusing his critics of what he is far more guilty of himself. Hes trying to throw doubt on US intelligence agencies so that when they come out with evidence he collaborated with the Russians, he can claim his accusers spied on him with the same intention, to alter the outcome of the election.

This sort of shady crap might work against other real estate moguls and dealing with construction contractors, but the stakes are a lot higher for ol Donnie Moscow, he could end up swinging from a rope for this.

This comment and every post pointing out Russian interference in the election and collusion with the Trump team will be met with strangely worded responses trying to discredit the ideas as insane or whatever. By strangely worded I mean the syntax is off, it doesn't read like American English. It's close but there's always tell tale signs. These comments will be coming from older accounts that went inactive and are suddenly highly active and almost solely in /sub/politics and almost always trying to discredit Russian links to hacking and collusion and interference.

This is turning out to be a classic Culombo episode. We know he did it.... we're just starting to piece together the collusion evidence. We even have the bad 70s comb over, fake tans...and cheap Farrah Fawcett clone.

If these people did this and our democracy stays intact enough that we do indeed have elections in 2020. Then these people need to be prosecuted by the incoming administration to the fullest extent of the law. That includes Flynn weaseling away by just resigning and Sessions laughing off perjury. What we do about these people if/when they are out of power, is the real test.

This needs to be higher. I know I'm not alone in not understanding the meaning of circumstancial evidence.

"There is certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation," he added. "The American people have a right to know and in order to defend ourselves, we need to know whether the circumstantial evidence of collusion and direct evidence of deception is indicative of more."

What qualifies as circumstantial evidence and probable cause for peons like you and I is not the same as what qualifies as circumstantial evidence and probable cause for the privileged globalist elites like Trump. I think that can partially account for the difference.

And yes, I'm having a blast using the campaign rhetoric from Trump against Trump.

No this has been brought up. He made the announcement then because that's when the New York FBI gave him the information and he has to tell congress immediately when he receives that kind of information. He didn't choose the timing, it was the New York FBI.

Silly rabbit, conflict of interest only applies to the non righteous /s

Actually in the court of law, at least here in the US, circumstantial evidence isn't shouldn't be read as weak evidence.

People have been convicted of murder based on just two or three pieces of vaguely connected circumstantial evidence.

And with his popularity falling... if any of this evidence starts to look connected... and Republicans being embarrassed by him in the last weeks.

And the mid-terms coming next year...

Frankly even the weakest circumstantial evidence might be enough for some republicans to feel that stabbing him in the back and then forcing through their bills to get momentum back in their favor might be the better way to go.

I think your asking if there is some innocent explanation for the pings? There really isnt, especially when you look at the volume and distribution specifically between that server at Trump Tower and the system at Mercer's group. The thing is we just dont know what the communication indicates, what makes it bizarre is how sloppy and obvious it is. Personally i think its groups with really shadowy intentions but a lack of experienced technical people involved to even attempt to cover their tracks.

Although looking at just the timing and number of interactions wont explain whats being communicated because we dont know what they are supposed to be either an alert or a direct message? Im super interested in a netsec professionals analysis of all this. Hopefully someone who is an expert will come and along and give a better answer to this or link us to some more information.

I agree, this sounds the most probable to me. I think it's most likely that Comey was giving himself credibility, thinking like everyone else that this was a done deal and making it the perfect window to show some "both sides are bad" artificial equitability safely.

And then election night happened.

Sure Roger, I'm sure the Russians are thrilled with your big mouth and "two martini tweeting." The "deep state" (sane people) prefer that you run your mouth straight to prison.

People haven't seen this video, you replied really quickly did you watch it? He literally admits meeting with oil company associates in dossier, then a couple of questions later he sort of admits working for the campaign officially both of which he later denied emphatically in channel 4 and pbs interviews. If they play this tape at the hearings before he testifies he will have to pick a story to testify with, so I think this video is important for a few reasons besides the contradictory statements.

If the Feds truly start closing in on DT he'll start a war. It would be nearly impossible for the government to fight a war while simultaneously prosecuting the President, and it would give Republicans an excuse to look the other way in the name of security. Think first-strike against North Korea, which they are laying the groundwork for right now. It would be impossible and suicidal to de-escalate once war broke out, and they could manufacture evidence that there was an imminent nuclear threat.

Lawyer here. I agree.

For what it is worth, being literally caught red-handed or with a smoking gun are instances of circumstantial evidence. No one saw you pull the trigger (ie there is no "direct evidence"), but there isn't any reasonable explanation consistent with innocence.

Yeah... so we have pretty clear evidence that the offer probably happened, and we have definite evidence that 19% of Rosneft was sold just before Trump took office.

The key then is proving Trump or an associate was the buyer. If Trump or an associate was the buyer that would be the sort of information the Russians could use for leverage.

Hey true not at all. These posts do look very good written by people who maybe rush little not very because they bunked off English lessons sometimes. I'm not a trump supporter no but do think he is honest guy and very good for world.

I've read theories that Comey made that announcement just before the election because he couldn't stop the leaks that were coming out, and he thought a letter to Congress would simplify everything.

Thank you for adding that. At the moment I'm not convinced Comey did anything out of malicious intent, more that he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

There is no doubt Trump and his team tried to hide evidence of their collusion with Russia. They are guilty and they know it. Hence the cover-up by Trump and his team or "deception" that Schiff mentions.

It had better be within the first two years, otherwise we could have an entire decade of Pence...

I agree too

Comey was faced with a serious issue and I dont think he thought Clinton would lose. He did however fear the GOP blaming him of being partial and opening an investigation into him, thus ruining his current investigation into Russia. If his actions were as bad as they looked Obama would have fired him. Obama knew it would be one the greatest mistakes he could possibly make. If Trump was allowed to appoint his own FBI Director then this stuff would never come out.

Considering Alfa and DeVos accounted for like 99% of lookups, if it wasn't them I'm pretty sure we'd be getting into "it was hackers trying to make me look bad" territory.

My guess is that their best lead is with Roger Stone and his WikiLeaks source.

Actually it was after enquiries to the Alfa bank end that the Trump end server shutdown. As someone said, they tapped the knee in Russia and the leg kicked in the USA.

"Just one more thing, Mr. Trump..."

No way in hell a president gets impeached for something like this and his vice president wins reelection

Trump is a mob boss plain and simple. You're going to have to do some RICO type shit to get one of his consiglieri's to turn state's evidence.

You can't ask somebody competent to tell you how to do it competently, when the only people you can trust are the other half-dozen bloated septuagenarians who are in on the suicide pact with you. Doing this the smart way means getting someone reputable to do the setup work for you, and that person might rat you out.

My theory is that the DNS lookups are due to the style of communication referenced by Manafort's daughters: logging into email account and writing a draft without sending it. He communicated with the Russians only through email drafts, not through emails.

No idea if computer science backs this up.

Ah, the "that sure is an interesting stain on that blue dress" situation. You know, that old chest-nut.


It's definitely not any of those "alt-theories".

That is the cover story. The cover story being that if anyone figured out what it actually does and can see the messages (if it is full messages like email but not in email protocol)... then they will claim it was "in error" or that "it was a broken server".

Imagine designing a communication protocol, that looks like a broken thing or piggy-backs on a protocol that is known for DNS?

These are possibilities here.

If there were direct evidence, I suspect Trump would have been at the gallows already. Cases are made out of circumstantial evidence.

Drip drip.

All the theories about Putin trying to destroy western democracy, having blackmail material over trump, his own puppet in the white house etc etc, are all valid theories, but there is collusion here for vast sums of money. Trump has his stake in this i have little doubt.

Personally, I think that Putin wants to destroy western democracy, and he plans on doing that by ultimately destroying Donald Trump.

If they have some really heinous dirt on him, whether it's financial, sexual, or criminal in nature, imagine how defiled and degraded the office of the Presidency will look if it turns out that a de facto mob boss or deviant pedophile occupied it. That, coupled with the campaign collusion with Russia, would severely damage the average American's trust in our leaders and electoral system for decades.

It's entirely possible that the Russians built up Trump just to tear him down. They may ultimately provide us with the proverbial "smoking guns", even if they never own up to it.

Oh wow I hadn't actually watched that video. I had seen another interview where he admitted to being in the country at the time, and had seen the articles that the Trump campaign approved of the trip at the same time.

These guys... are not the smartest alleged criminals I've ever seen.

Cases are most certainly made from circumstantial evidence. Do you think that for every murder conviction, there is video recording or an eyewitness account?

You should mirror this video and start tweeting it at all of the political reporters you can find (like Maddow and Todd)... I don't know if the press has caught onto it yet.

I am 95% convinced he colluded with Russia. I've been obsessively following this since August and while all of the evidence is circumstantial there's jut too much of it to ignore.

I'm not a conspiracy theory kind of person but the whole russia thing makes me feel like a crazy person. The evidence seems to overwhelmingly point to a Tom Clancy-esque reality.

Russian stooges are all over /sub/politics trying desperately to discredit any kind of post that elaborates on Russian interference with the election. Maddow had a segment on down-ballot hacking scandals and every time it gets posted it's buried/brigaded. Do a search for maddow on this sub and you'll see me calling out shills left and right.

I think that letter falls squarely on chaffetz doesn't it?

the curious thing about the lookups is that 80% came from Alfa band, and 19% came from a company owned by DeVos. Page was a lobbyist for Alfa bank, and then hired to join Trump's team. We don't know what the lookups were about, but we do know that the DeVos' were both awarded coushy political appointments after the election. If that's what they got for 19%, you have to wonder what you can get for 80%. The trump campaign and Alfa bank both offered conflicting explanations for the contacts. Alfa bank suggested they were either spam or fake, while trump claims it was an internal employee who was also a client using a spreadsheet. In other words, it's still unsettled, but we know one or both parties aren't giving straight answers.

The problem is that discovering things that are illegal requires investigation. And the GOP have been blocking investigation at every turn.

I've been sharing this around related threads, but I would strongly recommend reading this insightful piece on what to be prepared for tomorrow. It's important that we understand how to interpret an underwhelming hearing in the face of something of this much gravity without being distracted or discouraged.

Ah, you see, there's just one, uh, one little detail that's been really bugging me.


Glomar response - Wikipedia In United States law, the term Glomar response refers to a "neither confirm nor deny" (NCND) response

Ah, the "that sure is an interesting stain on that blue dress" situation. You know, that old chestnut.

Lemme smell yo dick

Democrats: ""

I think this was the best stance to take in the first place.

Not that something doesn't look very odd between Trump and Russia, of course it does. But people wishing for treason charges or whatever were getting their hopes way too high.

Same reason as Petraeus, people aren't as familiar with cybersecurity as they should be.

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Russian Interference in Democracies

Here's how the Trump campaign altered the media landscape and weaponized voters personality against them... The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

There’s a new automated propaganda machine driving global politics.

This is a study from Columbia Journalism Review on how Breitbart- owned by Robert Mercer changed Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda

This sub never fails to make me feel horrible. Yet I can't stop reading it. I sometimes wish I was just a pro-Trump, Republican stooge so I can blissfully live in my bubble unaware of any grand facist/Russian conspiracy that currently underway. I feel like I know too much. It feels horrible knowing what little chance there is of any justice. I also realize if this is all true that Democrats stand little chance at ever winning again, since Russian interfance will just get worse in upcoming elections.


Slate article that 'broke' the story:

Blog that summarizes things well:

CNN Article:

More info:

Mirror of logs (May or may not be working...other mirrors exist):

But what will Comey say? He's going to GLOMAR everything tomorrow.

I heard a witch turned him into a newt, as well.

He also claimed to have been poisoned about a month back

The other angle to this is that the (rumors I've heard) FBI New York office is extremely anti-Clinton/pro-Republican.

As someone not terribly knowledgeable about network security, is it possible there is an innocent explanation regarding the Alfa bank connection? That is, could this be related to a bot-net or something else? Legitimately ignorant, seeking clarification.

Uncertain if there will be democratic elections in the worlds most powerful democracy. We've plunged quite deep.

Eyewitness accounts.

Basically direct evidence is observation based - a direct account of observation of the crime. Video recordings, audio recordings etc of the actual crime are also direct evidence.

Circumstantial is anything from which we can infer facts. e.g. video of the defendant skulking around or saying they're going to commit a crime would not be direct evidence. This evidence includes forensic evidence, objects, alibis, a lot of testimony (e.g. hearsay evidence) and so on. It often makes up most/all of the evidence when crimes go to court e.g if there aren't any witnesses/recordings all evidence will be circumstantial.

There's other sketchy stuff that's gone on with that connection. Apparently, once people on Trump's campaign were (privately) asked about it by reporters, the connection shut down shortly afterwards, and started using a different domain within a short time.

I've been saying since 2015 that Trump really gives off a mafioso-type vibe. Like, I could totally picture him being part of a subplot in The Sopranos. A brash billionaire "real estate developer" helps Tony's "waste management" business bury some "toxic garbage" on some illegally purchased lot in Queens that Don Jr. bought.

We are giving him the benefit of the doubt because there isnt any proof he intentionally released it to sabotage her. If that was his true intention, he could have recommended indictment. He had grounds for it.

What is more likely to me is that Comey sent a letter to congress about it before any pro-trump faction in the FBI leaked it. There's no proof Comey wanted congress to leak it to the press. He likely wanted it not leaked.

All of his actions can be construed as deceptive as much as they can be construed non-deceptive. That's why he gets the benefit of the doubt.

This man is most likely between a rock and a hard place, and we can't know the gravity of the decisions he is forced to make right now. Until there's undeniable proof that he was working to help trump, I'm going to refer to his bipartisan high praise as a straight shooter.

Edit: fuck mobile

Because VPN, TOR, etc. are fairly easily detected, even if you have a hard time figuring out what's getting transmitted. A DNS tunnel, on the other hand, won't look any different to people (IT personnel, gov monitors, etc.) doing typical checks. It gets you out from behind pretty restricted firewalls in a fairly nondiscrete way.

Reads Article

So still nothing?

I think maybe everyone took for granted the sort of informal customs surrounding the executive branch. There's always been a decorum there. We didn't expect someone to be able to just drunkenly stumble in and piss all over everything. Turns out the only thing stopping someone from doing that was just a little human decency.

Makes me appreciate almost every past president that much more, though. The kind of strength of character one must have to be President is great, because Trump so clearly demonstrates what happens when that strength of character is absent.


Here's an article from December '16 wherein Page met with Rosneft execs, article also talks about the Rosneft sale being in the works at that point.

Here's an article from September 23, 2016, discussing Page's rise to prominence as a Russian energy dealmaker. This one makes it sound like he was basically a nobody until after his ties to Trump became clear, to the point that Rosneft was publicly praising him. This article also mentions that he was under CIA investigation for ties to Russia.

Because Barron set it up.

Can't wait till this is cleared up. This day to day whiplash is getting to me. Comey might be the hero who takes Trump down or he might be on Putin's payroll. Trump admin. might be ingeniously evil or so stupid that they indict themselves. One day Nunes is starting to turn against Trump, the next he's denying any evidence of illegal activities.

That being said I don't expect anything substantial to drop tomorrow from Comey or anyone else.

Right. That's the country-saving question: Did Trump or anyone in his immediate purview do anything illegal? If they did, and "any reasonable prosecutor" could make a case that they did, and Trump and everyone around him has been lying about it, then they go down in flames.

Anything less and it's a big blue-balled flaccid nothingburger.

That sounds really scary. And I think it might actually be true.

Yeah, by polonium. But he miraculously survived! Please.

Comey did not have to violate long-standing DOJ & FBI policy, actually. Yet he did. Twice. When you adhere to policy, you can point to the policy as justification. Once you stop -- as Comey did -- you have to justify every decision to disclose, or not to disclose, going forward.

Thankfully the FBI and other agencies do not need congressional approval to do their own investigations!

I believe Hannity knows more than he is saying and he's volunteered to be waterboarded.

Those sneaky Russkies must have hacked her brain.

Add in that he has never struck me as the most PR savvy individual and you have a recipe for disaster.

One can only hope that enough Republicans have a line they won't cross and we may be able to salvage things. I still hold hope that enough of them will do their duty to their country instead of their party.

If you believe James comey is a naive newbie who has never dealt with Washington D.C. or the oversight committee, maybe. But the opposite is true, so no.

Justice demands that damn rabbit get his cereal.

Yeah and that's important to note but when taking down the president of the United States, you better have a lot of direct evidence.

Definitely unethical, but borderline illegal or borderline indictable.