TIL the name "Six Flags" refers to the flags of the six different nations that have governed Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States, and the Confederate States of America.

TIL the name "Six Flags" refers to the flags of the six different nations that have governed Texa...

It's called "New Orleans."

I've been to six flags over Texas a shit load of times and think it's worth noting that the park is divided into six sections, each decorated according to the flag it flies. In the 1990s the Confederate section was changed to The Old South with confederate flags removed. Eventually, part of the area merged with France and the rest was redesignated for food and souvenir carts, children's areas and thrill rides. Six Flags technically still flies six flags but one is the park's own flag.

So, France annexed the Old South and turned it into a food court?

Makes Texas sound promiscuous.

Six Flags over New England represents the six New England states

That sounds much more like they decided to put a six flags location in New England, then came up with it after the fact. It's a franchise name that happened to fit in a different way. They just buy up amusement parks and slap "Six Flags" on it, I doubt they all have meaning.

Original six flags logo https://imgur.com/gallery/xCVjm

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They weren't in a diplomatic sense, but an unrecognized country is often still defacto a country, as it exercises power over territory with a proper administrative, legislative and executive structure.

Well, that's true for the original Six Flags, which was Six Flags Over Texas.

Six Flags over New England represents the six New England states. I would assume other Six Flags have their own regional flags.


Can confirm. Six Flags Magic Mountain in California has no meaning besides "Six Flags bought the Magic Mountain theme park and re-branded it." There are no six specific Flags.

Tatsu, X2, and Twisted Colossus are dope though.

They kinda were in the 18s. They went spain, 1821–1836 Mexico, 1836–1845 Republic of Texas, 1846-1860 USA, 1861–1865 Confederate States of America, and now they are in a long term relationship with the USA.

"Not sure how France got in there..." -Hank Hill

The battle flag got associated with racism thanks to the south's reaciton to the civil rights movement and not the confederacy.

But those tribes didn't have flags


"It's called Six Flags over Texas because Texas was governed by six sovereign nations. There's Texas, America, Mexico, France... I don't know how France got in there..." --Hank

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Which was one of the actual flags, unlike the "Confederate" flag.

That's not the half of it, left out the Comanche, Apache and a bunch of other tribes.

They definitely still fly a Confederate flag in front of the park, it's just the Stars and Bars, so people don't get upset about it.

Nor did they command the entirety of the state.

Like that you refer to it as Six Flags Over Texas. Growing up in the Houston area, that's all I ever knew. This TIL threw me until I thought, "Well, Shit... I guess not everyone is from Texas."

To a Texan this is common knowledge

Friendship ended with CSA. Now USA is my best friend.

Lol. It was weird the first time I heard Six Flags over Georgia. So unnatural. It was like those Ford Commercials. "Ford is the best in Texas!" The first time I heard "Ford is the best in Oklahoma!" I was literally like DaFuq is this?!

Isn't it Café du Monde?


The flag most people refer to as the "Confederate battle flag" was the regimental colors of the Army of Tennessee, which lost seven of their eight battles.

That flag muttered the n-word when i was entering the park one time. I'm white. I think it just likes being offensive.

"Well, if you don't have a flag, then you can't have a country. Those are the rules... that I just made up!”

Six Flags in Jackson New Jersey represents the six nearest malls.

You believe incorrectly!

you mean funnel cake in ball shape?

Yes. The one you're used to is the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, whereas the one pictured is the Flag of the "nation" of the CSA.

They were a nation. They were unrecognized but they were as much of a nation as many other unrecognized nations today like Taiwan or Kosovo

The confederate battle flag is racist because racists adopted it as a symbol of racism. It wasn't a hated symbol until then.

At least you didn't grow up with Astroworld like us Houstonians. RIP.

Eff Six Flags management. They sold off the land in a cash crunch for 1/20th what the park was worth.


Best six flags commercial ever

This is when it was affordable too, now it's almost $100 per person here.

Fast pass is another $115

Here's the thing: the Confederate flag (as commonly known) as a historical symbol wasn't necessarily racist until racists adopted it as a symbol of racism. There wasn't a movement to fly that flag as a symbol of southern heritage until there was also a movement to fly that flag to symbolize "I hate black people." So they are linked inextricably.


The company spent billions to expand and bought up a bunch of small regional parks. Spending even more to expand them and add coasters. Then they ran the numbers and realized it would take over a century for some of those parks to turn a profit, some never would see a profit. So they closed and abandoned most of what they bought only a couple years after taking over. Even going as far as to tear down coasters from these parks and move them to other Six Flags parks across the country.

Being from Ohio I find the history of Geauga Lake both fascinating and infuriating. Six Flags purchased Geauga Lake in 2000 and called it Six Flags Ohio. At this time Geauga Lake was a small amusement park that had been in operation for over 100 years. After only a year Six Flags aggressively expanded by purchasing all the land around the lake including a water park and a SeaWorld that was across the lake.

They changed the name to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.This park was in operation from 2001-2003. Then Six Flags financial problems started. They quickly realized they knew nothing about caring for animals, nor did they want to even be in that business so they spun off the former SeaWorld section and sold the animals.

The amusement and water park didn't even open during the 2004 season and was sold to Cedar Fair. CF operated the amusement and water park for a couple seasons from 2005-2007. Cedar Fair is the same company that owns Cedar Point. The roller coaster capital of the world in the same state about 100 miles away. Cedar Fair didn't want Geauga Lake to compete with their original park so closed down the amusement park and only operated the water park for one season. Then completely closed the entire property and left it abandoned after the 2007 season.

Three years. That's all it took for Six Flags to kill an amusement park that had operated for over 100 years. Fuck Six Flags.

Well the rectangular version is, the square version (which is the more commonly referred to one) is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, which was famously Lee's command.

Six Flags desperately needed cash and thought they could get $200-250million for the land Astroworld was on. They shut the park down, moved some rides to other parks, trashed most and cleared the land in prep for sale...an operation that cost them $20million. Then they sold the land for a paltry $70million after buyers balked at the higher estimate.

They netted $50million for destroying a cash positive, completely developed thrill/water park combination inside an area of +6 million people with little competition.

Building something similar would cost well over a billion today.

Not to mention my personal disappointment....yeah...fuck em.

That's exactly what Six Flags over The great escape means here in New York.

Learned this on King of the Hill few years ago

Yes, but that's not the one most people fly.

Fun fact- if the saltire on the rectangular flag is light blue, it's the Confederate naval jack.

Which is a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Most of those other governments were responsible for commiting atrocities on par with slavery... including slavery! History is history, you don't have to condone EVERYTHING a nation did just by acknowledging it's existence.


As long as their flag flew there.

It's also a bit late in the day to call it Five Flags.

At much the same time, I can see why New England specifically chose different flags.