TIL That Robert Downey Jr. was paid 100X for Iron Man 3, than he was for Iron Man 1. (500K for Iron Man 1 vs. 50 Million for Iron Man 3.

TIL That Robert Downey Jr. was paid 100X for Iron Man 3, than he was for Iron Man 1. (500K for Ir...

Strangely iron man 3 was 100X worse than iron man 1.

He also earned 40 million for Age of Ultron, with Scarlet Johansson coming in second with 20 million. Poor Cap and Thor got around 7 million.

Iron Man 1: let's have a soft launch of the potential MCU by combining a 2nd-tier character with a great, but troubled, character actor who won't demand high pay.

Iron Man 3: the same actor is the fucking tentpole of a box office crushing behemoth universe that will span a total of almost 20 years and make more money than anything in existence.

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When Iron Man 1 came out, Robert Downey Jr. was something of a risk for a movie studio. He was not a big name actor, but he did have a long history of drug abuse and unpredictability.

It was only after the success of Iron Man that he was able to revive his career.

Scar jo got 20? That's awesome for her but kinda crazy considering she's not one of the main four.

To be fair, this wasn't Downey Jr's fault.

Hollywood accounting will ensure the movie officially loses money in that case.

Also, Tropic Thunder. What a gamble, playing an Australian who was portraying an African-American.

He was well known enough but he had such a bad history of drug abuse affecting his work that he was basically un-insurable.

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I like Iron Man 3...I don't get the hate.

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Iirc many people were disappointed over the Mandarin twist. Or that the villain again was a rich evil businessman. Or that the story didn't make sense at some points iirc.

I found the "the armor breaks apart because of something inane at some comical moment" was played a little too often.

So, I didn't think it was a bad movie. I thought it was way better than the second. But the first one was fresh and exciting and it wasn't possible to reach that one again.

To be fair, do you think that reallocating 50 million to areas of the production other than RDJ's immense wealth might have affected the production in a positive way?

Iron man and the avengers as a whole were always b tier characters and series in the comics.

Xmen (really any X series) and Spider-Man were the juggernauts at marvel, it's why they sold the rights back in the 90s to keep the company afloat. All they had the rights to were b tier

Unfortunately the film production holding company that you signed with only distributes the film to three rural counties in Wyoming, while their parent company Warner-Brothers-Coca-Cola-Trader-Joes-Monsanto-Skynet distributes the film to the rest of the world. You make $19.

Well yea, he had them by the balls essentially. You can't just...replace him that far into the franchise.

This is why they had the entire cast of LOTR sign 1 contract and filmed all 3 movies at once. The studio claimed they "didn't know how successful the film would be and didn't want actors 'holding out' for more money by the 3rd film". They knew the actors were being wildly underpaid though.

For example: Sean Ashton (Samwise Gamgee) was paid $250,000...for the entire fucking trilogy.

(However, once it was so blatantly obvious they got screwed, and the films made a box office killing, Elija and Sean received "bonuses" to make appearances during promotion. One of which, was a 1 million dollar bonus to make a 2 minute appearance at a venue.)

She's a lot more famous, especially since the salaries were probably negotiated before the stand alone movies came out

What did James Spader get?

He was literally billionaire playboy Tony Stark in real life, the first 10 minutes of the first Iron Man might not even qualify as acting.

It's still in development. The only suit he had available after his house sank into the ocean. Jarvis used it to save his ass and it barely was able to do that.

The whole point of Iron Man 3 was that he had to face who he was without an invincible suit. He was just a man who could engineer stuff good.

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Scarlett Johansson's casting was due to her popularity in China. The film was a US production, shot in New Zealand, based on a Japanese property.

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It's a negotiated salary. I doubt reallocation was an option.

A chance to be around Scarlet Johansson

It's still in development. The only suit he had available after his house sunk into the ocean.

You mean except for the 50 other suits ready to go at the push of a button?

"We need a big ending!" "But Tony has no armor." "Whatever. Ignore the rest of the movie. Give me a hundred different suits. Hulk buster suit. Sniper suit. His original suit."

Yeah, i think pay should be a percentage of how the movie performs. So if the movie make 800 million then at 5% you get 40 million. That way actors won't get lazy and want to do well.

Which is why you negotiate a percentage of gross profit (revenue) and not net profit (revenue less expenses)

At that point in the movie, his "vault" had been excavated. He did not have access to them earlier in the movie.

I found the "the armor breaks apart because of something inane at some comical moment" was played a little too often.

For real. It's an autonomous suit designed for explosive combat, but falls apart when it gets dinged by a truck?

Return of the Jedi has yet to make a profit according to Hollywood accounting.

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I wish I could make 500k for doing something.

That is part of it, but the bigger part is that before Iron Man 1 came out they could've just paid someone else 500k to play Tony Stark. After Iron Man 1, he could demand a much higher price since he isn't so easy to replace. This pay increase can be seen in lots of sequels, not just in ones with actors with histories of drug use.

It's ScarJo.. you have to pay her. Adding her to a movie will get guys to want to go even more. When she first appeared as black widow I don't remember how old I was exactly but I kept that magazine the theater gave out with a center fold of her in some cleavage revealing position and saw that movie mostly because of her..

Well that's about twice your normal going rate.

Terence Howard is also mentally ill and hard to work with, I'm sure that was a factor.

RDJ played the school principal in Charlie Bartlett a year before Iron Man came out. The movie was ok but he killed it in his role, it made me really excited when I saw Iron Man coming out.

It's because her and the guy who plays Hawkeye worked out deals were they get paid movie by movie but everyone else is tied into deals, so they can basically demand whatever they want.

Iron man was pretty much C list. When Marvel was struggling back in the late 90s they sold off the rights to X-Men, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four which is what they had that could sell, nobody wanted Ironman.

Someone doesn't remember the days of Wolverine being on every cover just to sell comics. Ironman was never really popular until the movies, it was just Wolverine and Spider-Man everywhere.


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For example: Sean Ashton (Samwise Gamgee)



Clint "the guy who brings arrows to a laser fight" ?

Which surprisingly enough is also why they dropped Terrence Howard in favor of Don Cheadle. The increase in RDJs pay would have meant a cut in Terrence Howard's contracted rate in order to keep budget. He was contracted for $8M, but when Downey proved that he was worth the risk, they wanted to cut Howard down to 1M and give the 7 to keep RDJ. Rightfully so he was outraged, and they replaced him.

This is actually fascinating insight into the Hollywood economics. RDJ was (I think) the only actor (besides Jackson) that signed a deal with Marvel Studios prior to the Disney acquisition. You see, when he signed on in 2006 it was a lot riskier to sign multipicture deals, and that risk was compounded by the fact that it was a new studio that had never made a film. Oh, and remember back then Ironman was considered a B character.

Fast forward to the Disney purchase and you now have virtually unlimited resources. The only way can plan 10 years worth of movies is to sign huge multipicture deals, and RDJ new how well he was cashed, and knew Marvel couldn’t do it without him, so when it came for renegotiations he not only made bank, but he leveraged himself to secure higher pay days for the other characters that had signed on too.

Edit: someone had enough insight to tell me I spelled insight wrong...oops

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Yeah, but they're referring to when Iron Man 1 came out. And yes, Iron Man was a 2nd tier character at that time.

It's my favourite of the three. First one's ending is very standard, and 2 is bloated and indulgent. I thought 3 was going to be A Darker Entry™ from the trailer, but it ended up being really enjoyable. Varied action scenes, good child actor, sleek-ass CGI.

That doesn't excuse bad writing.

I mean, the literal plot is him recovering from PTSD...

The contract was voided after a failed upside down test was administered.

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The actual story that I've seen is even more interesting... RDJ was looking for a comeback and Marvel was on the brink bankruptcy. Basically they needed to make money on Iron Man or start selling assets so they went with RDJ and offered him near his rate, his wife who's also in the film business convinced him to forgo his rate in exchange for a gross percentage (not net) and Marvel jumped on it given their financial situation.

Fast forward to now and he's made hundreds of times as much as the other Marvel actors and has also used that as leverage to negotiate his pay down and other actors pay up (for example when there were talks of strikes a few years ago)

It's not about the country of origin of the source material. China is just a huge market for Hollywood films so it makes sense to get an actor who is well known there and in the west.

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He should've won... but Ledger had to go and OD. Unfair.

To be fair, Don Cheadle was much more entertaining and suited to the role than Terrence Howard.

If actors are strictly paid a percentage of profit and shady accounting ensures that there is no profit then actors wouldn't get paid.


Payment isn't necessarily about importance of the character. It should be noted however that black widow gets more time in screen then say the hulk (actual actors not cgi).

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Jeremy Renner

The problem with iron man 3 wasn't the lack of budget.

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She's big in China, hence her casting in Ghost in the Shell

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nobody wanted Ironman.

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Also they pumped an additional 20 million into production when Avengers was an immediate success.

Before the release of Iron Man (and prior to the Civil War comic book event), Iron Man in the comics was a solid B list hero.

Spider-man and the X-Men were more valuable properties for Marvel Comics than the Avengers. This is why Marvel Comics was able to sell the distribution rights to Sony and Fox for such a high premium.

I don't think 3 is the best one, but I do like it a lot more than most people seem to. I liked that they actually showed the impact/PTSD of a person (with no training) dealing with being a hero. It also showed a lot of how Tony is Iron Man even without the suit. In that vein, I think they should have kept the scene where he uses the arc reactor to restart the kid's heart as well, since the whole sacrificing himself thing is a big part of Tony's character.

That said I didn't like how they used Extremis in the movie compared to the comics, or the 'symbolic' blowing up of all the suits (they're fucking expensive! How wasteful!)

I would not, in any way, or any of their iterations, ever consider Iron Man a 2nd tier character.

I did not. I'm ok with being in the minority on this one. I just really like Shane Black's style.

I almost wish Stiller would've had the balls to let Downey play the 'Portnoy' character in "Tropic Thunder" (Jack Black ended up portraying). It would've fit their Hollywood/movie industry satire.

Then again, if that happened, who would've played Osiris?

But 1X1=2

It's one of those yes and no type answers. If they could start over and get someone else then she probably doesn't bring that much to the table. The problem is that sequels that recast main characters struggle.

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I thought the opposite.

It's the same as professional sports, people are shocked by how much people are making... The money is being made regardless, shouldn't the actors and players get a fair share? Or should all the millions get paid to executives?

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It was Iron Mans fault.

And why should they do that

Personally, I thought Don Cheadle seemed too dignified to be a Playboy's best friend, but Howard seemed smooth and easy in that role. I enjoy both actors, but I do prefer Howard.

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The vault was never damaged or covered. The vault is under the patio in front of the mansion. It's where Pepper is safely standing when she escapes the mansion and watches the attack.

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I remember an interview Jess Bridges did where for the first week or so he hated being on the set because he was treating it like a big budget movie. He then changed his outlook and started thinking about it like a college film and everything clicked a lot better for him. Scripts would change sometimes daily, reshoots happened but we ended up getting a strong movie that stands out as one of the better super hero movies ever made.

They're not exactly movies with complex stories... People watch them to unwind, get some action, some humor, some sexuality thrown in.

And big names absolutely increase ticket sales.

When someone nails a role so hard, they become irreplacable.

Does Patrick Stewart get this treatment for his professor x roles? Or Hugh for Wolverine?

That movie was amazing, I used to watch it whenever it came on Starz.

The only question is whether her being in the movie will make Disney an extra $20,000,001

Then gave most of it away to the SFX crew, great guy


The Chinese.