TIL that every year on 4/20 Canadians gather on the steps of parliament to smoke weed. Despite it not being legal in Canada yet, no arrests are made

TIL that every year on 4/20 Canadians gather on the steps of parliament to smoke weed. Despite it not being legal in Canada yet, no arrests are made
TIL that every year on 4/20 Canadians gather on the steps of parliament to smoke weed. Despite it...

That's pretty damn Canadian of them.

"Legalize it man!"

"OK, it's legal now."

"Ugh, alright then..."

I remember one year in Vancouver near the art gallery two cops were on horseback and there was a small group of stoners (red, glazed eyes, carrying bags of cookies and chips), just in awe of the horses and asking if they could pet them. One cop allowed it and the entire group was just amazed by how it felt and they talked in hushed tones because they didn't want to scare the horse.

The other cop looked amused by the entire situation but told them not to smoke near the horses, and the group actually shooed away a guy who was trying to light up because they were worried about the horses health and they didn't want to make the cops mad.

Then it will be a celebration. Nothing lost :)

It's easier to get them one at a time. Don't be mistaken.

I’m from New York City, you can’t smoke weed on the streets of New York, you’d be arrested

Hahaha. Cause nobody smokes in the street in NYC.

It's Hitler's Birthday today. That's unrelated though.

To be fair, people smoke freely all over Toronto these days. You can't walk anywhere near Yonge and Dundas without seeing a bunch of people smoking up.

I'm totally fine with it (hell, I'm known to partake myself). I'm just saying that the fact they don't generally arrest people for doing it on Parliament Hill isn't all that strange a thing. I suppose it must be weird for visitors from countries that take it very seriously though.

Yeah this year is allegedly the last protest. A bit sad.

I mean, it'd be a dick move to smoke weed in front of the Mounties after they told you not to while not saying anything about the fact you have weed in the first place lol.

I walked through time square once a couple years back and was offered cocaine, molly(he asked if I wanted a popper), and a variety of mix tapes. I bought tickets to a show with Gabriel Iglesias. There was no Gabriel Iglesias. 3/10 wouldn't walk again.

I smoke weed every day and have for 20 years...or maybe even more (yikes, I'm getting old).

I'm 100% in favour of legalization and always have been. I'm not sure why, but these rallies often annoy me. I find that it's these people who make pot smoking look bad.

When I smoke a joint, I just smoke it and then get on with my day. I don't dress up in costumes. I don't smoke ridiculous cannons to show off. I don't look like a bum (I have a good paying job) or a dirty hippie. I don't feel these people represent me in any way....I just wish this association with pot and counter culture would end. I find pot to be so incredibly innocuous that I don't understand how in 2017 it still has a stigma.

Anyway, that's my rant, not that anyone cares.

Not really. You could show up mid-session and build a fence around the area to control all people leaving and then collect ID and blood samples. BINGO! A ton of 'criminals' with one bust!

But nobody really wants to bust the users. That's just a stoned concept we get paranoid about. ;)

So you're saying we should get high and hug some Jews to show Hitler's ghost what's what? Because I'm on board!

I think you mean a 10km radius.

On the bright side you didn't have to watch Gabriel Iglesias

Just hope no one drives 3 days later or the cops will swab and book you for impaired driving. Hopefully the driving laws get a massive reform before this bill passes. So deaf.

Nah, the cops just don't want to deal with them. There's a lot worse shit out there then a bunch of people smoking, eating, and having long conversations about the flavours of nacho cheese dip.

Well that and can you imagine the paperwork, time, and sheer cost of trying to process all those people? Not to mention the fact they could start a panic and have a stampede of people attempting to flee the area. Its WAY easier to let the stoners get stoned and clean out every McDonalds, Wendys, and Tim Hortons in a 10 mile radius.

Yeah same with Vancouver nowadays. I dont personally smoke (puts me to sleep), but I have had friends get charged in small towns mostly for possession.

Just so you know, not every cop on a horse is a Mountie and not every Mountie rides a horse (I would assume the majority don't).

Mounties are our federal police. Municipal police - and maybe provincial, not sure - ride horses sometimes.

That's pretty much what happened to Hempfest in Seattle. Once it was legal, fewer people showed up.

Helpdesk still happens, it's just not as popular.

There is a similar protest scheduled here in Washington for the DC Cannabis festival scheduled for this weekend. A bunch of folks plan to light up on the steps of congress.

Note recreational use is legal here in DC but not on federal land. Federal law, not district law applies there.

Legit question - no hate please.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the smell of pot smoke?

It lingers and spreads far. I know I sound like a fuddy duddy, but I would prefer if people smoked at home. When legal in Canada, I can't imagine public smoking will be accepted. I suspect it will be similar to alcohol. Consume at home or in a designated space (bar).

Step 1 complete. Now I need to find me some Jews to start loving on.

To be fair a decade+ ago the RCMP publicly said they really don't care about weed.

First time I scored in Vancouver was at The Cambie. Went outside to smoke with a few people, and two joints were going around a circle of about 8 people. I was from Ontario and we were not so cavalier with our smoking.

Bicycle cop out of nowhere comes around the corner and into the center of the circle.

Everyone stops, the joints are up sleeves.

"Put that out" and left. Everyone laughs but I was almost shitting myself.

He leaves, joints emerge, we start again. He comes right back and says "I said put that out" and chuckles and everyone starts laughing.

I thought I was in crazy town.

I heard it on reddit a long time ago, "weed should be legal, weed culture should be punishable by death." I walk by this shit in victoria bc on my way to work in front of our parliament buildings. its like watching cirque du soliel only slower and without purpose and more annoying

I would be furious also. I believe weed should be legalized in all forms, but it affects everyone differently. You're still driving under the influence of something, and you're still impaired in some ways. Some people can drive drunk perfectly, but that doesn't mean everyone can. It should be illegal to drive while high.

I used to work in a motel (night shift...yaay) and called the cops when I couldn't get a group of drunks to leave the lobby one night. The cops came and one of the dudes pulls a bag of weed from his pocket and waves it in the cops face.

"You gonna arrest me for this tooooo?" He slurs at the officer, wagging the baggy around. The cop audibly sighed. "Just put it away, man, and get out."

I got a kick out of that. I like pot, and seeing how the cop reacted to someone so brazenly flashing it made my night.

I live in Ontario, northwest of Toronto. Pretty much the butt of Ontario is where I live.

One time when I was in NYC, this guy on the street was shouting out what he was selling. "Coke! I got your coke here! Smack! Crack!"

Then he glances at me, and says "Glue!"

Edit: I may have stolen this joke from Bill Hicks

10+ years ago a couple of friends and I regularly smoked right behind the parliament, in broad daylight. It was one of our favourite smoke spot, especially in the evening, we loved watching the sunset over the river.

Security never really bothered us. At worst one officer would show up, watch us for a little bit and leave. I guess they were just making sure we weren't trying to cause trouble. Few people seemed to care, but tourists would sometime look at us with a puzzled look.

Once we had two bike cops caught us right in the act on the trail below. They were even nice enough to let us finish our joint (by not subtlety turning around and watching ducks on the river while wondering aloud where that weed smell came from and saying they probably won't have time to caught the smokers before they finish their joint). Then they ask permission to take their break with us in the shade. We chatted a bit, shared snacks, then they wished us a great day, told us to enjoy the beautiful summer day and went on their way. They did warn us another bike patrol was assigned to the trail and they were less friendly towards weed than they were but for them, as long as we're all adults, don't bother anyone, don't litter and don't smoke in front of children, they couldn't care less about it.

Helpdesk still happens, it's just not as popular.

That's a hell of a Freudian slip.

That might just be the nicest story I've read today. Fills me with warm fuzzies.

As a Canadian, there is still a good amount of police policing the areas to keep things safe and cool.

Yup, the police keep the event safe.

Not being sarcastic... They actually do. That said don't be a dick or you may be charged.

That cop doesn't want to spend 2 hrs writing a report when he could use that time dealing with real criminals or potentially dangerous people.

I've been to 420 in Vancouver before. It's a fun time.

Folks are a lot more progressive about cannabis in BC than Alberta. Earlier this year, a tenured professor at UofC had an opinion piece published (in the Herald, IIRC) where he outlined why cannabis legalization was a bad idea, and it basically boiled down to: "People in BC act like it's already legalized, and have you ever talked to people from BC? They're terrible!"

Yeah how fucked is that?!! For two weeks after a brownie I would test positive

It was the basis for the plot in Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It.

In Alberta Calgary, the police round up and arrest anyone smoking in front of Legislature or City Hall on April 20th.

It's pretty damn Western Canadian Calgarian of them.

I'm all for legalization, but I'm a little tired of the new smell of 'outside' being oh hey, weed.

Yeah but they've done research to form the .08 limit. It doesn't appear to be the case with the THC limit.

It's stuff like this that makes me proud to be Canadian. I'm not for or against smoking marijuana, but that's just such a polite interaction.

More Androidian than Freudian methinks.

Just look to Colorado This is how you do it

Are you kidding. I imagine ten times the turn out for the future holidays. Now that it's legal, more commitment can be made by the organisers, like live bands or something.

thats your own fault dude

Back in the 90's a bunch of us would smoke at the Capitol Mall on 4/20 every year. Hundreds of people would show up and smoke. No one ever got arrested. I don't know how long it has been an annual thing before I started going but it didn't seem like it was all that new.

Also, in the late 90's. DC voted to legalize marijuana but Congress stepped in and wouldn't let the results of the vote become public.

As someone very fond of bud, I think that's the way it should be.

I don't enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke, and I think it's extremely selfish to make people around you inhale it 2nd hand.

I do like smoking trees, but I think people who don't like smelling weed should have the legal right to go out in public without having people smoking around them.

It's usually not that hard to find a smoke spot with some privacy, even if you got to go to the top level of a parking garage. Just have some respect for the air space of your fellow human beings.


Trailer park boys has a plot? Must've been the liquor and hash coins fuckin my brain.

Funnily enough, in denver (where it IS legal to have and consume herb), everyone goes to the state capital lawn to get high on 4/20 and people DO get arrested. Every. Damn. Year.

The cops in Vancouver don't really do anything besides close a few roads around the Vancouver Art Gallery.

I got caught in Denver, once. In the parking garage behind the restaurant where I used to work. I got slapped with a big fat, "Hey, you can't do that here. Go home."

The problem is that you'll still be testing positive DAYS after you've smoked, when you're not even impaired anymore.

Reminds me of the cops in Seattle that handed out Dorito bags with instructions on how to enjoy MJ responsibly at the Hempfest after legalization was passed in the state.

Reminds me of the cops in Seattle that handed out on how to enjoy MJ responsibly at the Hempfest after legalization was passed in the state.

Probably 16,093 meters.

Deerhoof for life

Their was an alcohol culture before prohibition ended. It's a political thing.

I just wish this association with pot and counter culture would end

It's hard for something to not be counter culture when people are still having their lives ruined over being associated with it.

Canada's got less of a problem with racism than the USA. This frees them up to be sensible about stuff like this. Edit for emphasis: "Less of" a problem does not mean there is not a problem. There is racism in Canada, especially toward our indigenous people. Racism is not the winning political strategy in Canada that it is in the USA, partly due to our more egalitarian attitudes, and partly due to our diverse population of immigrants.

Hmm I'm gonna have to trust you because my knowledge of Mounties is limited to Dudley Do-right. But he did have a horse so...

I wonder how many show up with no weed hoping to just bum off people

He shared a story about how he ordered some food at a restaurant and the guy had to loop back around to confirm his order.

It sounds like anarchy.

Other countries don't have the Canadian parliament, though.

This is probably the most Canadian thing I have ever read.

I'm right there with you. I hate weed culture but have been a regular smoker for 17 years.

I also hate the smell - it gives me a headache

That's pretty much what the Toronto cops used to do to us in the early 1990s. In Mississauga, the next city over, they were often dicks about it instead. It'll be nice to see it formally legalized. It won't affect me at all, but if it means some kid in rural Manitoba won't get a record over bullshit that has to be a good thing.

Hempfest in Seattle says otherwise. There aren't as many people going since it was legalised.

I used to live in Ottawa and worked close to parliament so I was there quite often... As an unenthusiastic smoker I was interested but never participated in the march.

Anyway one 4/20 I was walking by parliament as I often did and saw the festivities going on - nothing new there. Then along comes a tour bus, one of those giant coaches with Chinese or Korean writing on the side full of SE Asian tourists. They walked out bleary eyed but excited to finally arrive at parliament. Man... the look on their faces was amazing. Knowing nothing about cannabis culture or 4/20, they must have assumed Ottawa was overrun daily by hippies and drug addicts. I can only imagine what they told people back home.


I am now convinced that Canada is heaven on earth.

Canada is fucking awesome.

It will be regulated similar to tobacco smoking, only designated areas will allow it and then there's the alcohol-like restrictions for impaired driving and such as well. No conclusion on public spaces yet as far as I'm aware though.

I've lived in Edmonton for my entire life, and no one I've ever met there or heard about has been arrested on 420 for smoking at the ledge

Edit: Thanks for the political reminder TheKrs1

there are many stories about how 4/20 became the day but I wont touch on them. basically every 4/20 a bunch of smokers will go to parliament building around Canada as a protest for legal pot. weve been doing it for a couple decades at least

Why are medical marijuana patients treated like drunk drivers while people prescribed heavy opiates like fentanyl and oxy allowed to drive at "their own discretion".

Like 90% of missing persons cases are native peoples so there is a general racism, but you're right, our cops and mounties agent busting minority heads or anything

I'd be tempted to say it was the fault of the scammer.

Really cigarettes are fine? How anyone can enjoy that smell is beyond me

I stand corrected.

Correct me if I am wrong, the feds could come and arrest everyone because of current federal laws.

That is a different situation than Canadas.

Agreed with your first paragraph, don't know where the hell you went with the second.

Nope next year 4/20 it will still be illegal.

Canada Day 2018 woohoo!

There's a video of a drunk Queen's (Kingston, Ontario) slapping the ass of a police horse. However, in a demonstration of Karma and Instant justice the horse kicks her in the face. I read later she got charged. LOL. Here is the mandatory video:


Oh yeah I heard about that. I don't think we're all that bad over here. That guy probably just had a bad time.

Always good to meet another Deerhoof fan! They've been my favorite band for years.

Edit: I'm getting some responses to this post asking about where to get into the band's discography, so here is an impromptu guide to listening to Deerhoof. They're a 4-piece noise-pop band with a Japanese female lead singer and some of the most creative drumming / songwriting I've ever heard. If that sounds appealing to you, or if you generally have adventurous taste in music, they're a must-listen. My personal favorite album of theirs (and my favorite album period) is The Runners Four, but I've probably listened to Breakup Song more times than it (I've literally put Breakup Song on repeat for hours). Their most recent album, The Magic, might be their most accessible in recent memory, but to be fair, it's still pretty weird music.

Below are some ideas of which albums to start on:

If you like....

Electronic music, start out with Breakup Song

Psychedelic rock, start out with Friend Opportunity or The Runners Four

Indie rock / jazz rock, start out with The Magic or Offend Maggie

Noise rock, start out with Apple O

Punk rock, start out with La Isla Bonita

To the nearest Deli and/or Bagel Shop! I realise Jewish people work everywhere but after Step: 1 you might want to hug a Jew who is serving up delicious food.

And the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the smell of pot smoke?

Nope. I hate it as well. Can't stand being around someone or in something that smells like it.

Sounds like the type of article someone who wants to arrest a pothead would make.

Nope, I've been down there a few times on 4/20, it is a shitshow. People rolling oz. joints 10 steps away from O.P.P. officers.

Made me nervous as hell the first year.

Especially Metro Vancouver. Friend and I got caught with 3 ounces 15 years ago. Cops told us to go home and smoke it.

Rural anywhere is usually racist

Have you tried sativa? Indica is the one that chills you out and relaxes you, sativa is generally gives you more of an uplifting high. Or it's the amount, too much of either can put you to sleep. Or you're just unlucky and youre right, it's you, ha ha

He's from calgary....

arbitrary hatred intensifies


That's because weed is the chillest of drugs.

The smell is terribly noxious. It's a kin to when the honeywagon shows up on a construction site or when a patient has c diff. It's just a really obnoxious smell, I can handle cigarettes smoke or wood smoke, but pot just reeks

Ah, is it illegal to smoke in public in Colorado? I didn't realize.

I once smoked a bowl out of my window in a hotel room in downtown Georgetown and I felt pretty rad and rebellious. Reading your comment...not so much anymore ha.

Alberta = Conservative

BC = comically liberal

Obviously we're not all terrible but there are some insane SJW types in the Vancouver area and for a professor that type of shit has to drive him crazy with what's going on in universities everywhere. He is still totally wrong on the pot issue though.

shouldn't smoking tobacco outside be banned too?

It actually is, within 10 metres of a doorway or air vent. That means basically everywhere except in the middle of the street.

Doesn't seem to be enforced though.

To be fair at the bottom of Mont Royal, people smoke every Sunday of summer during tam tams

Poppers aren't Molly. They're alkyl nitrites. They're actually legal to purchase too