TIL that after hurricane Katrina, FEMA distributed thousands of trailers with toxic levels of formaldehyde, were sued, and then sold them after a court order expired

TIL that after hurricane Katrina, FEMA distributed thousands of trailers with toxic levels of for...

Scientists suspected that the rush to produce large numbers of trailers might have caused manufacturers to cut corners—using low-cost or poorly prepared materials such as glues and pressed wood in construction of the trailers, and resulting in high levels of formaldehyde emissions.


On June 3, 2009, FEMA announced plans to virtually give away roughly 1,800 mobile homes to 3,400 families displaced by Hurricane Katrina who were living in government-provided housing along the Gulf Coast.


As a result, FEMA modified its specifications for emergency housing, requiring that units be larger and better ventilated.[15] Construction of "manufactured homes" provided in New Jersey in 2012 was regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.[44] Researchers are also investigating possibilities for better disaster housing alternatives.[45][46]


Units were marked with stickers that identified them as not suitable for housing, and buyers were required to sign a waiver agreeing that trailers would not be used as housing, and that new owners would be informed of the risks if the units were resold.

it sounds like what was lacking was enforcement

The stickers are easy to remove, and Katrina FEMA trailers have been widely resold without any warning of possible health hazards. As many as 130,000 trailers are reported to have gone into the resale market, often in disaster zones and other places where there is strong demand for low-cost housing.

I wonder who would of been responsible for enforcement of the sale stipulations? I'm not sure, but it's certainly wasn't quite as black and white as one might want to believe.

My brother happens to have a FEMA marked trailer in his shed right now. Was given to him by a buddy who lived in it for years while working in Williston, ND. No idea how he got it or from who.

Feeling like Katrina with no FEMA


Yeah wtf kind of "shed" just holds an entire mobile home in it?

There's a hotel and RV park business in New Orleans that actually rents these trailers out to guests. They tried to get me to stay in one.

It dissipates greatly over time. The risk is highly overrated.

Well in their defense those trailers are supposed to be used for a weekend or 2 a year and spend the rest of the time in the driveway, backyard, or a storage place.

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