TIL Steve McQueen's infidelity saved his life. He was supposed to attend the dinner party where the Manson family murdered Sharon Tate and others, but skipped it after he "ran into a chickie".

TIL Steve McQueen's infidelity saved his life. He was supposed to attend the dinner party where the Manson family murdered Sharon Tate and others, but skipped it after he "ran into a chickie".
TIL Steve McQueen's infidelity saved his life. He was supposed to attend the dinner party where t...

After Charles Manson incited the murder of five people, including McQueen's friends Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring at Tate's home on August 9, 1969, it was reported McQueen was a potential target of the killers. According to his first wife, McQueen began carrying a handgun at all times in public, including at Sebring's funeral. Two months after the murders, police found a hit list with McQueen's name on it, a result of McQueen's company having rejected a Manson screenplay. In 2011, it was revealed that Sebring had invited McQueen to the party at Tate's house on the night of the murders. According to McQueen, he had invited a girlfriend to come along, but she instead suggested an intimate night at home, which probably saved his life.

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I'm pretty sure it more likely just saved the Manson family from Steve McQueen.


So, It appears Manson does not take criticism very well.

McQueen would've beat them all to death, made a ramp out of them, and jumped his motorcycle over the fence into Switzerland.

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There was no dinner party that night; Tate was about 8.5 months pregnant, it was summer, and she didn't feel like going herself and called it off. Half of Hollywood had stories about how close they all came to dying that night, and they were probably all bullshit.

What's the term for being cock-blocked, but from murder?

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Then he consequently gets caught on the end of the barbed wire, sending him back to Stalag Luft III to confuse the Nazis a little more with his American antics.

It was a great escape.

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I read the Vincent Bugliosi book which elaborates on the murders at Sharon Tate's house and why the various people were at the house. There were five people murdered: Jay Sebring who visited Sharon Tate that night, but then he was a frequent visitor. Steven Parent who had shown up at random to visit the caretaker who lived in a different building on the grounds. Parent was killed leaving the property and had never seen or met any of the other people there. (The caretaker wasn't found by the killers and survived.) Abigail Folger and her boyfriend Wojciech Frykowski (a friend of Tate's husband Roman Polanski) who both lived at the house with Tate at the time.

There was no real "party" that night: Tate was eight months pregnant and relaxed in summer clothes all day. The foursome went out to a simple dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant that night and were quietly relaxing in different parts of the house when the killers showed up.

Actor Joanna Pettet reported she had lunched at the house earlier in the day of the murders. UK television producer Jeremy Lloyd had reportedly been invited to "a dinner party" at Sharon's that night. Jerzy Kosiński missed "the party" and later wrote about it in his novel Blind Date. Roman Polanski disputed Kosiński's story, but others have supported it.

The killers reportedly targeted "the house where Melcher used to live". Charles Manson disliked Terry Melcher but they knew he had moved out of the house. I seem to recall the house was chosen as they knew the general layout and that "movie stars" lived there.

That's likely true for many claims but McQueen was on a Manson hit list and was possibly the main target.

The party wasn't called off, they ate out then went back to Tate's house where they were murdered.


Magnificent, even.

Huh, if McQueen had been there, it would have been Seven murders.

I was 17 in 1969 and as far as I could tell the murders did nothing to end the hippy movement. It didn't even reduce the number of people taking road trips, hitchhiking cross country and staying with strangers. Did nothing to end "free love." What ended the hippy era was the Viet Nam war ending, then people beginning to wish they owned some things and had a more stable life, so they started going back to college, getting jobs, quitting using acid etc so much... we became more like our parents, something we'd resisted because their lifestyles seemed so soul-less and meaningless. In other words, we grew up. Most of my friends became the Establishment they had defied. Edit: spelling

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Half of Hollywood said they were supposed to be there that night. Half of Hollywood were lying.

Others think it was Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher that was a target of the Mason family. Melcher was a music producer and he met Manson to listen to his music. After the audition, he refuse to sign him as a client. (They were also talking about making a documentary on Manson but the project was cancelled.) At that time, Melcher was renting the infamous house with his girlfriend Candace Bergen. Did Manson knew he had moved?

It's hard for me to believe he wouldn't have a fighting chance, other than the fact he carried a gun at all times; he was training with Bruce fucking Lee learning Jeet Kune Do. From the various Manson family documentaries I've seen, the murders were brutal, however it wasn't organized. Just high as fuck with knives. Someone with legitimate handgun training, and hand to hand self defense could of possibly fended them off.

Edit; I was under the impression he had begun to carry a gun in 1958, it stemmed from a western he was shooting. I could be totally wrong though.

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That's likely true for many claims but McQueen was on a Manson hit list and was possibly the main target.

All sorts of Hollywood names were on that list, and nobody seriously believes he was the primary target. There's no obvious reason to hit that house when looking for Steve McQueen, but it was the former home of Terry Melcher, which is probably the reason it was picked. Both Charlie and Tex were familiar with the place.

The party wasn't called off, they ate out then went back to Tate's house where they were murdered.

The dinner party was called off and a much smaller group decided to go out to a local restaurant instead - basically just the residents at Cielo plus Sebring. Perhaps Mcqueen really was supposed to go to that dinner, but considering the number of people who claimed to have narrowly avoided being killed by the Mansonites that night it's hard not to be very skeptical about that claim.

I'll say it's still probably bullshit.

Pretty sure he started carrying the handgun because of the Manson murders, he was convinced he was the target

SteveMcQueen, one of the most overrated actors in Hollywood, doesn't know me but said mean things about one of my scripts. Sad!

Many historians credit the Manson murders with ending the hippie movement.

"Okay Charlie, we're going to go in here and murder these people no matter what, right?"

"I mean, I guess unless like, Steve McQueen were there or something. We'd probably just be like 'Hey sorry wrong house!' and leave in that circumstance.. But I can't really imagine that happening. " - Charles Manson, probably

The only two I'm aware of; Seth McFarlane missed one of the flights, and Adam Savage took the exact same flight on September 10.

I hear he or his loved ones may entitled to compensation

Why, only the Cincinnati Kid could beat those odds.


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Isn't there a suspicious amount of celebrities that were supposed to be on 911 flights

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Sex saves lives

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It became a weird thing to boast in Hollywood. If everyone who was rumored to be invited their that night, the place would have had half of Hollywood.

I think it was Warren Beatty who also claimed that he heard from a reliable source that it was a huge drug deal gone wrong. The rumours were insane, and it was industry people spreading and starting them too.

So much this... I remember being afraid of my uncle, because he had a long beard and hair, dressed weird and lived in my grampa's basement. Today he is a big executive and just got married (for the 4th time) in Venice.

Talk about silver lining

Do you know why he disliked Melcher? He was pissed that he didn't get a record contract, after the Beach Boys stole one of Manson's songs. The crazy looney Manson, didn't really show up till the trial. That was something of a persona he created, I think in an effort to get an insanity plea.

One more for you: the infamous door with the word 'Pig' written in blood was taken from the residence after Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame removed it after deciding he didn't want to live at that residence any longer. It sits on the front entry of his new recording studio. Trent has something of a fascination with the murder and residence in question.

Maybe the mansons knew that and set up the chickie

The other bit that has not been mentioned here is that the night after the murders at Sharon Tate's house, Manson sent his gang members to do another murder.

They deliberately chose a house in a wealthy area that was largely hidden from view from the street. After apparently scouting a few houses, they settled on one next to a house where they had attended a party once. That house belonged to Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary who were murdered that night. They were wealthy but not at all famous and were unknown to Manson or the gang members.

Even if a list of some sort existed, neither murder spree nights targeted people on a list. They targeted wealthy houses that they had some familiarity with, that were hidden from street view. The gang did have some enemies that they killed but these were people they knew and had a beef with.

Manson has a swastika on his forehead.

chop blocked feels more appropriate for this situation, considering how the murders went down

according to members of the manson family, they knew the house was no longer inhabited by melcher

I think mark wahlberg said if he was on the plane "things would've gone down differently" implying he would've stopped the terrorists. I don't think he claimed he was supposed to be on the plane

He had mesothelioma...it pretty much only presents when it's way too late for any treatment.

Another (admittedly less interesting) Steve McQueen TIL for you all that I found while researching for a lecture on pseudoscience and alternative medicines: Steve McQueen when diagnosed with lung cancer died from in part due to his choice to treat it with Laetrile, a chemical obtained from apricot pits with zero medical support, rather than actual cancer treatment.

He proved he can escape anything in Papillon.

Specifically aldultery. Remember that kids.

As one who was about 19 when this happened, that's what I heard/read. Manson was pissed that his song wasn't published. He was also mad at the Beach Boys, even though he had hung out with them previously.

He went to the house, expecting to find the BBs. Instead they found that beautiful pregnant girl and her friends, and thought 'whatever.' God I hate that miserable clan of puke.

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My favorite part about the whole thing is that after the manson family had been arrested the police had still not found the clothes that the family used for the murders. A news crew doing a story on it recreated what was the assumed path the killers took away from the home in their vehicle. While doing the story they pull off the road at the first available place to do so and low and behold the clothes the mason family was wearing are there.

Gang, we have a mystery on our hands .

Cock-blocked and barrel?

I'm not as troubled by his individual beliefs as I am by his ability to get others on board. Sick

you beat me to it. Steve McQueen was a legitimate badass and a hothead. and a former marine. I think he might have laughed loudly at the manson family.

100% this. Everyone from Sammy Davis Jr to Mama Cass was "planning" to attend this party, when in reality a small group of friends went for some burritos and went home.

I mean he was a Marine Edit: source

She begged for them to take her with them so she could give birth and then they could murder her.

You're right. Doctors in the US told him there was nothing they could do so he went to some quack in Mexico who said he could help.

the big C

Clooney got him too?

Bruce Lee was friends with the Tate's also and would go to their parties. Can you imagine if he and Steve had both been at that party?

I wish I could spend some serious time trying to truly understand what Manson was attempting to accomplish, not what he told everyone he was attempting to accomplish.

Or, Steve McQueen's infidelity lead to the killing of Sharon Tate and others as he wasn't there to help stop it.

What about a word for that feeling when you've fully explored a dungeon in a video game and just want to get out of there.

It was surely a Great Escape


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It is definitely insulting.

Everyone has the survival instict. The reason the people didn't fight back on the planes that hit the Pentagon or WTC is because hijackings before 9/11 usually was more of a robbery or hostage thing than anything else. If you acted calm and behaved, you'd land in Cuba or Venezuela or the USSR or something and eventually will be sent home. They did not know that they were going to fly the planes into the building.

And people did fight back on 9/11 on flight 93...because they knew they were going to be flown into a building.

If Mark Wahlberg had been on one of the WTC planes, and he didn't know the future, he would have stayed calm and obedient as everyone else did.

Sex saves lives

Except in horror movies.

Not to the point of murder, I don't think.

Mark Walsh berg and some others made the claim as well

From memory the caretaker who survived, William Garretson, was initially suspected and questioned. He was eventually cleared. Other theories were that a drug party took place at the home, and someone freaked out and killed the other participants. Eventually police linked the Tate and the La Bianca murders. Manson gang members had been arrested in October 1969 for motor theft, after which gang members informed authorities that Susan Atkins was involved in the murder of Gary Hinman. While being held over this charge Atkins bragged to a cellmate about killing Tate which was when the Manson gang was linked to the murders. This wasn't until until after October 1969.

He was also one of the most badass men around and a former Marine. The Manson Family tended to pick off easier targets than Steve Fucking McQueen.

With his track record, Steve could have saved everyone there by seducing the Manson Family women onto turning their knives on Charlie instead

Ok. Thought you were going for an It's Always Sunny reference there for a second.

He also came by the next day and removed all the drugs from the pad while cops were there. Smooth, and good looking out. I bet he deleted their browser histories too.

Last Podcast on the Left, for those not in the know.

I've read the opposite, they specifically went there with the intention to murder Melcher, at least that is what Susan Atkins told the LA Sheriff when they interviewed her.

I thought Trent had the front door?

He was obsessed with murders and moved into the house for a while but left after being basically told how creepy it was by a family member of Tate's.

His spoken motives were trying to cause a race war.

He was also a student of Bruce Lee.

financial* compensation.


My god, the assbeating would have been legendary.

This is correct, there was no party. There's a dozen or more people who later claimed they were "suppose to have been there" that night, typically making themselves part of the center of attention. McQueen, Kosinski, Robert Evans (in his book), and more.

I grew up knowing only the basics, the TV-movie version of this story. The full facts in Bugliosi's book are so much more bizarre, so dark. Any quick explanation of the murders defies the real story.

I though Chopped Block was a new Gordon Ramsay reality tv show.

According to Google Translate, literally "emigration lust" haha

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It's a cruel world in which Steve McQueen dies young at 50, while Manson still breathes air today.

Because it made it seem like people whacked out on acid were just mindless drones who can be brainwashed into a murderous cult.

Charismatic sociopaths

The 60s fostered a bloom of such people. They have always existed, but they really had a tremendous "success" in the 60s. It's been declining since then, but there will always be the master and the followers.