TIL Purified water can is a real thing

TIL Purified water can is a real thingIn game texture on the left and ebay can on the right.

Bethesda changed the font and the company name but not by much.  I find it interesting that an actual can was produced in Boston.  What  was the reason that Fallout 4 was set in Boston?
TIL Purified water can is a real thing

In game texture on the left and ebay can on the right.

Bethesda changed the font and the company name but not by much. I find it interesting that an actual can was produced in Boston. What was the reason that Fallout 4 was set in Boston?

Because synths were established to come from Boston, and they were heavily foreshadowed in Fallout 3.

Although it felt more like the Institute wasn't so much of a bogeyman when they foreshadowed it.

They seemed like someone else's bogeyman if that makes sense. When I dealt with Zimmer, I got the sense that they were a pretty powerful entity, just not one that had much presence in the DC Wasteland

They laid the foundation in Fallout 3 hinting that the commonwealth was becoming a politically fractured but more developed region in post war USA.

I'd say the Commonwealth is in much better shape than Capital Wasteland. Just compare Diamond City to Rivet City or Megaton; it's much more like an actual city than a group of people just trying to survive. The Commonwealth has much more inter-community than the Capital Wasteland. Technologically I agree they're not much more advanced, but socially they're definitely in better shape.

I kind of imagined the Institute to be like the Emerald City of Metro: 2033 (The book, I don't remember if the game mentioned it at all) where all the people from the university intentionally cut themselves off from the world so they could develop ways of dealing with the fallout undisturbed. Which, I guess is pretty much the same as in FO4, except the Emerald City seemed much more neutral good than whatever the Institute is.

Yet it's not more developed. Unless you count The Institute. But seeing as the average person doesn't really know much about them...

Megaton is nothing but ashes now... ;)

[Lucas Simm disliked that]

Well Bethesda owns the rights so what they say goes in terms of canon. But the east coast is heavily effected by radiation. Compared to the games set on the west coast, radiation is more common than dirt. In 3, walking through the wrong puddle or patch of mud would irradiate you, and 4 has full blown radiation storms and the Glowing Sea.

In the fraction of a second he was able to

That's kind of what happens with radiation, it dissipates over time.

It's vastly more deveoloped. It's got farming for one thing. The Capital Wasteland had no farming, somehow people survived on 200 year old snack foods.

The capital wasteland didn't even make logical sense, while the commonwealth does.

I love how they changed the company name. It's funny because my Dad used to call McDonald's McDougal's.

These are still kept in underground ICBM launch control centers as emergency drinking water if the situation arises. The ones where I work were canned in November of 1962. They have iodine in them to extend their shelf life while keeping the water purified. We cracked open a can to taste it once and it seemed just fine minus the weird iodine taste. I'm not sure if the military planned to use them this far past canning but they sure still have them. There was an episode of Pawn Stars where they bought a case of them for $50 from an old Peacekeeper ICBM site.

I bought the book and read it maybe 4 years ago, but I kinda got lost in a few parts and honestly don't remember hardly any of the book. Would you recommend that I should go back and read/reread Metro 2033?

Well. Both Diamond City and megaton are Shanty Towns but the commonwealth does indeed look in a better shape then the Capital Wasteland, Hell, most factories in the commonwealth look even untouched by the Atomic Bombs.

By the way, Ned Stark dies.

Over a 100 years have passed between Fallout 1 and Fallout 4 though, so radiation levels could have dropped

Thing is, they didn't even hint at the Commonwealth being more developed. Hans Zimmer (the scientist from The Institute in Fallout 3) explicitly states that the Commonwealth is in a similar state to the Capital Wasteland, with the exception of The Institute... Which is indeed the case.

Definitely. It's a pretty great book and if you know the book you'll catch a few passing comments characters make in the game which refer to things in the book. I think it was in Metro: Last Light where Hunter says something like "We'll be lucky if they let us shovel shit for the rest of our days." which refers to a scene from the book. If you haven't read it (or don't remember a most of it) you'll miss out on little tidbits like that.

See, they're McDonald's... I'm McDowell's. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. My buns have no seeds

Yeah I was actually bought one a while ago, I have it on a shelf it looks really good

That's due to the games limitations, not lore.

Hans Zimmer makes the music for Inception and Interstellar lol

New Vegas is way more civilized and has tons more people, not to mention a functioning economy and actual technology.

If we're going to be pedantic, the entire thing is made up.

I appreciate that a side quest on 3 was spoiler tagged, but the ending from the main story on 4 was not. Way to go thread.

Typically, yes.

He is/was. You can find a terminal in the Institute that says he's outside the Commonwealth reclaiming escaped synths.

Fallout 4 Purified Water

My unopened can.

My unopened can.

Ah, no, my mistake. Just checked, apparently it's just Dr. Zimmer.

Because he watched Coming to America.


...But....why would he care? He never knew his mother or his father, so it's not like he ever formed attachments to them. On top of that, he's 60(?) years old, and apparently the Institute told him his history when he was about 20, so even if he did care once, he's had 40 or so years to come to terms with it. The only reason he thaws the SS out is because he's dying and curious about the road not traveled.

There was a synth quest and character.

That's not how it went down.

The Commonwealth 60+ years ago had numerous settlements and factions. Enough that the Institute tried getting them all together to try and form the Commonwealth Provisional Government. Problem was the people on the surface were living in shit conditions with rivalries and shit that made it impossible for them to coexist.

The Institute spent three years working to try and help everyone out until a big meeting turned to blood shed where all the settlement and town leaders likely being killed. While we don't know who fired first I'd assume it was a wastelander, there is no proof for this but when you think about it, it will make what i type make more sense.

See the Institute got blamed for that, since they sent a couple of robots it was easy to point blame at them. Suddenly the commonwealth turns of the institute and their synths. So despite the Institutes best attempts at helping the Commonwealth the Wastelanders did what humans do best.

Naturally this changed the Institute's thoughts of the surface. Why help the surface when all those barbaric idiots are going to do is kill and maim each other. So fuck helping them we are going to do whatever the fuck we want.

Thus the Institute lost any kind of morals they might of had. Science run amok and all that.

yeah, but that farming could also be related to 10years after water purifiers were invented.

Is it ok to drink?

Just one agent, obvious FO3 spoilers.

The railroad even makes an appearance, too.

Wait his name was Hans Zimmer? That's awesome.

Dumbledore is gay.

great point, if you look into the Quincy Massacre/Minuteman it appears that the massacre happened a few weeks at most before you woke up. From the way Preston talks the minuteman were probably the major faction in the commonwealth.

Wasn't it McDowell's? It's been a while. Can't forget Soulglo thought

I mean, basically everything except Covenant and the Institute is a shanty town in some way. It's not like there's fresh materials rolling out of concrete factories and steel mills anymore.

Megaton was basically built, from the ground, from scrap. Diamond City was built inside of, and largely integrated with, a pre-existing structure. While crude in appearance, I would say it mostly appears to be a better-built city (light doesn't poke in through holes in the walls), and a lot of the buildings are actually repurposed structures (like trailers and busses) rather than completely new ones.

I was heavily underwhelmed by Rivet City, though. It did NOT live up to anything I would call a city, nor did it occupy what I would consider even a reasonable fraction of an ENTIRE AIRCRAFT CARRIER. I know scale and technological limitations are at play but damn, they were basically all in one room.

It still is, compared to the west coast at least. Rads everywhere in DC from small dirty bombs and boston still gets irradiated often

Boomers reputation gained.

One of the characters in 3 was a synth.

The military has since replaced them with purifier tablets for field work. Smaller, easier to carry, and they cost a good bit less.

Children of Atom got their wish

I have one. Posted it a while back and nobody liked it for some reason.


I have one. Posted it a while back and nobody liked it for some reason.

The game makes Arytom seem like some amazing stealth ninja killing machine

Pretty much every FPS is like that. Not really unique to Metro.

Canada was annexed by the US, pretty much mowed down for it's resources before the bombs fell.

Those seem like some pretty high quality cans. Kinda neat.

The cracker bit is hilarious though, wonder why it smells so terrible.

It was. They were trying to form the provincial govt. But it all went south right before you wake up.

The Minutemen Leadership wasn't assassinated though. Their general died in an attack on the castle and it was lost. Without leadership and too many people trying to grab power they splintered into smaller groups and eventually fell apart or were killed off.

Dude, Chernobyl has shown us that we vastly overestimated how long places would remain uninhabitable due to radiation. We thought tens of thousands of years.

A lot can change in ten years I guess.

And the Commonwealth ended up being united by the collected hatred of the Institute.

Fallout 3 is the only game in the series to not have farming. Fallout 1 took place 120 years prior and it had farming. This is the LA Boneyard just 80 years after the war. http://games.thehawkonline.com/fallout/fallout/maps/boneyard-adytum.png
Not to mention Fallout 1 takes place in the arid soutwest while Fallout 3 takes place in the humid subtropical climate zone, and Fallout 1 still has more plants.

It's possible that the Capital Wasteland is much more heavily irradiated than every other area, but in that case the people there should leave. There is no reason for societies to live in an area that cannot support agriculture.

Fallout 3 is the only game in the series to not have farming. Fallout 1 took place 120 years prior and it had farming. This is the LA Boneyard just 80 years after the war. Not to mention Fallout 1 takes place in the arid soutwest while Fallout 3 takes place in the humid subtropical climate zone, and Fallout 1 still has more plants.

It's possible that the Capital Wasteland is much more heavily irradiated than every other area, but in that case the people there should leave. There is no reason for societies to live in an area that cannot support agriculture.

Hey so here's my emergency water, along with a Vault Boy (perception) and a bottle of Fallout Beer that a good friend gave me

I always thought Zimmer was from the Institute and was in rivet city to reclaim a runaway synth.

Well I can tell you not everyone is as fortunate to have the new stuff. I can promise you the Air Force missile sites still have the old canned water.

I don't know about you, but I was pretty terrified for the whole game

As Deacon said to my character "soon enough all the big players in the commonwealth will try to spoon feed you their own patented form of bullshit, all you have to do its ignore the verbale and see what they are doing, what they are asking you to do, and what kind of world they are making you build"(something in this level). Guess that you just did that. While i seen reason on most of the motives for all the factions in the game i eventually seen how close minded most of their courses of action where, so i gone with the minuteman ending cause its the most impartial faction in the game and the freedom for all kinda vibe they transmit its what i love about a revolutionary like army :D

Zimmer was clearly frustrated that no one cared for his presence, in the Commonwealth he would have been greatly feared and respected, in the Capital Wasteland he was just some old dude with his head up his ass.

No blew them the fuck up. Doesn't hurt to research all sides of a conflict (especially while working as a triple agent) and see why these people fight rather then mindlessly following one side of the conflict.

Not really. He had the same voice as every other octogenarian male in FO3.

That's what I did on my first play through. One .44, one headless body. "Oh, that really was my son." quickloads

Snape kills Dumbledore.

Everybody was dead the whole time.

Vader is Luke's father.

Should probably mention, in F3 The Railroad was invested in freeing human slaves the Raiders took too. Don't quite understand why they didn't in F4, it honestly seemed odd tbh.

The oils in them went rancid.

NCR has a population of like 700,000 people im pretty sure

and knowing what we do in 4 we can surmise he was a courser as well

it's almost like you shouldn't have kept reading a comment chain discussing the game

You are in the game's subreddit where it is assumed everyone has played it since it came out months ago.

Even if most Canadian cities weren't bombed, they would still be affected by nuclear winter and fallout blown about by the wind. I don't think Canada has people like Mr House around to protect it from bombs, raiders, or other wasteland nasties, either.

Not to mention, Canada was probably decimated from the war to annex it anyway.

That, and when you're working on the Wasteland Survival Guide, Moira mentions agriculture. I forget how she puts it, "sad imitation" or something like that, but still it exists. People grew crops in the CW, the player just had nothing to do with it.

Well, they were. The only nuke to hit the Boston area is the one you see right as you get to the Vault entrance: the one that creates the Glowing Sea. Then again, that area was the site of a number of military factories and a nuclear silo called Sentinel.

I believe the emerald city was from 2034

Oh I'm not saying it's gone entirely, merely that a lot of modern field work relies on tablets instead of those, merely for being more convenient to carry. In places with ambient radiation in the water, those would be a godsend, since the tablets don't help with radiation.

If you are a slow player, maybe you shouldn't read in a subreddit about the game franchise, where there will probably be spoilers. It's like me getting mad at learning the ending of life by visiting a funeral home.

Well, in 1962 there was a bulletin sent out by the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency that had this to say on the subject:

CEREAL-BASED SHELTER RATIONS In the past, DCPA has recommended that the food supplies remain in place for emergency use as a supplement to other food. However, as a result of recent laboratory and other tests, a high probability exists that all of the cereal-based rations stored have become rancid. The laboratory report indicates that rancid food irritates the stomach and intestinal tract of humans and some animals causing vomiting and/or diarrhea. However, these cereal-based rations are being used by some animal feed processors who mix ground cereal-based rations with other ingredients into animal feed. Cereal- based rations stored in rusted or otherwise damaged containers are not used by the feed processors. Since the degree of rancidity of cereal-based rations cannot be determined accurately, DCPA recommends that they no longer be considered for human consumption. It is recommended that cereal-based rations no longer be considered as shelter supplies and should be destroyed or disposed of. If processors plan to use such mixtures for animal feed, they should avail themselves of laboratory reports from DCPA.

More on the subject at the bottom of this page: http://www.civildefensemuseum.com/shelsupp.html

father fucking says he doesn't care that his mom was ruthlessly murdered because it all worked out for him which was so weird it kind of made the payoff of finding your son pointless because he's an old psycho

They could have done so much more with that.

No. No it wasn't.

You didn't raise him, you didn't bring him up how you would've wanted, and now, Shaun's an old man.

He's not your son, not anymore.

Play ranger hardcore and get back to me on how terrifying it is.

Now they're invading New England...

Funny part about that is that it isn't in the books at all, so it's not a spoiler. Rowling retconned it in an interview.

Yeah, but even occupied and looted, it would be better off than the Capitol Wastes if it had escaped getting nuked. And who wants to nuke Canada?

Is this really drama? And me without popcorn.

I did a ridiculous amount of research on this while trying to recreate the actual cracker recipe.

It's the fats inside the crackers that went rancid. The result is a cracker that smells very stale, and sort of like crayons. The crackers have a fair amount of fat in them, and were also loaded with the maximum amount of preservatives to try to maximize their shelf life. That meant they had a long shelf life, much longer than regular consumer products, but a shelf life still measured in years rather than decades. There's only so much preservatives can do.

Tests revealed the 60s-era crackers to be largely rancid and inedible in the 1970s. Some attempts were made to sell off the crackers as livestock feed, but livestock reportedly wouldn't touch it. Unsurprisingly, an additional 40 years hasn't improved things.

You know, as opposed to that Fallout lore that isn't made up. It's perfectly fine to add detail and expand upon previous lore. Okay, so the northeast is supposed to be more irradiated than the west coast. It still is, as a whole. They just specified that Boston itself wasn't hit directly and instead the bomb targeted there hit to the southwest and made the Glowing Sea. That doesn't directly contradict previous lore and still gives you an interesting setting for a new game, win-win.