TIL Pronoia, the opposite of paranoia, is the delusion that everyone is secretly plotting your success

TIL Pronoia, the opposite of paranoia, is the delusion that everyone is secretly plotting your su...

TIL That people plotting my success are useless idiots EDIT; Thanks for the gold strangers, looks like the 33 year global plan is falling into place after all

"Hey, you see that white unmarked van out there?"


"Publishers Clearing House. Any day now they're going to burst through the door with an oversized check."

How coincidental that the day this post was made you get the top comment on the thread, possibly gold and who knows what will follow.

Good luck over the next few weeks /u/albo_underhill, it's only getting started for you!

Good luck over the next few weeks /u/J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS , it's only getting started for you!

I don't know. Sometimes I worry I'm retarded and I got where I am today because everyone is too nice to me as a result. Does that count as pronoia?

Edit: I have a million people telling me it's imposter's syndrome, but it's not. Imposter's syndrome would be if I felt like I've convinced everyone that I'm smart, and I feel like a fraud because I suspect I'm not as smart as people think.

What I described is that everyone knows I'm retarded, and they're trying to convince me that I'm smart because they're being nice to me due to my... condition.

This must be the most rare condition known to man.

I'm more into the Platinum market

The treatment for pronoia : people.

people disappoint all the time

You don't really care about /u/j4ckr4bb1tsl1msm you just want gold!

Just because you're pronoiad, don't mean they're not helping you

I believe that they will. I too can be a weener just like anyone else!

I've got the same thing. I think I'm slightly crazy that's why everybody is nice to me.

Want to trade your gold for a platinum then?

Want to trade your gold for a then?

Lmao I will say I am a blessed person who can see how someone might develop this. Obviously you'd have to be somewhat insane and have a disconnect from reality, but there are times in my life that I feel like I'm just the luckiest person on Earth.

And I'm not talking about like blessed because I have a loving family type lucky. I mean like in school if I didn't do assignments, they would randomly extend the deadline. If I missed a test or forgot to study, it'd randomly be moved. The other day at work, I couldn't access my work stuff from home over new Years and had promised to do something January 2nd. I was freaking out when I came in the office. The girl who was supposed to do a small amount and let me handle the rest had misunderstood the instructions and did all of it. I feel like that stuff happens to me all the time.

I also have pretty upbeat demeanor so it's probably confirmation bias where I focus on things I got lucky about, as opposed to someone who's negative focusing on things that suck for them.

So like you got $5,000 and would be able to put that towards something that cost $10,000 (supposedly) ,but you would need to fork over another $5,000.

I may not be a smart man, but that sounds to me like a scam.

Yes, in order to fatten me up and eat me for dinner.

It reads plaxinum, probably some counterfeit coin.

I did win something from PCH what was probably a PCH mimic scam that looked very official once back in college.

They made it look like I won $5,000, but all it was was a $5,000 voucher towards a $10,000 prize.

One of the prizes was luggage. I remember being blown away that anyone would ever pay that much for luggage.

(Granted this was when I couldn't imagine paying more than $1 for a burrito)

Was a very disappointing experience.

Edit: missing a word

Edit: I feel really old now realizing that there was no Google when I was in college...

I couldn't actually find anything that said that PCH doesn't offer these types of vouchers as smaller prizes. Their "you don't have to buy anything to win" seems to mostly be referring to the "no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes" (which I think they got sued for for being deceptive about that).

They do say their Mega prizes cost the winner nothing to win, but I couldn't find anything about smaller prizes... I'm curious now if this was just a mimic scam or if this is how PCH makes money. Anyone know for sure?!

Alternative treatment: life

Excellent post, buddy! Proud of you!

Pfft. You sure aren't a smart man. That's $5000 in free vouchers. Now I can get that thing I only kinda would like for only half the price. A mere $5000. It's literally* free money**.

So there's where all my good karma is going.

Is there a special kind of pronoia where just Russia is plotting for your success?

Managers have this and lord help you if your not on the bandwagon

Dude we've been waiting for your details so we can send you bitcoins.

Reddut Platinum

Yeah, he's definitely trying to pull a fast one.


Trump has it.

So effectively they gave you a coupon for "50% off when you spend $10,000"?

That's kinda useless, can see why you were disappointed.

It blows my mind that some people wake up every day, put on a suit, and go deliberately scam old people out of their fixed income.

Like, how much of a piece of shit can you be. These people could literally starve because you are tricking them out of the money they spend on fucking cat food.

I just don't know how you (not you specifically) can go home after a day of that and sit at the table or lay in bed and even be able to live with yourself at all. I think the phrase "how do you sleep at night" is overused but I honestly cannot imagine how these people can fall asleep knowing that their entire life is just being scum.

Pronoia is a Greek word, but in Greek it means the things you do to secure your own future. So say, saving up for old age, is pronoia.

This happens some times. Empathy, for example, also a Greek word, means "bad intentions toward someone", almost the exact opposite of what it means in English.

Low self esteem.


It is.

"Business men" would fill bus with old people and take them for extremelly chap tour/dinner - with it being followed by advertizing/sales segment.

Then the scaming starts. Guilt them (we paid most of this all this, you need to buy it!), confuse them (look how ice block slides on this pan in room temperature! what a quality! you need to buy it), scare them (if you do not buy this blanket, you hate your grandchildren.) or simply tell them that bus will not take them back home if they refuse.

No money? No worries, you can sign for this quick loan!

Oh, your kids caught on this? No, no money back. In fact, this company no longer exists. I started new, identical, company.

Quite common in some countries where law overlooked this. Very easy to setup, very profitable. Also, fairly easy to smash it.

Ahh, the Truman Show Delusion

That show mostly messed with my head as a kid because the concept of everyone in my life being actors had already occurred to me. Jim Carrey was my favourite actor at the time, and I thought it was possible that The Truman Show was created because someone noticed that I was catching on and they were trying to warn me that I was right about my own life.

Sounds like an effective scam for old people. Get a rep as being a legit prize program, then tell old ppl sitting on a lot of cash that they've "won" $5K towards $10K of luggage which only cost $1k.

Oh, no, Wilbur! Of course not! We'll never let anything happen to you. 


Oh, no, Wilbur! Of course not! We'll never let anything happen to you.

I have had this happen to me my entire life. Late for class AND it's raining? I'm staying in and playing video games, hear from a bunch of drenched classmates that a note on the door said class was cancelled today. A note on the door!

Running behind on a project at work? Could work overtime but oh wait, client just emailed and has to reschedule the delivery call.

Gas ran out on the way to the airport, on the side of the highway, triple a says they won't be there for an hour. 10 minutes later a random roadside assistance guy pulls over and gives me a gallon, pours it in my tank and I'm off and running.

Must have been a pretty decent guy in a previous life or something.

I just gave them to a Nigerian Prince who's father had recently passed away but left my email address in his Will to inherit a small fortune. I'd say things are looking EDIT; up... They are looking up

That board game is horrible.

It's definitely shitty, but there are also people who enslave children and force them to fight, so really I think you just don't realize how terrible humans are, cause the people you are describing are not even close to the worst human beings.

I don't think mine are trying hard enough

Your can pay for the other half with the money you saved.


This is what paranoid 1%ers have. They are determined to prove that they can succeed on their own, but can't shake the feeling that they are continuously being propped up by family and well connected friends.

What's it called when you suspect that you're mentally handicapped and everyone around you is just humoring you for not understanding anything that's really going on?

can confirm, am manager, thanks everybody


Software Development, also Tech Support.


I love the lyrics to old Samsara songs.

That, and Foo Lovers.

And let's not forget the delusion that pizza is plotting to make people avoid you: Avoidthenoia.

I don't speak German

That pig has the same shit eating grin my dog has whenever it leaves a present behind the piano

This son of a bitch reaping the rewards for all my good deeds

who are we kidding we all know I haven't done much besides hold the door open here and there. But damnit I want my rewards

Actually it is a Greek word which I think is kinda obvious.

edit for quote:

empathy (n.) Look up empathy at Dictionary.com 1908, modeled on German Einfühlung (from ein "in" + Fühlung "feeling"), which was coined 1858 by German philosopher Rudolf Lotze (1817-1881) as a translation of Greek empatheia "passion, state of emotion," from assimilated form of en "in" (see en- (2)) + pathos "feeling" (see pathos). A term from a theory of art appreciation that maintains appreciation depends on the viewer's ability to project his personality into the viewed object.

and Google since parent comment is getting upvotes.

Whatever, nevermind

I have this. Actually, part of my schizotypal criteria. Not as fun as it sounds. Because you feel like an outsider and you have no control over your self or circumstances and it makes you feel quite helpless ironically.

Even when these "good" events are happening, the confusion and anxiety because of my lack of control make me tarnish relationships with these people trying to help, often friends or family, and results in negative self destructive behaviour since it feels like an intrusion on my self autonomy and ability to just live as an independent human.

Edit : this could be a good series idea. Invisible minion types that each of us have that help us. Altruistic people get every minion (just calling them that for simplicity, I'm thinking of a cross between mr meeseeks and a ghost). Altruistic people get help from every minion on earth since when they benefit everyone benefits.

I'm 95% sure I'm autistic and that's why everyone seems so nice to me.

But it makes a great cereal!

What's the delusion that everyone's faith in me is completely unfounded and I'm actually an idiot whose few successes come from the misplaced belief that I seem like I know what I'm doing?

That movie fucked me up as a kid.

Edited to change "show" to "movie."

How many empty cards do you get sent to your inbox?

This is my favorite response. You're an asshole! :D


haha. right.

Yeah, but they're also not even close to being mediocre people.

No Cards - empty or not - received till now.

I know exactly what you mean!

Do you look attractive?

Yeah, come on! You've got to spend money make money! You would have saved $5000 by only spending $5000! That is economics 101. /s

Impostor syndrome.


God this is exactly me. It seems like whatever decisions I make, they are always the right ones. Shit always works out.

I also have a very real fear that I am retarded and everyone is just being nice to me because they don't want to be assholes.

Is that Russian for "golden shower"?

I've actually developed a sneaking suspicion of this recently.

A friend of our group developed mental issues and when he's off on some tangent about god knows what we pretend like it's all normal and humor him for a bit before resuming the original conversation.

Sometimes in the middle of that, I'll wonder, 'Suppose it's ME that the group is really humoring?'

Impostor syndrome.

You feel like people haven't realised how much of an idiot you are.

Same goes for me. I feel ridiculously lucky all the time.

My personal theory is that I just don't process/think about when things do go wrong, making it seem like everything is constantly going right for me.

I've tried to find the times things went wrong... But I can't find them. Maybe another part is just being a flexible person?

I actually had this lol. I have schizophrenia and had a combination of this and The Truman Show delusion nine years ago. All good now though!

if it helps, i am actively attempting to prevent your success.

I wish I could make my wife groan like that pun did.

The fact that he has a 3800+ comment one week ago makes this less of a coincidence.This guy is a karma machine compared to me. You must be one of the bastards plotting his success.

Hey here is that report I worked 80 straight hours on that you can take full credit for.

Oh no, that's pronoia paranoia you've got there

Yes, because you didn't specify.

Damn that was accurate.

For me, I'm 95% sure I'm not autistic, but I do display about half the attributes of someone with Asperger's syndrome. I really wish I knew how I would judge myself, if I met myself.

The same things happen to me. I've never heard of it happening to anyone else before.

I was! Get out of there!

No it's more like people pity him so they help him succeed.

That sounds like imposter syndrome!

Aw, come on den Jimmy, das wot al dem hatas gun say ta keep ya down. Dun letem beat ya like dat!

It's a surprise the magazine is doing so well...

Do I understand it correctly that, had you won the $10,000 prize, that would just be a voucher towards a $20,000 prize?

If so, that's simply genius.

If not, brb creating my own lottery.

/sub/wholesomememes is a conspiracy

where are they looking? dont leave us hanging!! :(

He's also been writing Freewill Astrology for what seems like 20+ years. These are motivational horoscopes that don't predict the future but suggest a course of action, usually with an interesting history lesson. Highly recommend.

Rob Brezsny wrote a wonderful book on the subject.

'Pronoia' is simply a neologism created to serve as an opposite to paranoia. The term 'empathy' is also not really a greek word. It was coined in the 20s by german psychologists to translate the German word 'Einfühlung' which means 'feeling in(to someone)'.

Thanks man, but I'm afraid I'm too busy plotting /u/albo_underhill's success, so I don't think many things will get started for me.

It may not be a delusion.

For most kids with good parents and teachers, it's basically true in their world.

Depends. Is it the cinnamon kind?

I just thought it was being retarded and reading the Secret.

Yeah I always think that people just pity me and that I add little value to people lives but that's just low self esteem talking.