TIL milk becomes sour and curdled when it warms because a harmless bacteria called lactobacillus is activated which converts lactose to lactic acid. The acid converts a protein called casein to a curd. It's the reason we can enjoy other milk products like cheese.

TIL milk becomes sour and curdled when it warms because a harmless bacteria called lactobacillus ...

Unpasteurized milk will. Before refrigeration there were all varieties of milk, kefir, yogurt etc because milk was left on the table and in different seasons different varieties of bacteria would get in it. And cheese came from b bacteria in different caves. However the milk you buy that's been pasteurized lacks the safe protective lactobacillus so when it spoils it can be dangerous to drink.

Shameless plug about my country's own Lactobacillus. Makes Bulgarian Yogurt unique (imo much better than Yogur everywhere else). It's interesting how it has to be grown artificially in laboratories for other countries who want to make bulgarian yogurt.

Hmmm.... That explains why the throw up after drinking bad milk. I was curious if other bacteria was growing which makes milk not so harmless after it spoils.

Baffles me how hard milk can be hard to deliver

In a related milk fact, milk is transported in trucks without baffles. This is the case for any food, as the baffles make it harder to clean out, but also the shifting back and forth would eventually churn it into butter. This makes driving a milk tanker more challenging as the baffles prevent waves building up during transport and making it easier to rollover.

The bacteria is usually present on grain as well and in some beer styles, brewers encourage the acid production to sour the beer.

Different sort of milk

lactobacillus... GG!

The actual reason we create cheese is that it contains fat and protein calories and can be stored a VERY great deal longer than milk.

Most of our food storing methods work by many different means, such as pickling, which is acidic, and even by storing in honey, which prevents bacteria from growing due to the very high osmolar nature of honey. Sugaring and salting also store foods, such as fruits and fishes, respectively, for the same processes. Why anchovies are so salty,very likely.