TIL: In 2005, the BBC asked readers to vote for individual band members to create an "ideal supergroup." They voted for Led Zeppelin

TIL: In 2005, the BBC asked readers to vote for individual band members to create an "ideal super...

Contrary to popular belief, there are some things that occur across all known universes. Take, for instance, the band Led Zeppelin. While their occurrence in a specific universe has no pattern, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham always form a band called Led Zeppelin. With the exception, of course, of the Balphax-7 universe where they all had dyslexia, going by the name Del Pepzline.

That would be a cool Douglas Adams style fact about the multiverse. On every earth, for some reason or another, Led Zeppelin becomes a band with the same members.

The no2 Group would have been pretty amazing. Freddie Mercury, Slash, John Entwistle andNeil Peart

The type of music they play, the era they formed and the nation of the origin always differs but for some reason Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham always form a band called Led Zeppelin.

"Which all Belphax-7 residence still verbally read the name aloud as "Led Zeppelin.""

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The best rock frontman of all time, an insanely talented guitarist with iconic riffs and solos, the man who reinvented the bass guitarist's role in the band, and one of the best technical drummers (and nerdy songwriters) in all of rock.

Yeah, that's an incredible group.

Great bands are more about chemistry than individual talent anyway. That's why, with rare exceptions, "supergroup" projects usually suck and/or implode.

EDIT: Or, as the famous quote goes, they "go over like the world's biggest lead balloon". [and yes, that's how LZ got their name]

As a software engineer, your nested double quotes confused the hell out of me for longer than I care to admit

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If Led Zeopelin are so great, how come some of them are dead??

Buddy Rich is rolling over in his grave

Edit: I get it, people. You think Buddy Rich ain't the best. You're just wrong.

I need to re-post cracked.com's take:

Led Zeppelin was a British rock band who in the 70s repeatedly and flagrantly rocked the world so fucking hard that scientists can still detect residual vibrations in the Earth's mantle to this day.


Goddamn son.

End of the Line

Traveling Wilburys being a notable exception.

(Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty.) and Handle With Care

Another notable supergroup was The Highwaymen.

(Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.)

Their biggest single was surprisingly named Highwayman. Song is better than the video. ;)

Who the fuck escapes things with forward slashes?

Lead Zeopealin were the worst thing ever to happen to the alternative polka music scene , IMHO

THE best drummer


Great tribute to Led Zeppelin.

Will Ferrell on vocals, John C. Reilly on drums.

That'd be some pretty crazy rock, dad.

If Led Zeppelin is the best group, why are there still Monkees?

as is John Bonham

So Led Zeppelin is the ideal super group

This doesn't come as a surprise to me


"Which all Belphax-7 residence still verbally read the name aloud as /"Led Zeppelin./""

you could make a pretty cool band of dead guys out of that list too..

Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Lemmy, John Bonham


Bonham had a big sound that helped define Led Zeppelin, but he was nowhere near as skilled as Neil Peart.

Eric Clapton is not on the 10 best guitarists list. So take that for what you will.

Doesn't Will Ferrell play drums for the Chili Peppers?

Are you saying Egyptians do?

Not to mention some pretty crazy dad rock.

Them Crooked Vultures!

Shocked more people aren't bringing up John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme.

I'd figuratively kill for a second album from them.

M-m-morty. We-[belch]-we need to go to Balphax-7, Morty. There... there's a band. And they, they sound just like Led Zeppelin, Morty. They're called Del Pepzline an-an-and I hacked the teleprompter, Morty. Th-[belch]-ey won't be able to read the teleprompter, Morty. I waaa-[belch]-ant to hear what dyslexia sounds like, Morty.

There are some really weak songs in Queen's discography.

Bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like

Tough call but I would go with:

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Lebron James

Bill Russell

Wilt Chamberlain

Wait. Sorry, wrong thread. Please carry on.

I think Hendrix was more of a guitarist than a singer. Hendrix had no qualms playing with other greats. I could totally see Hendrix and Mercury agreeing to work together.

Intellisense did not catch. Your compiler failed.

Traveling Wilburys being a notable exception.

You could tell that was a bunch of friends having a great time. It's great to see Dylan's more humorous side as well

Shoulda gone with Spinal Tap. I guess the poll didn't go to eleven.

I view Freddie Mercury as a singer the way I do Bo Jackson as an athlete. Just a ridiculous freak of nature with potential so great we'll never know its full extent. But greatest songwriter? I don't think so. There are some really weak songs in Queen's discography.

I don't think anyone can argue that. Skill is definitely not the only thing though. The subtlety of sound change when playing behind the beat was one of the more unique things about Bonzo paired with his raw power of course. For Zeppelin at least, Bonzo was as you said, a key piece to their sound definition that I don't think Peart would have done. Of course nuances of this could be debated all day :)

Poll by "Buncha people who listen to Zep 24/7 anyways"

Pair this group up with guitarist #3 imo. Blackmore's style with the rest of this group would have been crazy.

Like the gin and tonic thing!

Poll by 'Planet Rock Radio'

If those giant heads ever come back and we have to show them what we got, I suggest we get these people together

I randomly wondered into a black hole via Reddit linking, and came to this insane video of a guy breaking down how Prince's death was a planned murder for several years having to do with all sorts of insane bullshit, one of the bigger reasons being the patriots winning SB and the game score pointing to the time of princes death. Anyway, just wanted to drop that brain fuck in real quick before I say:

I watched a buncha prince videos and that guy can not only shred guitar and sing, but he is jumpin around doing splits and all sorts of craziness. I think I'd put prince in there.

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Naw, Dave Grohl will just play every instrument

Buddy Rich can be argued as the best drummer of all time along with a few others, but as a band member he was insane. Having Buddy Rich in a band would make it the Buddy Rich group since he is so controlling, and his anger would devalue the group, if not push them away altogether. So, in the context of forming a super group, Neal Peart would be the best drummer of all time due to his other qualities lending to the group besides his incredible technical skill and song writing ability.

I love Bad Company by Bad Company off the album Bad Company.

dude that moby dick solo where he drops his sticks, switches to his hands and then back to sticks almost seamlessly is the most amazing thing I've ever heard.

I'd say the debate between Peart/Bonham is very similar to the Brodeur/Roy debate in the hockey world. They are both so good but they are from semi-different eras with semi-different circumstances so it's hard to ultimately compare them on an apples to apples basis.

I mean, Jimmy Page started out looking to make a supergroup...

The best technical and precision drummer, no doubt, but Peart stands behind Keith Moon in his prime in my personal drummer hierarchy.

Turns out they weren't dead when they wrote most of their songs.

That happened once, in the 60s.

Instead of escaping I'd probably just mix "'" and '"' like this: "Which all Belphax-7 residence still verbally read the name aloud as 'Led Zeppelin.'"

In any language other than Python that may be akin to cunt punting your mother though, so escaping is also a reasonable approach.

I'll go Freddie, David Gilmour, Geddy Lee, and Dave Grohl for the all vocal band. No instruments needed - they can be an a cappella group.

That's a very valid point - Entwistle's active basslines might not mesh too well during Slash's solos and riffing.

Jynnan Tonnix

Of course true purists agree that the romanian bossa nova Led Zeppelin is superior to all other iterations.

Fry was good but the Guide is always Peter Jones for me.

My friend is convinced that Freddie Mercury was the best singer/songwriter of all time. A few years ago I did a search for "Best Singer/Songwriter of all time" and was surprised his name didn't pop up on anyone's list. To be fair, he had a lot of help in the writing department when it came to Queen.


the band is the only group in which every member has composed more than one chart-topping single, and all four members were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003


EDIT 2: Rolling Stone List of all-time great songwriters (Spoiler: No Mercury)



Will Ferrell was at his best as the lead cowbell player for Blue Oyster Cult. His driving beat and intonation are unmatched!

No problem man. I love absurdist/surreal humor and Douglas Adams was great at it

As a massive Zeppelin fan, this makes me incredibly happy.

Sigh Guess I'm listening to physical graffiti on the way home tonight

Flea is easily one of the best bassists of all time but I'm not sure he would be great in a supergroup. His distinctive style means he needs the proper band backing him up and I'm not sure if that's a job that anyone but the RHCP can do correctly.

Jimi had awesome vocals

Prince is insanely underrated. I know how famous he is. He's still underrated. The man was an incredible musician and performer.

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This is how it ended up when my local radio station did this contest, except that they also put Geddy Lee on bass.

Checkmate, musicians.

The multiple cuts to Yo-yo Ma rocking out to the guitar solo was pretty awesome. Worlds greatest classical cellist enjoying the artistry of another string player.

They were fine, but he hated his own voice. It wasn't until he heard Dylan that he started to figure, maybe a perfect singing voice isn't totally necessary.

Thank you for that

but he is jumpin around doing splits and all sorts of craziness

Often in heels

What do you mean? Dylan's own discography is littered with dozens of hilarious songs.


Neil Peart definitely has more technical skill than Bonham, but that is not a very good metric to describe who is better or best. Bonham's actual sound and tone that he got out of his drumming is much more unique to Neil Peart's IMO. Its like saying Yngwie Malmsteen is the better than Jimi Hendrix.

Well, if you put it that way...I'd have to agree.

Can you post the source? Would love to read that article.

And to a lesser extent, Blind Faith.

That's some crazy rock, pretty. Dad?

Moon was nuts. Your drummer ought to be a little bit nuts.

It's missing Flea. Edit: Wow, I didn't realize people hated Flea so much.

Peart could NEVER sound like Bonham, and vice versa. Once you get to a certain level of skill there is no better or worse, just different. There are drummers who would tell you Charlie Watts is the best drummer or all time or maybe Phil Rudd, just because of how well they served the song instead of their ego. They wouldn't be wrong either. Is Yngwie Malmsteen a better guitarist than Keith Richards because he can play faster?

Danny Carey

Shocking considering the country the poll was taken in. I mean in England they were spray painting "Clapton is God" for years.

He had a better groove than Peart.

And with your username, your not biased or anything, eh?

I had no idea who the Traveling Wilburys were, I know their songs though. Holy shit the part with the guitar in the chair and Orbison's voice in the background.

Jin Anthonix

If you intersperse a [belch] every 6-7 words this reads just like Rick Sanchez

Bad Company, how could you forget Bad Company?

He doesn't quite measure up to the other three, does he? That isn't a slight against Slash, he's a legend and one of the greats. But Peart and Entwistle are both consensus top 5 of all time. And Mercury? Well, he's Freddie fuckin' Mercury. Can't say much more.


Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

A Perfect Circle.

Queen Who's Guns 'N Rushes

Reading this in Rick voice is the best. Episode 'Ricking out to Del Pepzline'

He was pretty good in Atoms for Peace. Also did some cool stuff sitting in with The Mars Volta.

This is ironic because Led Zeppelin was a supergroup (sort of).

But I agree 100%.