TIL Cats will make a unique chirping sound when they get frustrated about prey they can see but cannot catch.

TIL Cats will make a unique chirping sound when they get frustrated about prey they can see but c...


Have a telegraph wire out side my window and my cats make that noise only when there's crunchable birds on it.

So near and yet so far.

Is it the year 1873 outside your window?

No he typed it.

Wow I always wondered why my cat made this noise. I figured it was something related to hunting or killing prey. She would always "meow" or yawn normally around the house, but whenever we let her on the deck (where several birds nest were) or she got a glimpse out the slide door, she would burp out this stuttery, compressed chirp. It was adorable. I miss her.

Yes stop

It's ok. Now that she has wings she can catch all the birds she wants

One of ours does that every time he spots a target (eg a moth or gecko) on the ceiling.

Did you say telegraph wire?

I'm more curious now about the people in this thread who apparently have gecko problems on their ceilings. Are they actually pests in some places?

Telegraph poles/wires are (afaik) common terms for those "things" where i live in the UK. We've always just referred to them as such. What do you guys call em? Now, excuse me but my manservant has made me aware my horseless carriage awaits to convey myself to one of the Spa towns for a perambulatory sojurn.

Cat heaven is bird hell. The universe is efficient like that.

I used to be able to get that sound from my cat on command by shaking my hands in the air

They're adorable, they make adorable chirping sounds, and they eat actual pests like cockroaches and other bugs. I'd love a house infested with geckos, but alas I live in Canada :(

I don't totally agree that it's frustration. I've always thought of it as them trying to call down their prey by mimicking bird noises...or making an intriguing enough sound to lure them down. I like to think of it as this because it makes cats seem so much more deliciously naughty and manipulative.

My gf's fat bastard will talk all kinds of shit to the birds, but when you open the door he just goes out and rolls in the dirt.


I too have a house infested by geckos. This is normal, really, move along everyone.

I read that in my head, but automatically added "ya dingus" to the end.

Not sure why, but now your comment feels oddly disappointing.

Your cat wanted to kill your hands

Sweetest thing I've read this year so far.

Not quite problems, but there's lots of then in my garden in Australia. Sometimes they will get into the house. They mostly try to hide under furniture, but I've seen other kinds that will try to climb anything.

My cats will catch them and bring inside pretty frequently. It gets weird because geckos can detach their tails (which start twisting and jumping on their own) while they try to run away. Cats munch on them so I'm usually left with small ring pieces of the tails on the carpet, like chopped spring onion. (#moreThanYouWantedToKnow)

Not for the birds.


They sure do! i have 4 well 6 rescues. I am building them an outdoor cat run. They all do it, chirping at the the birds that land in our garden.

Found this on youtube, not my video but its a pretty good example.

Malaysia checking in: it's totally normal. They shit all over the walls but at least they eat mosquitoes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

God forbid your cat gets slightly frustrated after a long day of doing jack shit and fucking around with your dogs.

Yep, Tuna sings his little murder song while watching birds on the feeder just outside the kitchen window. He's adorably bloodthirsty.

while it's not normal, it's not that hard to imagine that there are people who live in different climates. geckos aren't even that rare.

I don't think it's frustration, at least not always. My cat makes this noise at laser lights and the sun reflected from my phone onto surfaces. Occasionally she'll make it at birds too.

She'll often look at the light from relatively close and chirp. Then she pounces.

Her sound is like a tinkly 'ack ack ack'. Cute af.

Same with my cat any time my phone reflects on the ceiling or I point a laser up there. She'll do it for like 15+ minutes without a break too

I have no proof of this but anecdotal evidence. But I am convinced that the chirping fucks with the way a moth/mosquito flies. Watch a cat do this to a moth when it is flying around and all of a sudden the moth will go into a tailspin and come closer to the cat.

Telegraph wire is a common UK term for phone wire, and utility poles are usually called telegraph poles. Just a legacy term from the old days.

Your cat wanted to kill you



Gecko fact: in the house, if they can't hide under something, they will climb to the highest place they can find.

Source: cats bring at least one gecko a week to my house.

Everything I can find seems to suggest it's a call to others to indicate that they've found (potential) food. Probably pretty effective; it's a unique enough sound to stand out, but not loud enough to frighten prey. Nothing to indicate it's out of frustration. Although they probably do get a little frustrated when us lazy humans won't help them catch a sparrow...

Would have been better if he used 'stop' instead of a period to end the sentence stop

FYI, it's only a GUESS that's why they do that. Biologists do not actually know and it can a number of different reasons. Saying your cat is "frustrated" though is anthropomorphism and is the most unlikely of reasons.

A gecko on the ceiling? I really need to expand my knowledge about geckos...

Not really pests, they are now coming out of hibernation here (southern Portugal ) and living in the country is very common to have 20+ of them wandering around on the outside walls. Very useful for insect control and they are kind of cute, I like having them around.

Nigga chill

I play a video game (eve online) where geckos are relatively powerful, expensive weapons. I spent a full minute trying to process 1: how an attack drone the size of a large airplane attached itself to your ceiling and 2: why your cat considered said drone to be dinner. Then I realized I'm an idiot and geckos are also small lizards. I may be playing too much eve. Send help.

Nigga there are a lot of books in the world, give that nigga a title or at least an author so he can go research cats' mental and emotional stability

The truly weird kitties do it at other times, too. RIP Nick

I call them power lines and telephone poles while being aware that they also often very phone signals, unless I'm mistaken.

Need pictures, STOP. Please advise, STOP.

That's pretty awesome. It sucks over here in Europe. Hot enough for flying needles but not hot enough for geckos.

How in the fuck is a chirping cat anywhere remotely relatable to diabetes or MS? That's like saying you don't like living in California because it's too cold in Antartica. It doesn't even make sense.

I've had cats all my life, but they were always strictly indoor cats that never even cared to look outside of windows. I just got a rescue kitten a little while ago, and for the first time ever I heard him do this when he was looking outside lol.

So I looked up why he chirps, found the article, and decided to share it with all of you :)


No he typed it, ya dingus stop

Telephone poles in much of the US.

South Florida. They are everywhere. More of them out in the summer though.

I used to be able to trick my cat into doing this by looking out the window and making an "ack ack ack" sound.

You named your cat Tuna? That would be like me naming my kid chicken mcnugget lol.

I always go to my cat to peer through windows when this happens as we both stare at something interesting - the cat inevitably rubs against me as if to confirm my presence was what it wanted or that it wants to goad me into getting the interesting thing for them

My cat makes the same noise at the laser pointer. I'd wager excitement more than frustration.

Adorable pests.

Geez, man. We're just talking about cats and you took it to a whole new level with MS. He didn't even say anything about diseases. You're not going to change anyone's opinion by arguing with a stranger on the internet. People are people.

Sure which system are you in? And what are you flying? We totes don't have any gank ships.

The geckos in my experience will religiously follow a laser pointer... that is until the cat notices.

Well that is insanely interesting. I will look out for that next time!

Yep, when I lived in India there was nearly always a little house gecko in sight, and they were awesome. Especially when they had babies. I used to love watching them run around on the ceiling munching on mosquitos and any other bugs that got in the house. I miss them now I'm back in England.

Yeah, I loved having them around when I lived in India too. There would always be a few in the house, but out of the way on the ceiling usually. Sometimes you'd see them chasing mosquitos or other bugs and be cheering them on. The little critters must have saved me from thousands of mosquito bites. I just wish England had them too, I miss them!


My cats doing this

laser pointers must be pretty frustrating though, prey you cannot catch no matter how hard you try.