TIL about Schmidt won Jack Nicholson the 2003 Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama. Upon accepting his award, Nicholson quipped: "I'm a little surprised. I thought we made a comedy."

TIL about Schmidt won Jack Nicholson the 2003 Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor...

Ha, this post got auto-tagged because the movie title About Schmidt, and the first word after TIL can't be about. Wouldn't have even thought about that.

To be fair, OP fucked it up by not capitalizing about.

Just a reminder; The Golden Globes is a complete sham.

It's a thinly-veiled excuse to put famous people in a room, take bribes, and make bad movies seem good so you'll go see them.

Huh ironically TIL,

I don't think I've ever seen my 85 year old dad laugh so hard as the hot tub scene with Kathy Bates

It probably would have triggered automod either way. Using quotation marks around "About Schmidt" would likely work.

About Schmidt was a really funny movie. Especially the parts with the Kathy Bates character and her family.

I seem to remember when Johnny Depp was nominated for 'The Tourist', it was said they only nominated him just so they could meet him.

About Schmidt

The missing capital on About threw me off too.

Am I a bot?

Tell that to 2015's the Best Comedy or Musical winner "The Martian."

Is it just old men that find that funny? My dad about died too.

"Dear Ndugu...."

Isn't that essentially all award shows? At least for movies anyways.

This is why I hate automod.

Well, I would put them to scale.

Some are complete sham, Golden Globes. Some are somewhat sham, Academy Awards.

Then you have some film festival awards, not as shammy.

All awards are a sham to some extent though. Not any single winner, but the whole enterprise of awards or award categories or award ceremonies.

I've never heard of that movie. Almost wanted to claw my brain out reading that title. Jesus.