This wooden chair my parents bought started sprouting leaves

This wooden chair my parents bought started sprouting leaves

At least you know it's real wood.

A plant will transfer/partially store energy in the form of carbohydrates all up and down it's trunk and branches. When the plant is stimulated into receding into dormancy over the winter, it will collect as many/much nutrients and carbohydrates as it can, so that it will be able to have a large flush of growth in the spring. If this photo is recent, what likely occurred is that the plant was harvested within the last few months, and had an abundance of energy stored. When the climate began it's upswing back into warmer weather, this will de-constrict the cells as well as xylem and phloem, allowing for movement of energy and the water that was left. This, in turn, flowed into and expanded the previously set buds of the plant, and you can see what happens from there.

When you cut/injure the exterior of a plant in it's growing season, often you'll find that it bleeds a watery, sometimes sticky, substance. This is a simple way of explaining how plants, especially in their green bits, will have it's vascular system full of water and nutrients basically at all times.

Maybe not ELI5, but I hope this cleared up some of the confusion.

A fine vintage meme

Stick one chair on open ground and it may just grow new roots! Especially if it's a willow, you could see a living chair form.

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Yeah, my parents bought 4 of these chairs last week at a craft venue. They must've been made during the winter.

Yes. This meme has an oaky aftertaste with a just a hint of floral undertones.

Or keep it outside and let it grow, maybe it'll turn into some forest throne or something.

Don't forget to water the chair.

Better nip that in the bud

So OP just needs to take a grater/knife and scuff off some of the bark on the bottom legs exposing the cambium, embed it in the dirt and keep it moist as a damp sponge and he'll have a treechair by Autumn.

"This wine has an oaky afterbirth."

That's most of the chair...

You jest, but it's actually a necessity at this point. The person who made this chair didn't use seasoned wood, which means eventually that wood is going to dry out, shrink and warp, the nails will start to pop out, pieces may crack or snap in half. The chair itself will become very unstable.

The only way to prevent this would be to prevent the chair from drying out.

Well with walnut you use the magnifying lens to get a closer look at the wood fibers, with your nut you use the magnifying lens for locating purposes.


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It totes is willow! Which is a large part of the reason it's so successfully growing

Plant it. Make it grow roots and grow into the ground. It'll be an actual planted chair and would be awesome

Then you might be interested in /sub/marijuanaenthusiasts, and consdering your comment, probably /sub/trees too.

man. i love trees, and i got really excited from that comment. plants are cool, yo

I am groot


That would be cool

Shit, I can't tell walnut from pine

I expect to see this in /sub/getmotivated in less than 24 hours with some crappy text in the corner about never giving up

It's only MOSTLY dead.

You took me by the hand...

I am Groot.

But you can always tell it's aspen because of the way it is

Do you have a picture of the whole chair?

Wood you?

If it's still green and growing branches then it can turn the branches into roots if done correctly. Depending on how the wood is connected Yeah it probably could. Keep wet towels on the ends and try and get dirt on them

Walnut: super dark, but often with cool streaks of lighter colors and even blacks going through it. Interesting wood. Oak: a lighter brown, often with yellow streaks for highlights and darker streaks for lowlights. Pine: a nice yellow and light brown, but so light in color that it can even have white streaks. Rarely do you see very dark streaks/lowlights naturally, but pine is often oiled and stained darker to bring out deep and rich browns to appear as an expensive hardwood like oak. Some pine will have natural dark knots, which I enjoy. Mahogany: very rich and deep red color, naturally.

Who knows, plants are fucking weird.

Then pick your newly grown chairs off the chair tree

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... that one night...

...You made everything all right...

This thread is too informative. I am not here to learn.

I can't tell walnut from my nut

Willow trees make the most sinister "switches". Mean step-father used to make me pick my own switch as a young'n. Tried to be slick and brought back a semi-rotten one for my lashing which often resulted in him picking one very similar to a horse whip. Not only do they sting, they wrap around your leg/ass and leave a bloody whelp. This type of punishment just made me sneakier. What a fuckin tool he was.

Edit: inbox filling up with ptsd stories. Reddit can be very therapeutic at times.


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"This is dog wood" "I can tell by its bark"

Where there's a willow, there's a way

I would punch you in the face if you were here

That would be amazing. I feel like there would be a market for living, plantable chairs.

Elijah is the realest Wood.

Chair is Groot.


That's pretty sweet, while it kinda takes away from the function, letting it grow out to be covered in leaves may look pretty nice, if you decide/are able to let it grow by caring for it, please post and update.

So raw,so right

Do you think this will work?

What is dead may never die.

Quick, plant the legs of the chairs! Laugh at your parents in the fall once they're take root.

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I don't think so, your bark is worse than your bite!

Could this really work like that?

Or he can use the same stuff to make a tea that doesn't taste great, but is good for acheyness!

Which is where we get asprin

Sorry but your puns arboring me.

Why are those backwards. Actually I know why, I am on reddit.

WE are Groot.

Ya'll are rude 😭 lol

Shaping live trees into a chair gives you this.

Shaping live trees into a chair gives you .

Thanks for this

I just noticed that the pile of fruitless mulberry branches that i had cut this winter had started to sprout, had no idea why.

All he has is a magnifying lens, so hes got to face the diffraction limit. I reckon what this man needs is a scanning tunnelling microscope

I stuck a tiny twig in the ground as a kid in my parent's backyard and at this point it's a tree about 4 times my height.

I'm...I'm getting better...


Because the ents got there first

Exactly. This is just supposed to be mildly interesting, not really interesting.

Wood I?


He had one job

That looks like a shitty chair. Someone went out and chopped down young trees and just nailed them into a shape of a chair without preparing the wood in anyway.

You can make some if you plant some saplings in a row and then essentially make a mould (put a chair on it) and bend them to grow into the right shape. It's doable but obviously takes a lot of time.

It's a lot harder to get a stick to successfully grow new roots especially a whole chairs worth

Stick them in the ground and hey will sprout roots. Propagate those cuttings my friend.

That's pretty neat!

/gfycat real wood

What is dead may never die!

Now you're aspen for trouble.

Your chair is growing more chairs.

Well fucking throw some nutrients in there. Shit, I don't care.


I'll try to remember this for when someone chops me up and makes me into a chair.

In a few years, they'll have a chair tree to harvest more chairs from.

We are... Chair?

What an awesome answer ! Thank you !

Neature walk Thats pretty neat!

"And the tree was happy"

-The Giving Tree

I think I'll go for a walk!

hits blunt

It's prettty ruff.

I'm pretty sure the answer is "I am Groot"

It looks like it has more dimensions than it should

I don't want to pay for an extra dimension we're not going to use.

Use your imagination, dude.

As someone else already said, its willow.
This is just what willow does. Usually you take sticks and poke one end in the ground, to give it some moisture, but it often just re-buds even without that help.

Around here, where its grown,  it often gets made into domes, tunnels or animal shapes for kids to play in.

As someone else already said, its willow. This is just what willow does. Usually you take sticks and poke one end in the ground, to give it some moisture, but it often just re-buds even without that help.

Around here, where its grown, it often gets made into domes, tunnels or animal shapes for kids to play in.

Life uhhhhhhh finds a way

Only mostly dead


Altho I have a kinda funny story that relates. My uncle had a father that would beat him. Made him pick the switch also. My uncle being a smart ass brought him a log once. Like he could barely move it sized log. It shouldn't end well apparently.

I saw this book IRL once in the forestry department at my university and to this day I don't know if they had it ironically or not.

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