This Wilson spare tire cover

This Wilson spare tire cover



P. S. imagine that my username is Wilson.


I like original tire covers on jeeps. The problem is, they stay original for about a week then every jeep has em.

This post hits the sweet spot for mildly interesting.


Relevant username!!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Do you know where to find some? I need a cover but don't like most I see online.


You rang?

Imagine if my username was Typical_Joseph

Eh, you do it...

is that lil yachty

I was really hoping this was a thing


Typical Joseph.

Fun fact: one of the three volleyballs used in the film was sold in an auction for $18,400.

Username checks out

Quadratec. Extreme Terrain. Amazon. They should have some.

It worked! I saw you as Wilson!

I would stay on their ass until I got to my exit. Then just weep as he drove away...

"I'm sorry Wilson!! This is my exit!"

I have those other two volleyballs, PM me, I am looking to sell either of them

hey its me ur island castaway

When I read Wilson I thought of Home Improvement and was hoping this would be the image

edit: Home Improvement not Boy meets World.. I'm an idiot

Defeated in full right here folks...

Man... when Jenny dies in the end. Gets me


I'm sorry Wilson! I'm sorry!

Phish fans say this differently in their heads

That's a lot of blood.

My dad found me sobbing my eyes out at the promotion TV they had in Walmart I was watching that scene. Fuck that scene, traumatized me for life.

Where did he question the relevance to this sub?

/u/MetallicIL i'm sorry!... I'm sorry!

Also, an abnormally large hand print.

I feel like this is read to activate sleeper agents who are browsing reddit.

dun, dun.....dun, dun


I lay this hate on you.

Wilson really let himself go after Cast Away.

You got me back thinkin' that you're the worst one I must inquire, Wilson Can you still have fun?

duh duh... duh duh

Remember when you thought you family's Tasmanian Devil cover was original? Nope.

first time I saw this movie I was about 7 I think, and at this scene I just stopped watching and just sobbed for probably 3 days straight

If you flip your username upside-down it works!

Just kidding.


It didn't make the cut for the palm painting post over at /sub/interestingasfuck.

Thank you.

Yeah bro that's Home Improvement.

no that's the actual post. Its the poster of thats fault.

Curious how many people start talking to Wilson when the jeep is stationary?


Am I doing this right?

What a coincidence, I have the other two as well. So does my friend Dave. What are the chances!


I don't know, I think maybe it's worse when John Coffey dies


You know, if you type your password... ah forget it.

It was actually bigfoot that got marooned on an island.