This swing is designed so that the kid and the parent can swing together.

This swing is designed so that the kid and the parent can swing together.

I would kill for one of these. This is all my daughter ever wants to do at the park. With this I wouldn't have to stand there and push her for an hour.

If you would kill for it (I might too) then this should not be in "mildly interesting, but /sub/killfor it.

It's better to show than tell.

It's better to show than tell.

I, too, like a nose full of diaper when swinging

For a moment I thought this was a foot rest for the adult-child who still tries to sit in the baby swing

I actually thought that subreddit really existed, I'm very dissappointed rn.

The sweet smell of bonding.

"Great! Now I can ask my partner to push me and the baby! " "But that's not the point of this invention, it's so you can swi-" shhhhhhh, "Don't tell my partner that."

Don't just sit there. Make it happen.

Made it. Feel free to post things you'd kill for ;)

Great. Now I can say in my resume "I inspire people to act"

When I first saw the picture I for some reason automatically assumed the parent stood up like behind the baby.

Reading one of the comments I realized it is actually a seat and I'm an idiot.

What sadist puts a child that gets motion sickness is a swing?

Do you also need to warn people not to let their toddlers play with sharp objects? Oh I thought Timmy would get a kick out of my old rusty razor blade collection bucket I didn't think he'd stick his whole arm in.

Get on a swing for more than 5 minutes. I used to love all roller coasters and spinny rides. Now, I can't take a simple swing. Ugh. I'm not even old and I'm already like: Aging sucks!

Make sure your child doesn't have motion sickness. Oh that arc, like a fountain...

Until I read this comment I had a vision in my head of the parent standing on their side not sitting. It all makes so much more sense now

I've used this at a local park and loved it. My baby was so happy to see me swinging too

If you're really willing to kill over it then you won't have to push her on the swings anymore

You must be new to parenting. She wouldn't like this swing because it's not the old swing. Only you standing there for hours wanting to die while flicking your wrist every 2 seconds will do

HA! Or a place to keep a good watch on your stuff while you swing to your hearts desire.

Omg thanks.

Don't forget to put in the link to the comments for the resume as proof ;)

While you make some good points, I don't think this is applicable in context.

This swing was designed by a kangaroo with a dream.

They could stand so the kid gets a face full of dick.

I imagined the parent standing on it instead of sitting for some reason. This is so much better.

bruh, show this pic to the first hit on google for "welding and fabrication in mytown" ... no way it'll be more than $1-200. support local business!

edit: i mean get them to make the special swing and add it to whatever you can get from your local home store :)

There is a swing like that at our local park and my daughter loves it!

There is a swing like that at our local park and my daughter loves it!

This happens to a lot of women if they grow some child bearing hips and their center of gravity gets messed up. Or big stomached guys. It's fun to watch parents at the park tap out after they get going.

Also I'm not allowed to swing in front of my kid anymore because I jumped off at the end so he did too but instead face planted so bad it upsets me to remember it. It was one of those moments where everything stops and think did I just watch my kid break his neck? A you run over to make sure he isn't dead. After he gets up is winded but ok and you can't sleep right for a while. Also his mom was there too so I should have known better and he is too young.

Groot tree swing

What the fuck

I'm the opposite. Motion sickness is less of an issue for me when I'm controlling it. E.g. Swings, or driving.

Hey every one can see your name. Might want to submit an imgur link

Stand on seat, hands on bar, go ham.

Good news: you don't have to kill for it! You can buy one.

You definitely could stand on that swing though, thatd be so much fun!

Awww I'm not gonna lie, I imagined my daughter and I on this and it nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Edit: Tears come out of my eye, not ear.

Relevant username delivers

Uh, change your child's diaper. Its for containment, not storage.

Dunno, it's a bit small to account for the rotors. :/

Future tip: use imgur. Your photos might have EXIF data on them. This can include stuff like the location of the photo (how 4chan got a guy fired from Burger King), the camera model, etc. Imgur automatically removes this data.

You've completely missed the joke, which is that if the kid throws up in that chair, it'll go all over your face.

I hope he's supervised

I read this whole thing waiting to hear about the undertaker throwing someone through a table.


Standard business to business company, I'd say. Their customers are all local government's and nonprofits, so they probably engage in a lot of price discrimination.

that's one way to get kicked in the face.

My kids not worth that much... $200 of materials at Lowe's and a $500 life insurance policy for the kid should do me all the same.

Same. There's always a line for it, and I once literally had a random 4(?) year-old jump in my lap while I was co-swinging with my baby. I don't know why these aren't everywhere. They make the playground fun for parents, too.

It works a lot easier if you stand on it. The one at my park, at least, sits so low to the ground that you can't really swing your feet well.

Did he die? No. That's how they learn not to be an idiot. Children are built to allow for a lot of damage to be inflicted before the shipping damage sticker is triggered. If it takes too many lessons, you sell them to the gypsies and try again.

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$1300 with frame

They have these in a park near me, I think that they are great. Apart from making it easier it's so much fun to swing with your kid. I think it's a great bonding experience.

Must have a very short torso.

I love rollercoasters and spinny rides but I've never been able to do swings. Even as a kid. Strangest thing

I'm in my 30s and don't seem to have this problem, although all my joints are more or less fucked. So I got that going for me . . . which is nice.

I'd kill for that subreddit.

Son and I discovered one of these recently as well

The guy who made this needs a raise

Request quote? How much is that damn thing?

Well to be fair, you wont know what particular thing will cause motion sickness until it happens. I get motion sickness but only from very specific things. Swings not being one of them, back seat of a car yes, elevator yes, carnival ride no.

Be taller / shorter.

"Groot’s support better be able to hold a 180 lbs. man, because I’m receiving on that thing. Aspects like he’s hooked on a touch. Incredible, it would look marginally well if it was a woody swing."

What is their native language? Or bad Google translate?



This reminds me of the time I dated a Dada poet.

Yes! Any swing that doesn't have a rigid seat makes my hips hurt after only a few minutes... Basically now I have to swing with my ass hanging off the seat so it doesn't hurt as much.

It is at a park in Alachua county FL.

Your net worth is only $36.0555128?

Or a push .

When I was younger the cool kids all stood up to swing in the baby swing, usually with one foot.

I think they're supposed to face one another.

I, too, would like a machine that assists a toddler in delivering nutshuts to their Dad.

You cry out of your ears?

These are really fun. Some of the best photos/videos I have of my son are from the perspective of swinging with him.

Also, as someone who hasn't been on a swing in a decade until we found one of these last summer, I was kind of shocked at how it effected me (got a bit motion sick) at 30.

Turn the kid around?

I can't think of a way to do this without putting my crotch or ass directly in the kid's face...

I would've liked this to be at the park that time when I let my cousin alone on the swing and he fell on his face like a stupid pie, it's not just for helicoptering, some kids are too idiot (young?) to understand that you are meant to hold the chain with your hands.

A park near our house has one of these. It's great. I think I like it more than my kid does though. The real benefit is for the adults since they no longer have to just stand there pushing a swing, which gets old when your kid loves the swing.

I feel like you don't have kids? Given enough time, we will make all mistakes.

Whatever you're taking I hope you're sharing

I should have tested it out when I was there. I imagine you can either have someone push to get the swing started or start it the old fashioned way by pushing against the ground and swinging your legs. It doesn't look too heavy.

Ten years since I lived there but as soon as I saw this picture I knew it looked like home. Unexpected but you warmed my heart with this, thanks.

That's what I thought. I was overjoyed when I saw this in New Westminster BC. We tried it, she was bored out of her gourd. Lasted 5 minutes until I was pushing her again

Not at home ATM. Trying to change the sub by phone is trying

Will make sure to do it later tho ;)

edit: did it :)

Oh my god dude, it's all we ever do at the park. One day we paid ten bucks to go to a big indoor playland just to go on the fucking swings for an hour and a half.

Subbed :)

Ehh, more or less.

"This swing allows mutual, joy-filled eye contact that activates the hard-wired play ‘state’ to spontaneously and vigorously emerge. It allows intergenerational mutual play to occur throughout the life cycle and stimulates cerebra-cerebellar circuits that we know are hugely important for developmental competency." -DR. STUART BROWN, M.D.

That is one hell of a description for a swingset.