This play area looks a bit like an Amish Millennium Falcon

This play area looks a bit like an Amish Millennium Falcon

Could probably do the Jethro run in 12 parsnips

I'd put money on the fact that that's exactly what its supposed to look like. The design is way too similar to be an accident.

Don't punch it, Brother Chewie

Put harness on thy auxillary horse.

Jump to a light canter?

Here's your pilot and co-pilot

Oh no, the carrot drive is out!

Been spending most our lives living in an Amish ship device.

It's Hobbledown Farm in Epsom if that helps.

'Tis not of my doing!

John threw first

That's the most English name for an amusement park I've ever heard.

That's what I was thinking too. I was trying to figure out where it is so I could find more pictures.

Now, now, Obi-wan Jeremiah, first remove the lightsaber from your own eye before worrying about the imperial stormtrooper shooting at your friend's eye.

A parsnip is a unit of thyme

Would have made more sense as "Obi-diah" since Obadiah is an Amish name.

EDIT: That's what I get for trying to hastily and covertly Reddit while in the middle of a college class. It was an honest mistake, I do words good too, pls believe.

Looks like a great place to find some scruffy-looking nerf herders

the garbage will do

"play area"

Every opening I see is caged.

Huh, I just thought it was a perfectly standard name for one.

It's weird (but does make sense) how things that are extremely English to anyone not from here are just normal to us.

A lot of stuff like the tea and crumpets and taxing Americans without representation at least we know are extremely British things to do, but then there's stuff like this where I just wouldn't have guessed how amazingly British that is.

Who played Chewbadiah?

Yes, but according to Legends canon the Jethro run is about how short a root you can take.

Clearly that's the Mennonite Falcon.

Love your salts!

Witness. Great film that places Harrison Ford amongst an Amish community to protect an Amish boy who witnessed a murder.


It's hard work and sacrifice living in an Amish ship device.

Those blaster points. Too precise for sand people

Honestly, if someone told me that Hobbledown Farm was somewhere in Kentucky, I'd have no problem believing them.

Witness. Phenomenal movie.

What a piece of junk!

TiL there is only one Epsom in the entire world.

To be fair, there's a bunch of crawlways and entrances on the other side and it drops into a tunnel to the rest of the play area on the inside.

A Plowing Season is a unit of time, but a parsnip is a unit of distance. The Amish Millennium Falcon is famous for having completed the Jethro run in an exceptionally short distance -- it was able to take an oft-avoided dangerous cart path due to it's ability to quickly dodge rolled hay bales.

Looks sort of like the place my parents kept me until I was old enough for chores.

sense > since

That's exactly why I loved play structures like these. I grew up near one that was literally a castle, with slides and ladders and everything amazing.

Scruffy looking sheep herder

hitchin' up the speeder, churnin' lots of blue milk

Should have used one against Kylo.

Actually laughing my head off hahaha

The only film where Harrison Ford uses a small boy as a human shield

About Parsecs, the Kessel Run, and navigation? Yeah.

The lore goes something like this: The speed of hyperspace travel is not only dependant on the power of your hyperdrive, but also the quality of your navigation. That's why things like major hyperspace routes exists: They're well travelled, navigational data is always up to date, and so ships can take more efficient courses closer to stars and such (the dangers of smashing into a star while in hyperdrive are mentioned right in the first film).

The Kessel Run is a notorious smuggling route, passing close to a cluster of black holes. Very dangerous. But the better your navigation, the closer you can skirt around them and get away with it, cutting the trip down from its nominal, safe 18-parsec length.

A lot don't even have swings. A swing-less playground is no playground at all, I say.

Amish guy: "Who's scruffy looking?"

Chewbadiah is my copilot.

Thee before thou except after thine

Landos not a traitor, his cape is aeien silk

But I'd assume its a name derived from a very British ancestry as opposed to any of the other cultures in the US.

And now kids might scrape a knee so the playgrounds are weak as hell.

CHEWIE WE HAVE COMPANY! Set out an extra table setting and tell Moses we will need more milk from the cow

No no, it can do the Kessel Run in under 12 Plowing Seasons.

That's not how lightsabers work

Ezekiel and the boys assured me it was properly repaired!

Get your toolbox brother Zebedee, we're going to raise a starship.

Looks like a great place for bees to make a nest.

Lol, where's that from?

As a native Kentuckian...well ol' hickory heck gosh darnit, you may be onta somethin'.

I remember going to play areas like that when I was really young. I thought they were all destroyed by bowl cut soccer moms who feared their children would get splinters. They were always so much more exciting than metal and plastic ones.

Or Merry go rounds. I remember playing the game where you hang on while someone spins it fast until everyone flies off.

I've always loved this explanation, but there is a 0% chance this was the original intention of the line.

about it being lore, yeah. star wars has some of the only fans that will turn a character's bullshit into fact.

I'm sure the original intent is Han Solo throwing words that he figures they don't understand out there to try and impress a pair of backwater rubes.

I was thinking it looks like a play area designed by Dwight Schrute.

Perhaps the millennium falcon was designed to look like an Amish playspace?

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

That barrel/cage...::shudder::. As a kid who was bullied pretty harshly at some ages, I would never have gone into that thing. Dead ends, traps, places where someone twice your size could kick the shit out of you and you couldn't escape... no, thanks.

She'll make .5 past trot speed

Would have made more since if you said sense

There are 5 but only one has a Hobbledown Farm.

I ain't never punched a tourist, even if he deserved it.

Obi-diah Jeremiah?

Yep, it wasn't. According to the script:

Ben reacts to Solo's stupid attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation.

This guy

Don't often fly too high, living in an Amish space device!

thine > your

On that note, a fun fact: I learned that Amish don't grow mustaches because they're staunch pacifists and at the time of their founding it was common for soldiers to wear mustaches. (In fact, British officers were required to sport a mustache.)

Reminds me of Super Troopers. "..and when are you gonna grow a god damn mustache?!"

When I was still in Boy Scouts, we had our meetings at a local elementary school. Most of the scouts are still children, so occasionally we would go to the school playground and let the fuck around.

Well, this playground had something like a merry go round, except, it was just a round metal frame on a pole.

This game gets a lot more fun when two seventeen year olds can stand and spin, and see which twelve year old holds on the longest.

Isn't that the movie with one of the greatest death scenes ever? Death by grain.

Damn dude.. you ok?

It's called the "can I speak to the manager" haircut.

I am surprised we didn't break our necks. I remember trying to hang on and just flying off and landing face first in the ground and getting a mouth full of sand only to do it all over again.

That's a real thing.

I mean... he could have been like here son, we never played CATCH and throw the small boy at Kylo. Throwing him off balance. No more Mr. Ren.

No, its Harrison Ford.

Slow down you maniac

Ma cover the children's eyes!

We have one in New Hampshire!

This. Definitely intentional.

Am I dumb? I do not see it whatsoever

Gotta be smarter than the bullies. Lure them in, then double back through a secret passageway. Nail the door shut with the bully still inside, and torch the place. Laugh at them while they cry, so they know how it feels.

Hate your printers

Use the thresher Luke

"you've never heard of Last Millennium Falcon? It's the craft that ploughed Jebidiah Kessel's field in less than 12 furlongs.". Edit:. Fixed a word.

Once entrapment begins, it happens very quickly due to the suction-like action of the grain. A human body in grain takes seconds to sink, minutes to suffocate, and hours to locate and recover. Recovered bodies have shown signs of blunt force trauma from the impact of the grain; one victim was found to have a dislocated jaw.[4]

However, suffocation does not occur from the weight of the grain, rather from the grain itself.[1]:8 If a victim's airway remains unobstructed, or they find an air pocket within the grain, they may be able to keep breathing and be rescued. In one instance a trapped person was able to survive for three hours.[6]

Sounds a lot like avalanche burial. If you can keep your mouth closed and keep your airway from being forcibly impacted with snow, your survival window gets a lot bigger.

An Amish with a tude? You know that's unheard of.

Epsom, Derby

It also looks a bit like an army obstacle course

Purchased from Schrute Farms, of course