This man is a legend.

Nobody will ever stop listening to your songs, Freddie.

//Thanks for correcting me over the Internet, kind stranger.

BTW Freddie was not gay... he just ran out of women to fuck.

Even as a stripper he's still an artist.

Every cassette tape eventually turns into Queen.

- Terry Pratchett

He is ethnically Parsi. Grew up in India and Zanzibar. Nationality is british

Give that man a squeaking pole to dance on and he'd probably dance something into the billboard charts.

Fun fact also, Pratchett wanted to explain this as the only tapes available for purchase at service stations were Best of Queen albums, hence the only tapes people had in their cars were Queen.

Gaiman decided it was more likely that any tape left in a car magically transformed into the Best of Queen.

I'm fun at parties.

Probably worth clarifying that India and Zanzibar were British at the time of his birth.

Edit: Clarified.

He doesn't have a nationality. He's from outer space. Mercury actually.

Holy crap, TIL Freddy Mercury isn't just British. At least I still have my good old American stand by, Mick Jagger

What's his nationality?

And part Nigel Thornberry.

Couldn't agree more. My son is 7 years old and Queen is his favorite band. I listen to modern rock and such but of course listen to classic rock on occasion but he's taken to classic rock, that's all he listens to.


Did you hear that? That was the sound of the joke, I think it just flew over your head.

But why is this a gif

He was bisexual.

So if he brings Heart does that make him the queen of the party?

This reminds me of a brilliant friend who after an undergrad studying physics, then joined Yosemite Search and Rescue for 9 years. He decided towards the end of this process to return to school and to study Medicine. During his med school interview he was asked: "What will you do if you don't get in?" He pondered and said: "Hmm, I'd probably go back and get my PhD in physics." After getting into, he had a follow up interview, and they said that part of what they appreciated about him was that he wasn't desperate, was more interested in doing something well than "getting into med school no matter what."


now i know why in this picture he has huge teeth. he does have them.

now i know why in he has huge teeth. he does have them.



Not sure why no one seems to have posted this yet, but here's the interview.

If you are the guy that brings the Queen songs to the party, then you are the heart of the party.

Don't downvote the guy for just asking a question, guys.

It's Freddie Mercury, he was the lead singer for Queen until his death in 1991.

He never wanted to get them fixed up because he thought they were so crucial to his voice. No point in risking perfection I guess!


Sorry, it's just he would've wanted it that way

When I was about 7 my mom introduced me to Queen. I have her to thank for opening my mind to the power and beauty of music. I miss listening to music with her all day long.

Is this the real life?

Freddy Mercury

The joke is neither Queen, Rolling Stones, nor AC/DC are American bands.

India gained independence less than 1 year after he was born so they were probably not British by the time he lived there

Queen is one of those bands like Rush that all of my kids 'discovered' at some point during their teen years. As in: "hey Dad, listen to this cool old-school band I 'discovered'", invariably followed by some Rush or Queen song.

Also, all cassette tapes left in a vehicle console eventually degrade evolve into a Queen Greatest Hits tape - that's why every car from the 80s and 90s still has one under a seat somewhere.

edit: fixed

Who is it?

I'll allow it.

Another fun fact: His birth name was Farrokh Bulsara. There's a really solid documentary on YouTube I watched a while back if you're interested, I can try to find it. He had a pretty interesting life.

You must be kidding. If you're looking for a straight up American band, you've gotta go with AC / DC.

Is this just fantasy?

I want to break free.....

...of this sequined posing pouch!

But why male models?

Sasha Baron Cohen

Barbara Streisand said the same thing about her nose. If I remember Michael Stipe wouldn't get treatment for chronicly stuffy nose for the same reason.

if you are a successful singer, you really don't want to do anything that will negatively affect it, and you don't have any way to know what would affect it.

I had myself convinced at one very young, naive time of my life that I didn't like Queen, then some friends and I had a party and one brought his record player and vinyls with him. (Garage sale, widower got rid of his wife's entire collection, friend got over 100 mint vinyls and a WIND-UP (no electricity!!!) player for $25)

Hey, I like this song.

This one too.

Bohemian Rhapsody was written by a chorus of angels! (There was drinking involved)

By the fifth song my previous opinion had been thrown under a train after being force fed a hair-trigger-pressure-sensitive tactical nuke. Queen is without question one of the greatest groups of all time.

Oh, so that's what a supersonic whoosh sounds like.

Nah. Freddie just fucked anything vaguely human shaped. Dude had the libido of a damn rabbit.

No escape from reality

Caught in a landslide

British but of Indian descent.

Open your eyes

He made a supersonic woosh outta him

There's only one way to find out: We're going to steal the Declaration of Independence.

Because I'm easy come easy go

Nothing really wrong with Mick Jagger, but he doesn't hold a candle to Freddy.

And seeee

I need no sympathy

I'm just a poor boy

Look up to the skies

Being bisexual doesn't mean your attractions are a 50/50 split or something, we have preferences like everyone else

Sasha Baron Cohen

Because vocal timbre doesn't originate in the lungs, it's a complex series of interdependent things, not limited to: facial bone structure, nose/mouth/ear(hole) size, vocal cord length and surrounding muscular structures, etc.

If you know how to support your breath with your diaphragm and you're a truly transcendent vocalist such as Freddie was, the smoking doesn't affect as much as it would a normal person.

That's very subjective. I love Queen but my parents could not care less.

My favorite fun fact. He was afraid to get braces to fix his teeth because he was afraid it would fuck up his voice.

It's weird, my brother is 10 years younger than me, and has objectively better taste in music.

I was part of the MTV generation, so I listened to a lot of what TRL told me to listen to. Sure, there were great bands of that era, but also a lot of crap. My playlist has Nirvana and The Beastie Boys, but also Puff Daddy and Limp Bizkit.

But my brother grew up in the internet era, and was exposed to pretty much everything. He listens to the best stuff I did, the best stuff our parents did, the best stuff coming out now. He has a Beatles poster on his wall. At his age, I had Korn.

I love Freddy Hg

Only if it's left in a car for more than a fortnight.

Good point. Edited for clarity. A lot of Indians moved to East Africa around independence or for jobs with the colonial service, but then still sent their children back to school in India - either moving back or boarding school. I believe that's what happened in this case too.


Pretty sure his name's made the front page too, mate.

Am I on YouTube?

But that's actually cool. I mean, it wouldn't make a group of people laugh at a party, but if you shared that fact with me, I'd definitely want to keep talking to you. Don't be so down on yourself, mate! You're interesting and you know interesting things!


You mean "upgrade" ?

I know this is not a popular opinion but I feel the Beatles were really overrated. A lot of their music is absolute fucking garbage.

I do like quite a bit of their stuff but a lot of it I just press next.

I thought he just fucked anyone with a hole?

Yeah in their teens the kids stop liking everything their parents like

*Implying that Justin Bieber is the only singer we have, and that terrible singers didn't exist when Freddie Mercury was around.

Most of the good Rock Bands from the 70's are British. They had a really good wave at the time. Even Black Sabbath is British.

Not Persian, Parsi. Parsi are Persians that went to India many centuries ago. He has referred to himself as a Persian but he was notoriously silent about his family heritage.

TIL Freddie Mercury had crazy teeth.

But why Tumblr?


Nigel Thornberry

Hmm, my Canadian Sensibilities are tingling...

I mean... He allegedly divorced wife Mary Austin (who he reportedly really loved and stayed best friends with until he died), because of his sexuality. And he lived the last six years of his life with his male partner, Jim Hutton.

He had sex and dated when too... But he did seem to prefer guys.

edit: spelling

Freddy's got a hell of a set of chompers. I mean he's great and all, but look at those things

He is ethnically Parsi.

Nationality is Persian Parsi

Nationality is british

Citizenship is British

Sorry, but Rush is the GOAT American band of all times of times.

And Floyd and Led Zeppelin

Kids like what their parents like.

Edit: if any of you punk ass motherfuckers reply to me saying oooh that ain't true I like different styles of music than my parents then I ask you if you can fucking read. I wrote kids and this implys that adults and teens may not have the same tastes. Teenagers rebell and stop liking everything their parents like and become smart enough to think for themselves. Thus they develop their own tastes but show me the 7 year old who doesn't like his parents or siblings favourite music or at least part of it.

Dude rush is Canadian

One of the most talented guys ever.

And men

Flash! Ahhhhh

/u/skyroket in flight, afternoon delight

His birth name was Farrokh Bulsara.

It's a line from Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman.

I just witnessed a scalping, someone please send help.