This is what a useless mayor looks like. Do you see NYC getting attacked daily? No.

This is what a useless mayor looks like. Do you see NYC getting attacked daily? No.

NYC's mayor is just as useless, don't kid yourself

NYPD is vigilant, can't say that much for London

de blasio is a shit mayor but even despite that, it isnt a warzone like london is

NYPD uses a neat device called a gun. It actually stops criminals from carrying out attacks like the knife incident on London bridge a few weeks ago where cops ran away from the Muslim ass holes

Cops without guns is literally the most retarded thing I've ever seen.

I live in Queens and can confirm that DeBlasio is worthless piece of shit but I'll give him credit as far as being one peg higher than the Isis Mayorbof Londonistan

I think you are right on point there. A major difference between the US and Europe is that they have not infiltrated local law enforcement as well here, besides the DC Metro police who are hiding evidence in the Seth Rich murder. They have the Counter Terrorism part of the FBI, but most FBI are still on the good side.

Must make one feel devalued when Mayor de Blasio, of New York who is somewhere to one's left is perceived globally as doing a better job.

In Mayor Khan's support he has Teresa May, de Blasio has Donald Trump.

Yes, both Mayors are rubbish, but one has strong leadership at the top and the other has a walking parody of Cruella De Ville.

Its the NYPD being based. Deblasio sucks. Thank god the NYPD hates him.

He's a worthless cuck

Normal people without guns too.

NYC mayor is an idiot. It's the NYPD protecting the city and preventing animals from attacking the people.

NYPD good, Deblasio bad


Please vote him out in November.

Chicago is safer than London.

poorly trained

Just about every cop in my area is a vet. They know how to shoot. I don't blame you for the thinking that though. The British media puts out a bunch of propaganda against our cops.

We have great cops here AND they ALL hate DeBlasio!

And yet it worked before the muzzies came in.

Now that London is part and parceled though, high calibre machine guns should be the order of the day.


Radical Islam sympathizer. The taqiya is real.

Part and parcel of living in a major city if you're in London

Downtown in the business district lol. You step out of it to the south side and it's horrible

NYPD has horrible aim. Not for lack of training or skill, but because libtards increased the trigger weight to the point where you have torque your hand to pull the trigger.

For real... His excuse is so fucking lame.


It's not the mayor, it's NYPD who is keeping NYC safe. De Blasio is a communist cuck. In some ways, he's worse than Sadiq Khan.

it isn't? The murder per capita rate in NYC is much higher than in London.

Diblasio is a filthy cuck.

"Do you see Warsaw getting attacked daily? No."


I will say, random van attacks are hard to predict. Maybe we should ban all cars.