This hermit crab in a glass shell

This hermit crab in a glass shell

That's me in an NYC studio apartment.

Wow, you have windows? For me, it's been the same but the shell is made of concrete and is in the basement :D Thank heavens I don't have to do that any more

Look, I know it's awkward to ask, but please be honest with me, it's important too.

Does my butt look big in this?



$600? You sweet summer child. Try $1,200 with 2 roommates.

Kinda creepy honestly, but I'm also a wimp when it comes to stuff like this.

Actual question. Where does waste go? Does it accumulate in the bottom of the shell?

I was grabbing that $600 figure from a friend living in a sectioned off portion of a living room in Brooklyn.

That was a couple years ago, however...

There's a hole at the end of the shell

This buttplug comes with a built-in defense system.

Speaking of... where does it's poop go?

The window was frosted :(

Holy hell. I'll have to update my 'high-price NY' anecdote :)

Brooklyn prices exploded about 5 years ago. A friend of mine had to move from her parent's home (they were moving to Florida) and the best she saw at the time was a shared 500 sq foot studio. It was basically two twin beds on opposite sides, a 3x2 "table" in between, and a bathroom. $850, not including utilities.

Still paying at least $600 for that, right?

I need this for my hermit crabs, Herman and Sherman

That's me every night when my kids take over my bed.