This good boy is a chimera, which is an animal that is genetically two animals, in this case he's a yellow and black lab. This means he is twice the good boy. (Not my picture, found on Facebook)

This good boy is a chimera, which is an animal that is genetically two animals, in this case he's a yellow and black lab. This means he is twice the good boy. (Not my picture, found on Facebook)

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He isn't two different animals. He is 100% dog. Ping me when they have koalas and bearded dragons humping.

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Or a chimera between a dog and a human child.

Chimeras are when an organism has essentially absorbed a sibling in the womb so they have two different "sets" of DNA. Humans can be chimeras as well.

Black labs and yellow labs can come in the same litter. So genetically, this doesn't make sense to me. It's just a weird mutation.




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There was a woman who got into a child support battle with the father of their kids and when they did a paternity test it showed she "wasn't" the kids' mother. After much legal threats and craziness against her, they figured out that she was a chimera after her next child, that was tested right after an observed birth and it also didn't match her.

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He's a fusion. Since he's actually patchwork, you can look at him as a frankenstein's pupper. The black parts are one dog, the yellow is another. They were originally siblings, but as fertilized eggs they fused into one patchwork pupper.

It's technically called genetic mosaicism.

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This is utter bollocks. This type of colouring in dogs is not caused by chimerism at all, merely that a black Labrador and a yellow Labrador ran into each other at very high speed.

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Not two separate species of animal, two separate dogs. Two of the same type of animal. Genetically at least. So there were two dogs humping at some point.

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every individual cell only has two sets of genes. But there are two separate (sibling) cell lines that fused together early in development. So there was a blonde lab embyro and a black lab embryo and they fused together when they were still all stem cells and became one embryo. The stem cells divided and turned into the various cells of a single body, as they do. But some bits grew out of one stem cell line and other bits grew out of the other.

Pretty neat eh?

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I mean, it's a post about a chimera... what did you expect?

So what animal is not?



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That's not how a chocolate lab works

It is almost like different cultures and dfferent languages are different.

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If the test was administered to confirm paternity, it would still be a paternity test, just one with unexpected results regarding maternity.

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So, a lab accident caused this?

"Thunder/dark type", you sound like a parent who is loosely aware of Pokémon but is trying to be hip for his children :) (this isn't meant as an insult, just an observation with a chuckle)

It's not a mix between two parents, it's absorbing your unborn sibling in the womb.


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The yellow color in labs is caused by a gene mutation that transforms the melanin (pigment that causes the black color) into phaeomelanin (red/yellow pigment). This happens in EVERY hair of the dogs body (doesn't happen to nose or under the paws), so a normal lab can either be all black or all yellow.

Unless the puppy has a genetic anomaly like this one in the pic, a purebred lab will never have two different colors because all genes that change color in lab will affect every hair on their body.

This pup here has two different sets of genes from two siblings that fused together while on early development on womb (50% genes of each sibling). In this case, one sibling was yellow and the other was black. If we measured the yellow x black area in the dog, it would roughly be 50% each color. Pretty cool stuff!

No it's not, Chimera is a mix of 2 different fertilized eggs. Someone's who is mixed race developed from one fertilized egg.

A quick google search says paternity tests are performed with DNA from both parents or just the father. The Wikipedia article on this woman says it was a paternity test for the purposes of establishing paternity for child support.

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I love how his coat is a pattern of yellow and black, rather than the colors mixing to produce a solid brown.

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Not if it's a fraternal twin...

It's a Fullmetal Alchemist reference. If you haven't watched it yet, I heavily recommend it.

Thank you. Everyone here is spreading DNA pseudoscience but that is very clearly a lab velocity splatter pattern

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It's almost like you have a completely different history re: race and racial politics than the USA, so terms that are neutral or inoffensive in one country's context can be offensive in another country's context.

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A chimera is when one sibling is absorbed by another sibling in the women.

So the resulting organism has two "sets" of DNA.

My brother in law did that with his twin. Is he considered a chimera?

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In the US, and in many other countries in the Americas, there were formalized racial caste systems related to the "amount" of black heritage a mixed-race person had. Terms like mulatto, quadroon, octaroon, etc. were used in Louisiana and some other places in the US to determine what legal rights and privileges a part-black person of color might have.

In addition, there are some older, but fairly toxic, stereotypes associated with the term mulatto in a USian context, specifically the "tragic mulatto" spurned by both white and black society and often driven to suicide. I have almost always heard the more neutral (to Americans) terms mixed race or biracial used these days, because it doesn't carry with it the connotation that being mixed race will lead to a life of endless exclusion and suffering.

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Wtf, mulatto is an offensive term? Here in Portugal "mulato" is used all the time

This post yea I can understand. But many other posts still have it and it's amazing. I feel like it's almost a sport for Reddit.

This goes a little bit beyond that.

Because "chimera" cats aren't usually chimeras, they just have their coat colour on the x chromosome and, in females, different x chromosomes are activated in different parts of the body. So a female cat can be both black and orange while males with only one x chromosome can only be one colour (plus white).

I'm a biologist and I'm pretty sure 99% of all animals that people claim to be chimeras are in fact not. I think it's usually just epigenetics or something.

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If you're a bio major you need to brush up on your understanding of genetics...

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That's generally what they're looking for. There's usually a ton of evidence pointing towards the woman having been pregnant and birthing a baby. Exactly which man may or may not have diddled her to make that baby is usually of much less public record.

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Can confirm this too, as I do this for a living. It makes the test more accurate if we can get both parents DNA, but motherless draws can be done if she is not available to provide a sample.


Two fertilized eggs develop into blastocysts, when one engulfs the other, preventing either from developing normally. The result is that one blastocyst develops some of the body's parts, while the other blastocyst develops the other body's parts. The blastocysts may be from the same parent or a different parent.


So that in the newborn animal, some cells will have the DNA of one sperm or egg cell, and other cells (from another part of the body) will have the DNA of another sperm or egg cell.

This has some weird consequences: one lady could not prove that she was the birth mother of her child until she went for advanced DNA testing! In a criminal investigation, in (for example) a rape case, the DNA from a sperm sample collected from the victim won't match the DNA collected from the alleged perpetrator, UNLESS both were sperm samples.

Nature has some weird curves to throw at us.