This girl turned 18!

This girl turned 18!

Looks better than I did at 18!

My beautiful Duchess is 17 going on 18! I took her to a new vet (for emergencies) on 2 different occasions. They were SHOCKED. Thought she was 5. Healthy as a horse. Barn cat. Pukes all the time. Still love her. Wishing yours a happy healthy life.

The day jailbait becomes clickbait

All those extra toes! I love the way she's standing. She looks so proper.

Beautiful! Get her a lottery ticket. She's legal now!


Her name is six because she has extra toes one her paws!

What a pretty kitty!

She throws up more with wet. Surprisingly enough it's now habitual. There is nothing wrong with her. Ive tried food bowls to slow down, high bowls, different food. Vets don't know. She's just a gross perfect kitty :)

Good kitty.