These two Gummi Bears are holding hands

These two Gummi Bears are holding hands

This person needs some hand lotion ASAP

Haribo do a range of gummy bears that are manufactured holding hands. I think it's a sweet and sour combo thing.

We're like brothers, only closer.

We're like brothers, only .

Maybe it's just an older person?

Yup. I like to break 'em up and mix and match. Red and blue is a personal fave.

I like to break 'em up and mix and match. Red and blue is a personal fave.

Interracial relationships disgust me

I was gonna say something about this. But I don't think this is dryness. Dermatologists want to weigh in?

You monster

You're 300?

You home wrecker

Maybe it's maybelene?

They are merely exchanging long protein strings. If you can think of a simpler way I'd like to hear it.

My mind immediately went here. Thanks for doing the legwork

I have no clue what it is really, probably genetic, but I have had these hands all my life (< 20 years), and almost every person I meet will comment on them. Haven't had a comment in a while, but leave it up to Reddit...

Could be old, could be aged, could be hardworking, could be eczema. It's hard to know without knowing more about the person and their life. I honestly think they look very healthy just seen a lot of work in their life. They aren't dry, necessarily. Those aren't from being dry those are from continued exposure to stressors(dryness, water, rough works, or just life) some people also just have genetically wrinkly hands. I think they are beautiful in a way.

You should pull them apart and make one watch as you eat the other.

But eating them alive is okay?

Those damned bears would never get away with this in 1950's Mississippi.

If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that 😂😂

You're under 20 years old with those hands?

Dermatologists will just tell you to rub lotion on it. Fucking pimple doctors.

Jesus, some of them look like human centipede participants.

That scene always creeped me the fuck out as a kid

Orange and Green Irish bears saying "Happy St Paddy's Day!"

I prefer to eat them inanimate

Not at all, don't you worry, I'm very happy with the way my hands are

Old person candy is really good

Yeah they've never given me a day of trouble in my life; I don't know why they look the way they do, but they're not overly dry, they never crack, pretty much not a problem

Yeah thats true in germany we definitly have these sweet and sour gummy pairs

I think most people use their mouse and keyboard with their hands.

You're over 300?

Well I thought you were 70+ based on those hands. Get your ass to a doctor.

I feel like I should weigh in and say that your hands are totally fine. Who cares how many wrinkles there are. They aren't old wrinkles. Just a genetic difference.

What's going on with your hand? Seems you need some cream or something...

See? The Catholics and Protestants CAN be friends!

I would get a pack of only red and blue if i could.

I'm in my 30th decade and my hands look like this (to a lesser degree - I do have lots of lines, but not so much of the skin bunching up at the corners), I don't do manual labour or anything else that would age them. I think it's just genetics.

Edit: you're all wrong, I'm 297 years old.

Which is why keeping them together would be mildly interesting. It would at least make for a really good, really stupid B movie.

What was it like during the Revolutionary War?

Could realistically afford a holiday in the Caribbean...

Yeah friendo, go see a dermatologist. Despite what you might be thinking, I'm actually trying to help you here. Hopefully you can see that some of us are concerned.

Hey, if they don't bother you (cracking, sores, etc) then you probably are perfectly fine.

Edit: I thought you were a 65+ y/o female based off of your hands.