Theresa May chased from church as angry crowd brands Prime Minister a 'coward'

Theresa May chased from church as angry crowd brands Prime Minister a 'coward'
Theresa May chased from church as angry crowd brands Prime Minister a 'coward'

I'm impressed at how quickly she has lost legitimacy as a leader. Takes real skill to be that big of a hack.

She must have spotted a wheat field.

Previous leader left and she stepped in so was unelected (imagine Trump leaving office and Vice President becoming president). She was seen as broadly competent and ok.

Then she decides to have a "snap" election. This is a quick election only 2 years after the last one. There's no need among the country fir this - it's purely for her own benefit because when she called the election she was doing well in opinion polls.

At the start everyone expected to win. But then she had a very poor campaign - policies that could hurt pensioners (Google dementia tax), a policy of bringing back fox hunting that was universally unpopular l, and shitty shitty policies for our health system.

She also failed to turn up to the main leaders debate which was seen as v poor.

Then at the election - she didn't get a majority. She lost a number of seats. So she failed in her objective to get a bigger number of seats and be a stronger leader - remember the entire election only happened because she chose it to.

In fact she lost so many votes she no longer had a majority. In the uk unlike the USA we have minority parties. So she was forced to join with a minority party. But this is an extreme right wing party called the DUP (think alt right). Further, this endangers our greatest achievement- peace in Northern Ireland.

In addition to this there was a massive fire recently and her party has presided over 1) spending cuts to fire service 2) refusing to make rented accommodation fit fir human habitation 3) refuses to make adding sprinklers a legal requirement 4) didn't fully implement safety measures after the last tower fire in 2009.

There's also the pr fuck up of her not going to see the victims in person until pressured to by the media.

She's a backroom person who through circumstances is now front and centre. But she's not comfortable around people; she's v poor at being normal and it is very visible. Several people have joked about her being a robot.

I hope this gives an overview. Feel free to ask for clarification.

She is putting trump to shame. Even her core supporters are distancing themselves. Truly remarkable

Naughty girl

Things that Theresa May is afraid of:


Political debates

Spending money

Nurses living comfortably

Adequately funded emergency services


Poor people having privacy

Dissenting opinions

Freedom of speech online

Basic cybersecurity

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Edit 7: Foxes

Human rights (credit to u/earnose for both of these)

I want to add a few more points.

This snap election took place after months of her saying "there won't be a snap election", was announced soon after Article 50 (I.e formal notice of leaving the EU) was invoked and ended just before negotiations started with the EU.

Also, on the wake of the recent terror attacks the police cuts made under May's time as home secretary were highlighted which did not reflect well on her.

EDIT: Also her catchphrase (used to answer almost any question) was "strong and stable". Calling and then losing ground in a snap election, forming a deal with another party to maintain power and having your past policy highlighted as exacerbating 4 national tragedies in a few months doesn't really support that.

This is one question she could have literally just smirked and said I can't answer that and it would have been more relatable.

She did an interview where she was asked what's the naughtiest thing she has done. She said that she once ran through some guys wheat field or something. John Oliver covered it on last week tonight recently.

True, she's articulately evil, rather than incoherently evil.

Can someone please ELI5 to an American what's going on with Theresa May?

Like, her downful has been so fast I can barely keep up.

Thatcher in the Rye was golden though.

But she does like running through wheat fields, the naughty girl.

She's got nowhere to go now other than down, that much was apparent the moment she failed to put Jeremy Corbyn away. There is simply NO WAY, the conservatives are going to allow her to run another election after that fiasco, so the question is really one of when she goes? rather than if

To give it an American parallel though, I'm reminded a little bit of how the hapless George W Bush totally mishandled 'Katrina'. I'm not sure his reputation ever recovered from that, and as the folly of the Iraq war started to reveal itself and the credit crunch's first waves began to roll ashore it made things a whole lot easier to pin on him. I'm starting to see similarities with the way that Theresa May has made a pigs ear out of Grenfell Tower

I've never understood that whole idea of party loyalty.

Here in Norway I've voted for 3 different parties in the last 3 elections.

Stay clear of nutjobs and vote for whatever party's policies align with your own.

These Americans treat politics like it's bloody Millwall vs West Ham.

Her facial expression software was in the middle of an update. They only have 512MB of RAM to work with and the only cached memory she had was from a text based RPG.

And finally the world turns against this conservative insurrection.

It's obvious that the current conservative policies will not lead to a brighter future.

Just because someone makes a good point, doesn't mean they embody it.

She's a long way from being the worst that the Conservative party has produced or has to offer. In fact it was Theresa May who lambasted them as being "the nasty party" and said they needed to soften up and become more caring (that's before she spent six years in the Home Office mind you, with Fiona Hill advising her)

Or as John Oliver puts it, Thatcher in the Rye.

ELI5 on this reference please

"There is a difference between knowing the path... and walking the path."


Americas have to much of an issue of picking sides and never moving from that side. Where as the UK people are happy to jump ship as soon as it gets choppy.

Just one thing.

A lot of people didn't think she was ok. She wanted to rewrite our humans rights long before the recent terror attacks gave her an excuse to have another go at them.

Also, her attacks on human rights and internet freedom really galvanised the youth vote against her.

Chased from a church you say? Ah I wouldn't worry, she'll lose them in the wheat fields.

Naughty girl.

This is true.

Americans have to realize that a left wing American is the same as right wing in almost every other western nation. America leans HARD to the right, in almost every way.

Yes, but in the US two-party system, the parties are usually the polar opposite on many issues, and therefore you don't really switch a party unless you also switch your ideology.

She's gone from Bush on 11 September to Bush after Katrina in about two months though. Phenomenal work.

Now if only the Trump supporters would do the same.

Until the GOP is out in America conservative policies haven't died off yet for now.

'too naughty to say'

Was Corbyns response if anyone browsing the thread is interested.

"Meow. Meow."

-the Same Cat Twice in the Glitch Scene

That's part of the problem.

These two parties have become such a big part of people's identity that it's because impossible for the other parties to gain any sort of momentum.

It's a hole dug so deep that there's no real way of climbing out, at least not peacefully.

The dems aren't much more liberal

If everything proceeds apace, you guys should have your own Trump in a year or less.

Being from Louisiana I say the way he handled Katrina pales in comparison to Iraq. Both were bad but Iraq was worse.

"Meow. Meow."

-the Same Cat Twice in the Glitch Scene

Great quote in an article in the Guardian about the fire

"The horror of poor people burned alive within feet of the country’s grandest mansions, many of them empty, moth-balled investments, perfectly captures the politics of the last seven years."

I also enjoy computers.

Maybe they'll get their first black PM and he'll fix a bunch of things first.

Our problem was the McCartheyism.

This big boogey man of communism/socialism had so much of a psychological effect on many of todays baby-boomers that they immediately brand anything even remotely for the greater good as "SOCIALISM!" - said in big booming voice.

So we have some politicians who do support universal healthcare. It's just there's this immediate knee-jerk reaction. Often screaming about how people like Bernie Sanders and "all those socialist policies in venezuela" sure are working out.

Our current hard right wingers are pointing to venezuela and saying "See what happens!"

Fucking good. I want this trend to keep going on. I want politicians to be genuinely afraid of their constituents again. They've been riding the easy train of public indifference for far too long. It's been this indifference that's allowed them to pull the bullshit that they have. Nowadays, the light is constantly shining on their shady back-alley dealings, and they're forced to either take responsibility or scatter like roaches when the lights come on.

Cromwell was right, dinosaurs are just a theory, homosexuality and abortion ought to be punishable by prison time, fun is suspicious unless it involves a parade or a bonfire, the Pope is the Antichrist, more pork for the pork barrel, corruption isn't corruption if committed by our friends based on our tip-offs, blood for the Blood God.

Some of these may not be official policies per se, but more understood.

I think Jeb or Rubio could've turned things around if they had gone off script one debate and told Trump to shut the fuck up. Like, actually swear and get uncivil with Trump. I know you're not supposed to fight in the mud with those types, but it would've given their campaign some life and attracted some of Trump's supporters who felt the other candidates were too much like normal politicians.

It would've hurt them with some groups in the middle, but those groups would've still flocked to a Jeb or Rubio over Trump. Someone needed to out-bully the bully.

Ignoring the political stances and my disdain for most of their opinions, it's fascinating to me what happened (and didn't happen) in that Republican primary.

So here’s the funny thing: Theresa May never wanted to leave the EU.

But her party really did so we held an vote to fulfil their "100% not gonna backfire" campaign promise.

"Leave" won by small, but not legally binding, margin.

Cameron (Ex-leader) says "ggwp" and promptly leaves creating a power gap.

Theresa May is now the leader and guess what! She's in charge of the thing she didn't want to do.

"Well shit, let’s get on with it I guess. 51% out of 71% of the voting public can’t be wrong".

So the EU go "Hey May, we don't want you to leave (cause it's basically self-inflicted economic depression). But if you really want to do this, we need to know that your country wants to too. Why not call an early election? I'm sure you'll win"

So she calls the election. What’s the worst that could happen?

She makes zero effort to give the public a reason why to vote for her other than talking down on the public, slandering the opposition and telling people that if that don't, it will bring a

"Coalition of Chaos" - Theresa May, 2017

She doesn't win. Corbyn ignites the left/centre voters for huge gains but May is left in power. But this time she now has to appease a really obscure, widely unpopular Hard right Northern Irish party bunch of cronies called the DUP otherwise its game over.

Even people in her own party are calling her to go. Thus May has gone from

"Strong and Stable" - Theresa May, 2017

To what I imagine is critical mass for politicians.

Tl;dr: Our politics is a slow motion train wreak with an entire nation in the back looking for the breaks. Send help.

(edit: Changed "Irish" to "widely unpopular Northern Irish" because funnily enough people would much rather their country not be branded with such a backwards thinking party and rightly so.)



John McCain for example.

From another comment it seems she was involved in making cuts that hurt the nation's ability to respond to terrorist threats and actions and she is now using the latest terror attacks it as an excuse to attack her citizens' freedoms?

They only have 512MB of RAM to work with

That's being generous. I could have sworn she was running on a VIC-20 and all of her facial expressions were done on bitmap.

Yes, the "lmao, i'm not retarded" reply.

Who even asks politicians stupid questions like that? Who gives a shit?

... to the tune of the Benny Hill theme.

Previous leader left

You skip over this bit pretty quickly (I know it's not directly to do with May but it goes a long way to explain the situation we're in right now...). The previous leader left because, just as May called the snap election that she couldn't possibly lose, he called a referendum that couldn't possibly go through. At least he had the sense to step down once he knew he'd fucked up, though.

What was she supposed to say, really? The truth? That she sucked off a shetland pony while high on opiates?

There's not really any way of fixing that without changing the entire voting system. First past the post (and also the way the electoral college works) will always trend to two major parties.

Probably one of the best lines I've ever seen on that show.

conservative leadership

Fuck yes. All governments should be afraid of their citizens, not the other way around.

Right on the money.

Someone hoping for an answer like hers, actually. Someone trying to show how uterly unrelatable the subject is. You fish, and occasionally you catch something.

But you got to ask everyone or you are biased.

Yup. Cut police spending, which is widely considered to have played a part in why these attacks were not detected. Insufficient police resources == not following up reports of extremism

That's what Corbyn did.

If we're keeping the parallel going he would have to try to fix a bunch of things but be stonewalled by opposition in Parliament.

She came after Corbyn, the Queen, etc. Thats because she was afraid to go. So she didn't go. Then she panicked because she didn't go: she's the leader of the country, and she failed to visit the site of a horrific accident. Wtf? So she went. By this time everyone was pissed off with her. The fucker turned up when the P.R. turned sour. And everyone knows it.

She backed herself into that corner. If she went day 1, offered support, services, an investigation... nice one. If she had of done a press release today: I know there's a lot of anger. I understand that it's directed at me. I feel sad and shocked that such an avoidable tragedy can happen in our capital city, in this age. And I want to be there to offer my reassurance, but I've received threats, and am told I am not welcome. And I understand this, there's a lot of anger, and because of these legitimate feelings, I can't be with you. And that saddens me

But no, big fuckin heartless moron turns up, trying to get pictures with grieving parents.

You get what you give.

Excellent points

To clarify why the coalition with the DUP threatens peace in Northern Ireland: the DUP is a Nothern Ireland protestant fundamentalist party.

Nah Trump's core message of "Make America the Way We Imagine it Was 30 Years Ago" was too appealing to the base for that to happen.

What's even going on right now with the government? After the election they said it was a done deal with the DUP, then they said they were negotiating. Are they done yet, or could Corbyn try to form a minority goverment?

According to wikipedia :

The DUP is socially conservative. It is anti-abortion, opposes same-sex marriage, and sees itself as defending Britishness and Ulster Protestant culture against Irish nationalism.

It is also Eurosceptic and backs the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

During the Troubles, the DUP opposed attempts to resolve the conflict that would involve sharing power with Irish nationalists or republicans, and rejected attempts to involve the Republic of Ireland in Northern Irish affairs. It campaigned against the Sunningdale Agreement of 1973, the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985, and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. In the 1980s, the party was involved in setting up the paramilitary movements Third Force and Ulster Resistance.

There's a cream of wheat joke in there somewhere.

It's like an episode of The Thick of It. Hopefully her career is done, and the UK proves that cowardice, like June, is the end of May.

Theresa May has had a couple of bad career ending months


The dems basically represent every other developed country's right-wing, with a few extreme left-wingers potentially making it as far as an EU moderate. The US doesn't really have a liberal left-wing, they have a right-wing and an insane-wing, is what they were likely saying.

Agreed, comparing a national disaster to a global one here.

There's no such thing as a 'career ender' in the conservative party.

Boris being in one of the four great offices of state proves this.

Healthcare is a big one. As far as I know there are basically no Democrats advocating free universal healthcare.

You maybe can't blame her but you could certainly blame the policies of the Tory party. This was pretty much a PR stunt that went bad. Theresa May has had a couple of bad months.

She is putting trump to shame. Even her core supporters are distancing themselves. Truly remarkable

Urm ... not completely convinced. Trump is another a league.

The reason her core support is going to flight is more of a reflection on the fact that they can change a leader mid-term. They realise they're saddled with an electoral liability now, and they will get rid of her. The American system doesn't have anything like the flexibility to remove a President so it tends to encourage the support base to double down and dig in, rather than to admit to what is blindingly obvious and do something about it.

Tomorrow's Sunday Times is suggesting she's been given ten days to demonstrate she's still up to the job, whilst the Sunday Telegraph is suggesting that a stalking horse candidate is being lined up by the Brexiteers to run against her if she tries watering down the negotiations.

Basically she's cornered

When asked, she claimed the naughtiest thing she'd ever done was run through a wheat field.

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She's just completely out of touch with modern society, she refuses to do actual interviews on policy, she refuses to take part in debates, she refuses to answer any questions that don't come from a select few friendly reporters and when she visited the location of the fire she refused to meet any of the victims/families of the victims claiming security reasons (even though the opposition leader, the mayor of London and even the Queen had all met with them).

I find this comment deeply disturbing.

Two words: sentient hair.

Imagine when trump tries his alpha male handshake and Boris responds with this move.

Imagine when trump tries his alpha male handshake and Boris responds with move.

Doesn't she look tired...

To any man who consider trying this: you'll wake up with seeds under your foreskin. I don't know if this goes for women too. (Well, it does for women with foreskin.)

That, uh, doesn't seem very naughty? Am I missing something, or is she just a very boring person?

Here is one quote from her regarding preventing terrorist attacks:

If human rights get in the way of doing these things, we will change those laws to make sure we can do them

She has literally - literally literally not figuratively literally - said that she will get rid of human rights in order to prevent terrorist attacks.

Bring back fox hunting? Is she a Disney villain?

Fuck knows. I was wondering that myself. I took a few days not religiously following the news but I've not had a breaking news alert on my phone about it so I can't imagine that much has happened publicly, especially given the recent criticisms of May (imagine if it was announced that they'd reached a deal with the DUP the day after she didn't speak to the victims of the fire).

At this point I think we're waiting for the Queen to give that speech that's taking too long to dry and have a vote of confidence in the house of commons.

Not like this...

She didn't say she ran through it naked. She just said she ran through a wheat field. Just like, someone's field.

The Parliament passes laws. The party with a majority of Parliament seats forms government. They can do this because a majority of Parliament members will vote to support the government (confidence) and will pass laws which allow the government to spend money (supply).

Right now, no one party has a majority in the parliament. So the Conservatives are meant to be allying with the DUP for confidence and supply; that is, the DUP promises to vote alongside the Conservatives on those topics.

As you can imagine, this places the DUP in an extremely strong negotiating position. This is something that most Brits aren't happy with, because the DUP are crazies and don't represent almost anyone.

ou might have forgotten reality.

I might've agreed 20 years ago but no way in hell now. The legislation being proposed by the GOP now is absolutely insane. The Dems may have plenty of members who are about the money but they still manage to show a great deal more sympathy and actually take action towards the needs American citizens.

No no no, May loves her version of the Internet. You know, the one that sings her praises and sweeps her mistakes under the rug whilst slandering her opponents into oblivion. Of course while simultaneously monitoring everyone and everything for disagreeing with the govern- I mean, terrorism.


These two parties have become such a big part of people's identity that it's because impossible for the other parties to gain any sort of momentum.

Nope, that's Personally, I believe FPTP and gerrymandering are the biggest offenders of USA's democracy in a mechanical sense. (even more than lobbying)

Yeah honestly man he asked for eli5 version and I wrote several paragraphs on my mobile

She's a real "Thatcher in the Rye", as John Oliver would put it

Probably right under the foreskin

That was like top 5 puns I have ever heard on TV with set up and all. Fucking gold.

The mayor of London got a lot of abuse and he knew he would. He still went to pay his respects and see what he could do.

i guarantee reddit is going to romanticize the shit out of her and probably cameron when boris johnson inevitably becomes conservative leader and probably PM.

(to clarify, this is kind of a nightmarish scenario to me, but it seems like where the tories are heading.)

And anyone who does try to change the voting system will just get accused of trying to rig elections.

I honestly don't see a clear path to voting system reform for the US.

Stay clear of nutjobs and vote for whatever party's policies align with your own.

But that's what people are doing in the US.

It's just unlike many European systems that have a number of smaller, more focused parties, the US has two broad tent parties that each cover a number of general policies. You are likely to fall into one of those two tents, because they are so large, and so are likely to stay there unless they change significantly. I vote Democrat because I broadly, but not entirely, agree with them, far more than I agree with the policies of the Republicans. As long as the Republican party continues its march to the right, I'll continue to do so. That is voting on policy. I don't want a Republican President or a Republican Congress because I don't agree with the policies the party has stated they will pursue. Again, neither party is 100% aligned with my views, but much of what the Republicans plan for is antithetical to my own ideas and so I won't vote for them because on the whole the Democrats offer policies that I agree with more.

Unless the Republicans or the Democrats radically change their stances on most issues, why would people who support one party vote for the other?

I don't think it's fair for people to label her a coward as a result of being charged by a screaming angry mob. The article says the police had to form a human wall to stop people from reaching her. I think getting out of there is a pretty reasonable action for anyone in that situation. That being said, her recent actions (or lack thereof) have been very poor and she certainly hasn't asserted herself as a confident "strong and stable" leader. I feel like May is very out of touch with the people she's governing. Just look at her wheat-field response, how is that a response of someone in touch with the average man/woman? May's recent behaviour has further fuelled the fires of the Labour Party and probably given them more support on top of their surprise election result. Whatever you believe in, whoever you support, these are very interesting times for UK politics.

I'm an American that tends to lean left in almost every policy that comes up. I just wonder what type of questions are being asked in other countries that I may be behind in.

Rubio tried to fire fight fire with fire and it backfired horribly. ("You know what they say about small hands.") Trump had the advantage that nobody expected decorum, and Rubio is too awkward in public to really win at that type of thing.

I can't help but shake the feeling that there was absolutely no one running in the 2016 Republican Primary who seriously believed they could lose to Trump.

Maybe it was just a complete lack of other strong candidates, but none of the other Republican candidates ever really did anything to try to stand out.

Our right wingers are so far to the right of your right wingers that there isn't even a comparison to be made.

They didn't learn their lesson after George W Bush's first term.

They didn't learn it after his second term.

They won't learn it now.

They won't learn it ever.