There's always a helicopter on the left side of every GTA cover

There's always a helicopter on the left side of every GTA cover

Well as interesting as that is, and I mean that, we're missing a few earlier titles.

Please buy him some condoms

In some peoples minds those games never existed, hell, my cousin thought Fallout 3 was the first one.

Except for the first 2 which is why you left them out.

What happened with the second half of the comment? Are you alright?

And Chinatown Wars.

And this folks is what they call selective reasoning:

I never had the privilege of playing the first two Fallouts, so personally for me, Fallout 3 was my first one.

hahahaha while I totally get this comment, at the same time Fallout 3 and GTA 3 were such a huge departure from the previous titles in terms of gameplay that for all intents and purposes, they might as well be the first. (inb4 oh you millennial, what about the lore, you're a noob, Fallout 2 is the best one, top-down GTA is top GTA, Pewdiepie said the n-word so your argument is incompatible, GTA is too violent for kids.)

Wonder why some of them don't have the rockstar logo though

That's him turning into an old man. This is just the start of his ranting.

Don't forget GTA: Chinatown Wars

Hey, I thought Rainbow Six was the sixth game in the series.

All 3d ones.

Fallout 3 is the first GTA game

Wait what does PewDiePie have to do with this?

There's always an automobile somewhere, too.

That's mildly interesting.

first 4

Ohhhh busted!

It's begun. The Oldening.


Just saying Europe is a place too


Just saying Europe is a place too

There’s also grand theft auto on it. Crazy!


Never Gonna Left You Down

Well I'll be damned.


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