There are two types of college students

I thought the guy next to his car was taking a piss at first.

Not a real college student. That page of highlighting is actually intelligible and not just one solid block of fully highlighted text

Those that film vertically and those that film horizontally. Only one has a future.

He may have been.

One is studying theory the other is practicing it.

After all, there are three types of college students.

Not really college student, no one highlights in books. Students live and die by the ability to sell a book back after the semester.

Outside pissers are a subgroup of bike-on-taught-rope-flippers. Errybody knows this.

These two things aren't mutually exclusive.

IMO an expertly highlighted book is gold

He made up this page for show for the video. His real studying goes like you imagine with huge blocks of yellow.

Me when I take my ADHD pills vs me when I don't.

Maybe they're both trying to go to a hospital, but one wants to work there.

My weekdays vs. my weekend

Some people make porn and others watch it.

There are two types of people in the world, people that think that there are two types of people in the world and people that think that there are more than two types of people in the world.

Just look at how long the dudesons have come.

The guy standing next to the car is a true college student. He's the one making huge blocks yellow.

Honestly filming vertical makes sense if you're sending a snapchat.

Bike-on-self-taught-rope-flippers is another subgroup worth mentioning.

I would wager that Mr. Bike man there learned more that night than Mr. Chemistry test.

Like finding the Half Blood Prince's potions textbook

Edit: Bold to blood

Well, he dines on brains and shambles with a stiff gait whenever he takes adderall.

yeah not everything is supposed to cater to reddit

Man real college students sell the textbooks directly on future students. I remember selling to school means $10 and selling it to the Facebook class group for future students means $50

Because atleast 50 percent of college students go through a pretty heavy hippy/stoner phase and having a slack line seems to go hand in hand with that.

Also because fuck it, why not? College for most people the only time in their life where theres so much opportunity to explore new things. Why not try a little bit of everything?

lol, more like recycle bin....

my college program changed the books in its IT courses every year, because "technology moves fast", meaning that every year a new crop of people had to drop thousands of dollars on texts they couldn't resell, and were - according to our educators - worthless when we finished because technology has moved on.


Or masturbating

Why are slack lines so popular on college campuses? I saw them all the time when I was in college and now I never see them.

How far long? That doesn't sound right either.


Can confirm. Am college student.

I don't know about you but I can't fucking stand those pills. They make me feel like a mindless zombie.

taught rope

That rope went to Harvard! It's educated as fuck. Errybody knows this.

The word you're looking for is 'taut'.

Before a mental breakdown vs. after a mental breakdown

Well, $5 is $5..

This guys knows his set theory.

That is not an expertly highlighted book unless the book itself is very good. A lot of books don't deserve a full highlight.

Are you leaving out the bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers?

You know how you hold your phone with one hand normally? Just tilt it sideways.

If you're a girl then playing with your cat could mean masturbating

Seriously, if the tech moves that fast, perhaps come up with something on the internet that could talk about it at a high rate of speed that I don't need to pay so much for.

But who wants that, eh?

Sorry, I went to Yale.

Rule number one of bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers club: You don't talk about bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers club.

Rule number two of bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers club: You don't talk about bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers club.

Rule number three of bike-on-taught-rope-piss-and-flippers club: You don't ride into the wind.

It's kind of weird. All the lightning hyper active shit in your brain stops, then you can just stop and stare at stuff and think about it without all of the other thoughts coming through. It feels really quiet in your brain and you feel "mindless" because it isn't what you're used to. The zombie part is because you just trudge along doing whatever stupid task you should be doing without thinking about anything else.

That's what concerta did to me when I was younger. Adderall lets me feel normal but have a focus. You won't ever sleep either way. mean how far?

They're both gonna end up in hospital either way, one in ER and other one in psych ward.

how can you have to audacity to just take one's innocence like that

Do your two years there, and then your three years at a 4 year college.

Lol $50

Maybe $15

I laughed so hard when I saw a fellow student's book. They said they highlighted everything they absolutely had to know ... Almost the whole book.

I can't film horizontally because my phone is too big for that and my small hands. And I'm usually doing something else with my other hand if I'm filming, like playing with my cat

It's just hilarious to be riding the bus to campus at 11 in the afternoon, and see frat kids slack lining and drinking in their front yard.

But what of the people who think there is one kind of people in the world, or those convinced that there are no people in the world???

tore open the shutters and threw up the sash...

What is he, a minecraft character?

honestly sounds like you need to talk to the doc about a different dose or different med all together.

36mg of concerta and I am a zombie... 18mg and I can focus enough to do my job but its not so strong that I become a zombie.

Some people watch anal, and some people ARE anal...

But I do both

Makes me sad I'm going to a community college

well... they weren't wrong

That is way too much highlighter. If you're highlighting half your pages and full paragraphs, that's kind of missing the point.

That book is not fully highlighted.

I have highlighted paragraphs at a time, not all the time, just when that paragraph actually has useful information compared to the rest of the page