The ultimate sitcom formula.

The ultimate sitcom formula.

Family sitcom formula: Dumbass husband Hot wife foil Insecure daughter Smart son who's somehow an idiot The neighbour family The black friend The questionable friend with ridiculous flaws (commonly perversion)

Kitty: Were having the Pinciottis over tonight.

Red: No. No more get togethers Kitty.

Kitty: Well they invited us last time, so we have to invite them this time.

Red: That's because you keep inviting them! Someone has to break the cycle.

Kitty: Red, they're our only friends. Bob and Midge like us.

Red: Well, I don't like Bob and Midge.

That 70s show fits both formulas. The pretty face: Donna The nerd in a relationship with pretty face: Eric Shy with women: Fez Weirdo: Hyde Sex expert: Kelso Black guy: N/A

EDIT: yes, some may say Jackie is hotter, but Kelso is too confident, and athletic to be a nerd. Plus he's clearly the dumb one of the group.

Like half of these don't fit at all lol.

Howard the sex expert :D

Hyde's dad was black tho

Yeah especially the shy-with-women one.

Chandler has tons of girl friends and while often makes an ass of himself is not afraid to talk to them. Marshall begins the series with a girl friend who quickly becomes his wife. Hardly screams "shy with women"

Nerd one is reaching to call ted a nerd, he likes some nerdy things, but many of the others are nerdy about some things too. And the "pretty ladies" in friends was 2 out of the 3 recurring females in the series. Ross has a thing with one but also tons of others as well.

And for sex-expert, just bad title it's perverts.

The Seth Macfarlane show formula.

We don't talk about that... the later seasons without Eric where inexplicably, they all still hang out at Eric's house? For some reason? that is.

The joke is that there is no black guy in any of them.

I moved across the country for work, my friends still hang out at my folks place from time to time, I actually really appreciate it. They (my friends) do the stuff I used to do around the place to help out.

So was his half sister

should just say the Perv.

Well, Penny isn't the pretty face, she's the only woman for a good portion.

Marshall isn't shy to women, he's in a relationship almost all of the show. Chandler isn't exactly shy to women, either. He's stuck with bad relationships until Monica.

Fogging the basement cuz of all the roaches?

Ugh. all sitcoms are the same because they have an attractive female in a relationship with a man.

Dont forget always sunny.

It only has a weirdo and sex effect. Then a bird, closeted gay guy, and a crazy old father.

American Dad is easily the best one there.

Is my phone messing it up, or is everything after "The Black Guy" cut off?

There's literally a reoccurring joke in the series that he's too friendly and outgoing with the people in New York

Except that Marshal isn't socially awkward either. He spends every single night at a crowded bar with his friends.

American Dad has better comedy and I'd argue that Klaus and Roger are different than their Family Guy and Cleveland Show counterparts enough to make it work. Plus, American Dad lacks the flashback humor that made me grow tired of Family Guy.

"Eating sandwiches"

Malcolm in the Middle is sort of the exception that proves the rule.

Also, it's still hilarious after all these years. I watched it from beginning to end recently and there were just about no bad points. Solid show for 7 seasons.

You shut your mouth about Katey Sagal.

Man, sandwiches are strong these days!

Donna? Mila Kunis > Prepon, all day.

Did... did you just link us to funnyjunk? Wtf is this? 2010?

Ugh, I get it now

Your friends "move wood" with your parents?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Since this is reddit I feel the need to point out that that's not the meaning of "the exception making the rule."

Family sitcom formula: Dumbass husband Hot wife foil Insecure daughter Smart son who's somehow an idiot The neighbour family The black friend The questionable friend with ridiculous flaws (commonly perversion)




Chris (Brian is a good fit, too)




Nah hillbilly stuff like moving wood, oh shit just got the joke, country folk leave the roaches outside.

American Dad has gotten a lot better through the years, unlike Family Guy which has gotten worse

Seriously, that just screams round peg square hole.

Chandler's whole shtick until Monica is being bad with women. Granted he does have a lot of relationships so how does that make the rest of us feel

round peg square hole.

You realize a round peg fits in a square hole, right? (Assuming they're equal diameter). The phrase is "square peg in a round hole" for a reason

Hyde still lives there.

Fez wasn't shy with women. He was quite forward in his attempts to be the Casanova. Just because he was unsuccessful doesn't make him shy.

She is pretty but in that show her role was definitely not "the pretty girl" that was clearly Jackie.

Wild Card, Psychopath (GOLDEN GOD), Bird, Bossy Gay guy, and Rich Crazy Pervert old Man. Old Black Man?

Kitty: Red... Do you think I'm smart?

Red: Oh, is that what we're gonna do today? We're gonna fight?

When I was a kid I related more to characters like Eric and Hyde. Now I see myself as red more then any character.

Crime fighting gang formula:

the looks

the brains

the wildcard

the muscle

the useless chick.

They ran out of 'creepy guy gets rejected' jokes, decided they'd go for the 'lazy husband, super hot wife' jokes, but didn't want to compromise the on again off again relationships of the leads.

Thanks for this. For those who are wondering, the classic example of an exception which proves the rule is a sign which reads something like "No Parking on Sundays". It's an exception which proves that on every other day, parking is allowed.

Stewie could also be a fit for smart son who's somehow an idiot, given that they play up the fact that he's a baby every now and then.

Shy with women: HIMYM literally starts with him getting engaged

Why do I get the impression you're reaching?

Shy to women should have been labeled "socially awkward".

Seriously, why not wait 8 full seasons until introducing a major character that marries the main character before abruptly killing her off? That's the real way to go

Yeah Ted is a nerd? Howard is a "sex expert"? Marshall is shy? I feel like this was made by someone who saw 1 episode of each show.

You mean you dont like the 7 2minute long cutaways to random bullshit?

Nope. It didn't fit, so they made it fit.

This post is cancer

You either die a Spongebob, or live long enough to see yourself become a Squidward.

In their defence, as an orphan ive spent a lot of time at my friends family's house without that friend being there so that part didnt bother me.

But Randy

Never going to forgive Randy

Barney's brother is black.

Fez is definitely the weirdo.

Old Black Man?

Just old man now

It's your phone, you just have to keep sliding down until it shows up. If that doesn't work, try turning your phone 180 degrees and trying the opposite way because your screen is probably just worn out on the normal side. If that doesn't work, you need a new phone.

Scrubs would like a word, tyvm.

Barney had a black brother.

I'm not able to get into it, unlike family Guy. Definitely wasn't able to get into Cleveland show either

Not if the square is small enough?

Stan is Roger's best friend, at least

Bad != Shy though, right?

Speaking of which, here's Conway Twitty


The fact that it got such high ratings with no tits should tell you something.

Insecure daughter

Malcolm in the Middle...=?

a cool uncle

Husband better if fat.


Hot Donna, man

It was even the basis of an episode

Yeah it's crazy how they end up making couples within the only 6 actual recurring characters.

Yeah, Hyde moved in with them really early in the show. Red was "sick of being goddamn Santa Claus!"

Troy from community fits all these roles singlehandedly, except maybe the awkward one

Seinfeld called. They think you're full of shit.

Is Lillie really that weird?

There's a reason Randy got inserted into the show the way he did. Originally the writers were going to go in a different direction. A year a had passed and Eric had come back from Africa a changed man, literally they were going to replace Topher Grace with Josh Meyers and hope no one would notice. They wised up at the last minute and decided against it, but since they had already cast the role, and also announced it, they had to roll with it.

There was Shawn's black girlfriend in later seasons right?

The post is even from 2011. Man, I forgot that site existed.

Left out Barney's brother?

big peg small hole

That was just the unspeakable final season. The Age of Randy ruined both That 70's Show, and the Raimi Spiderman trilogy in one fell swoop.

Let's be fair. She had tits.

"The Ultimate Sitcom Formula" that they can't even find 3 shows it applies to.

RIP King of the Hill. :(

Mrs pinciotti best girl coming through

I sort of got lost near the later seasons... I figure there's a canon explanation for it, but it's still... kinda weird... also that Randy just... showed up and became neo Eric

Is Donna pretty? I think I misinterpreted that show.

It showcased her comedic talent, and didn't downplay her looks that much.

He eventually broke out of his shyness but he was definitely the snarky one who never exposed himself. Similar to Chandler. They both got over their shyness at some point in the show.

Klaus isn't a sadist. And Roger isn't Stan's best friend.

It's like George on Seinfeld. Meant to be a total stooge with women yet has a banging hot new girlfriend every third episode.


I still crack up watching the episode where Donna finds panties in the cruiser.


And Mrs. Pinciotti tells Donna their hers. The way Kelso freaks out makes me laugh way too hard. Great scene.

Ah, the old "Becky" approach.

That could've worked in its own way too actually. Just keep making jokes about how he's so different.





The D'Arcys



American Dad is fucking amazing so it doesn't fit so well on here.

I disagreed with the original list. Hyde=Shy Fez=Weirdo

Seinfeld is league's above these shows

All social groups need a token black friend to not appear racist. More than one black friend is bad tho.

Except for Roseanne where the mother was anything but hot.