The top of this 1954 camper is a boat

The top of this 1954 camper is a boat

Do you just flip the whole thing over to makes house boat??

Actually, yes! It unfolds in a 4-deck private yacht with a double 472hp outboard engine. The wheel flips sideways and spins about 720° every second to scan the surroundings for incoming torpedos

edit : wheel instead of weel

Christ, don't let TLC see that or they'll make a show called Tiny Houseboat Nation.

Have an upboat

I can see it now.

"Yeah, my parents have a lake in their backyard, and we're a newlywed couple really looking for the privacy that a boathouse would bring us."

Presenter: "and you can both swim?"

"Nah, my partner can't, but we don't see it as a problem."

partner walks around the whole show with a bulky life vest on

Going to look weird in a few years if they actually use the boat on a regular basis.

The amount of maintenance to keep it in that condition would be insane. Even compared to a normal boat.

Does that camper have tail pipes?

Weel, that's pretty impressive.

"We also have five children and another on the way"

Presenter: "Do you think you might not have enough room in your tiny house boat?"

"Oh no we can just have them sleep in it's huge 10 square foot attic, we just really want to be near the water"

Camera pans to sad children who are being stuffed into their room.

I'm guessing this setup is primarily for show.


Those boat campers are made by a modern, current company called American Dream

Edit I was wrong. Thanks for the karma though!

top taken off on a simmilar unit:

top taken off on a simmilar unit:

Weel weel weel

"He's jobless and I work as a part-time school teacher and our budget is $500,000."

The bottom is also a boat, just a far less effective boat.

Well ship! That was a clever comment.

Are you sure this one was? They don't look the same and going through the company's website, they only make one model, and it looks nothing like the one in the picture.

edit: Found it. It's a 1954 Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer

found a picture of it on the water incase you were curious.

the name of the boat would be upside-down when on the water! clearly for landlubbers only.

yes exactly

What the hull is up with these puns?

/sub/weirdwheels !! (which is a really fun, underappreciated sub)

Because we only repost the nice looking stuff.

"Our budget is only $2,300,000.00 so we're hoping to find a hidden gem"

"Best I could find was 2,400,000.00 in this neighborhood."

Not like us Salty Sea Lake Dogs with our trusty row boats. Yes, we've seen it all... Takes long puff on vape and stares into shallow water

That's knot funny

I don't know but I feel I mast make one too.

Shore it is

When I first discovered THN, I went mad looking for as much as I could find (which, given that I'm in the UK wasn't enough). What did bug me though, was how everyone wanted their house to be "rustic, but modern". Every. Goddamn. House.

That's brilliant! I've lost too many houseboats to fuckin torpedoes.

Hey, I have one just like it :

Hey, I have one just like it :

Missed opportunity for a large sunroof...

I would be linking the "well well well kyle" South Park clip here but Hulu is the only option and my god they suck.

That's beautiful!

Anything's a boat if you're brave enough!

Ten square feet? So stacked like logs lol

What bothers me about the tiny house movement is that when you want to use 1 function, there's 4 steps that first need to be achieved to do so.

Oh, I'd like to lay on my bed, well first I have to move everything off the kitchen table, fold it up, move what ever else to reach the damn bed.

I'm to lazy for all that

You sleep standing, and you like it!

They cost about $9,000 if anyone is curious.

Almost every person on that show complains about the houses being "a little cramped." It drives me crazy. It's in the title - these are tiny fucking houses!

If they called the show by the more descriptive title 'tiny, cramped, your-head-is-absolutely-going-to-hit-the-ceiling-when-you-sit-up-in-bed house nation' I don't think any of them would be down.

You're beautiful!

This was a time when TV repairmen were driving around to people's houses. It was also the rise of a powerful and wealthy middle class the likes of which hasn't been seen before or since. If the boat needed to be refinished now and then, a lot of people would think it was acceptable. These things were only produced for a few years, so a obviously not what people wanted.

Why did everything look so damn good in the 50s

I wish more people realized that the reason "classic" stuff looks better is just because they've never seen the ugly garbage that was also created in those times.

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You all wouldn't know a funny pun even if it was propelled at you.

Oh God no.

Meh. I don't even waste time with companies that won't list their prices. If I see "Call for an estimate", I read "Go find a company selling something similar but is transparent about their pricing".

Glass bottomed boat?

everything was over engineered in the 50's . A car seat was literally a sofa fit for a mansion .

Attempting to enforce copyright crap is really stunting South Park I think. So much of the stuff is quoteable or memeable but it's all hard to find outside of Hulu. I mean I could screencapp from Hulu but meeeeh. You're only hurting yourself SP

John Mulaney!


Boat-covered glass-roofed trailer

That's the saddest and truest thing about these shows.

U.S. Copyright law: pretending fair use doesn't exist since 1776

"That looks like a Portland thing.." Yap.

Eh, not really for the car.

Usually they were still screaming metal deathtraps. Also, backwards hoods make pretty good guillotines.

Sucks when you drop a clever comment only you check later and you see you spelled something simple stupid.

♫ wheels in the sky keep on turning ♫

I weely wouldn't get beat up about it though.

Thats total bullshit. If you pull the boat out of the water every time you use it, it won't look any different. We do the same thing with ours and only need to touch it up every few years.

well I mean it's modeled after a 50's car so. its just for show, or hell, our camper has a exhaust pipe for a generator.

People looking for a list price on something this custom are not the customers they're seeking.

So are you!

The submarine has a way to "shut that whole process down".

Well you may as well cross off salty too

He's going to need a stern talking to.

Surprised you haven't gotten more recognition for this observation.

And the car would come out unscathed in low to moderate speed crashes. The unrestrained meat inside generally didn't fare that well.

I'm going to steer clear of participating in these play-on-words.

"I don't want this place even though it's 50,000 under asking price. The paint is terrible!"

You make the rockin' world go round

so graceful

I'll come clean, I was perpetuating a myth. Holy shit, in the video yo linked the driver space in the Bel Air was like a human blender in that crash.

It is true that modern cars fall to pieces in a crash, but that's because they're taking the hit to save the humans inside.

Yeah I like that he's like "I'll just take my business elsewhere" as if you had been looking for a custom boat camper all along but this is the final straw for this company.

Owned by Eiffel 65

The whole tiny house thing is the epitome of trendy over everything. Of course they're​ all going to be right down the same exact trend.

Ah you may have better luck not living in the South China Sea with a big US flag with "China sucks" & "Taiwan #1" written on it.

asking the real questions here

Just seems like an aesthetic flourish. i cant discount the possibility of a 700 HP engine in there though. Car's suddenly rear wheel drive.

Anything is brave enough if your a toaster

The weight of the boat is a fraction of the overall weight of the trailer. The center of the gravity is quite low on the trailer and is not raised by much with this small addition. Besides, the boat can't be too heavy or it would be too hard to get on/off to use.

As a Portlander, I endorse these silly yet somehow wonderful trailers!

Ah, the 50's.. Where anything was possible. Sure don't make em like they used too huh..

Idk. It's clearly dressed in a way to promote a torpedo attack.

Take your upvote and get out.

I think the saddest one was the couple that adopted 5 children to get a home make over. Then, once they got the make over, they kicked out the kids and sent them back (to the orphanage / foster care / wherever)

Very similar with music as well. People always comment that older music was better but that's because we only hear the good stuff from the past. There was plenty of garbage music.

Camera pans to sad children who are being stuffed into their room.

Just think Timmy, from this close, you'll practically be able to hear me enter your mother.

If it's a genuine attack. You know, the boat wasn't asking for it.

what about me?

Maybe, but not likely by the link you posted. That one is much cheaper looking. The lines all over are way straighter, the wheels have no styling and there's no wood finish. The whole thing is missing the finish of OPs.

If anything I'd bet the reverse is true and your link is modeled of the OPs.

"I want to live simply on this plot of land I've been given, but I don't want to give up my extensive collections of Beanie Babies, Nazi Memorabilia, and tanks."

Presenter acts surprised

Lol no it's more like... As someone who was passingly involved in purchasing decisions professionally, I quickly developed a pet peeve about companies not listing a price. Because if you called them to get a price, their sales force would hem and haw about a quote to try to get you as invested as possible before they would drop their ridiculously inflated price on you. And after taking 10 to 30 minutes to obtain information that should have taken less then 2 minutes (assuming you got through to someone on the first attempt) you would realize that other companies had a similar product for less and tell them "no thanks". And then their sales force would pester you with follow up calls and sell you contact information to other equally annoying sales forces.

So finally I learned not to bother with companies that won't list a price.

If they won't list a price, it's usually because their prices are high enough that they want to engage you and sell you before they drop the bomb.

It's just a waste of time usually.

Kiss my aft

Sent you a PM

I'd actually watch that! However I threw my TV out the window when Honey Boo Boo started.

also subscribed immediately. This is pure gold

well ._. wheel 0_0 weel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Naa any 1960 and newer model has torpedoes that countermeasure those defenses.