The original parking sensor

The original parking sensor

As my dad got older, my mom complained that he pulled the car too far into the garage, so I rigged up the old tennis ball-on-a- string standby. I later found out that he was offended, and devised a much more complex but brilliant solution. He dismantled an LED flashlight (these were still very new at the time), built a new enclosure and lens, and wired it into the garage door opener light. When the door went up, the light came on, and you pulled in until the focused beam of light was centered in the middle of the dashboard. Of course, when I was a kid we had a garage door opener that was actually a motor taken from an old washing machine, and the remote was a button under the dash that when pushed while the car was centered over a spot on the driveway, triggered an electromagnetic circuit that made the garage opener start. God I miss that man.

I still have this. Cheap and effective.

My parents had a golf ball one. I discovered if you banged on the glass (from the inside) the golf ball would bounce a little. I then discovered if you kept banging progressively harder it would cause the windshield to break. Not a good day.

How is it being MacGyver's kid?

I have exposed 2x4 running down garage walls. Covered them with pool noodles with slits longways. So when I open car doors they hit noodles safely and not beams.

My grandparents have this.

I like the word noodles.

Right next to the slim fast and crystal light

My old ass neighbor wouldn't stop mowing his lawn on sunday mornings (it's generally not accepted doing anything noisy on sundays in Germany). Not that I was generally pissed about that but he is the kind of guy who calls the police on me when I play music after 10pm. So one day I waited until he drove into city. As he left I went into his (still open) garage and adjusted his tennis ball thing about 5cm (2 inches) higher. When he came back all I had to do was to wait for the lols. He moved his car agains the wall and went mad, got out of his car and yelled at some turkish people walking on the sidewalk.

tl;dr: Neighbor is grumpy old fuck Snuck into his garage and manipulated his tennis ball He crashed and got mad.

Wow, yeah that's a real dick move.

so did that drink i made after a friend told me "crystal light and vodka is a great mix!" but failed to inform me that the recipe is adding vodka to a crystal light drink, not pouring packages of crystal light into straight vodka

That sucks it happened. But it's a great story!

Lol. Those references hit me like a one-two punch.

Not sure this belongs in /sub/funny; perhaps /sub/tools or something.

OK so I've had a browse through the comments and haven't seen anyone else admitting to what we used to do whenever we encountered one of these setups at a party. Think teenagers getting drunk at someone's parents place. Simple trick - tie a couple of small knots in the rope holding the ball. The rope will rise up just a little, and next time dad backs confidently into the garage he goes straight into the back wall.

We were turds.

But it's easy!

Take a tennis ball, and a hobby knife. Make a 1-1.5" long incision in a straight line, all the way through to the empty core. Grab a string/rope, tie a knot on the end of it. Squeeze the tennis ball from the ends of the incision so it opens like a pac-man. Lower the knot in. ??? Profit!

You'd be surprised how little it takes. I was anyway. It broke after maybe the fifth bounce. It was kind of in the corner so I am guessing this was the reason. At the time, I was slight enough to have been blown over in a strong wind... so it wasn't a feat of strength.

I used a ping pong ball, it was easier to attach the string with glue.

How did it get to that point? I imagine you have to hit a windshield pretty fucking hard to break it. When were you going to say enough is enough?

Mr. Selinsky was a great man.

Poo noodles.

Do you just run around door dinging every car that has the misfortune of parking next to you?

"But officer they didn't have a pool noodle. What was I supposed to do?"

damn, as i looked at this page, amazon said: find parts for your 2012 Mazda 3.

wtf amazon, i never bought anything for my car from you? how the fuck do you know what car i have? really!!! at least pretend you don't know that much about me.

My grandparents had a rubber hand.

It looked disgustingly real and only got creepier as it got older. The hand started getting dirty, taking away any fake rubbery look. Eck, I cringe even thinking about it

I wish I could give you more than one upvote for sharing your story.

I'm not clicking that link.

Back in the sixties they made metal strips that you could attach to your car near the bottom. When you got close to the curb you would hear them scrapping. Don't know what ever happened to them.

Tommy just sold a half a million brake pads!

Different movies? Where we're going we don't need roads!

??? Profit

they were call curb feelers and most only put them on the passenger side

They're designed like that so you can kick them out from the inside.

/sub/pettyrevenge might like this story

lol, I probably would have thought the same.

Curb feelers. Gotta keep them white walls crispy

Woah woah woah Wtf happens to me after I lower the knot in?!?

You'd probably be un-pleasantly surprised at how much information advertisers know about you.


Guess we're dying tonight

Learned this from my grandpa. Also if trying to find a leak in a tire, add water plus dish soap to a spray bottle and shake it up. Spray it on the tire and look for bubbles. Blew my friends mind when he had a slow leak.

Windshields are pretty weak from the inside actually. I've broken one on accident myself. Imagine trying to break a bowed piece of wood, striking against the curved outside and then the underside of the plank. Which side would be easier to break?

Man I miss your dad too. Just reading that has got my inner engineer rock hard.

Why is this funny? Do people not use this anymore? I think it's a great idea...

The mullet's hereditary.

It's...fill a gallon jug half with water and half with vodka. Then squirt mio energy in it.

My buddy got mad at his wife while on the phone once and he threw the phone against the dash of his van while driving. The phone bounced off the dash and smashed his windshield.

He was livid. He pulled over to the side of the road to call CAA (It REALLY smashed the windshield). He got out of the van to go to the next intersection (to tell CAA where he was - he wasn't from the area). When he came back to wait for CAA, his van was stolen.

Only serial killers back into the garage

3 of these in my garage. Why rely on tech when this works perfectly?

Risky click, not what I expected

You gotta stand there with your ass against the tennis ball until the knot releases and you can slip out.

The real LPT is in /sub/funny

You're both referencing different movies.

Directions unclear my corolla is at the bottom of my pool.

It is generally not accepted to randomly respond in German or any other language in a thread that is in English.

It's just rude.

And lol on old people napping.

Spacial awareness always works too

That's more a matter of the sealing around the windshield, though. It is not really necessary to break it for that. It just so happens that pushing from the convex side distributes the forces a lot better than from the concave side.

Carolla at the bottom of a pool:

Carolla at the bottom of a pool:

my grandpa has exactly the same thing hanging in his garage, I never knew it wasn't his idea


In a tight a garage, left car backs in right car pulls in straight. Each hugs the wall so drivers can use the center path to walk to and from the car.

Life hacks

now I want this

Poop noodles!

I tried telling my dad to do this once, to which he replied "I don't need a tennis ball when the wall is right in front of me".

Is this what /sub/funny has gotten too. .

This is also far superior in a tight garage since the radar sensors are not even remotely as exact as this will be.

I open Amazon and it's literally all LEGO. This has hurt my finances.