The number of Brits seeking German citizenship jumped 361% after Brexit

The number of Brits seeking German citizenship jumped 361% after Brexit

They could've had German citizenship 75 years ago, but they acted all uppity about it.

A total of 2,865 Britons took German citizenship in 2016, the same year as the referendum to leave the EU.

How to inflate your ad revenue with click bait articles.

OK, I laughed.

Brexit was the long con by the germans to take over Britain?

361% doesn't look so big now.

Germany and France got tired of taking turns trying to take over Europe so they teamed up and made the EU to go for the diplomatic victory.

It literally means "theOldNumber times (1+3.61)".

Journalists generally use percentages when the numbers alone would be too small, because, you know, clicks.

The number of Americans* working in Germany has fallen 100 percent in the last 24 hours.

*Americans include those from North Carolina born in September 1979 with brown hair and the initials JHC.

Was in Germany yesterday. Home today.

They would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't have been for Gandhi and his surprise nukes.

I use percentage as well when girls ask how big my dick is, it is 179% bigger than my pinky (hands well hid behind back)

Clickbait headline....2,800 people doesn't really sound like the ball grabber 361% sounds like....

65,000 British applied for Irish passports last year but it was only an increase of 40%

"Oh shit u can just not bomb them, instead of strong panthers we make weak inferior consumer audis and mercedes for a few years and they happily, actively make us overlord of europe?"

"Yep" -Merkel

"O gosh" sits down, face palming

"I think I need a glass of juice" -Hitler

They are mainly Expats already working in Germany. They had no need for citizenship beforehand but might now lose their right to work in the EU. That is why it jumped.

Why did brits want German citizenship before Brexit? I don't think it makes any sense.

On another hand, the numbers so small that it doesn't need to be news.

Germany provides citizenship to those who fled Germany as a result of Nazi persecution, or their direct ancestors.

Go support Theresa May if you want a Joke Police. Though she's currently making the police a joke instead.

You might be able to sustain an influx of skilled people who will go straight into jobs.

He already wrecked himself. You add further insult to injury. The world is cruel sometimes.

Btw, average age is 53 years. Average time living in germany is 30 years. 65% are married.

Official statistics:

Or more accurately, the US and UK got tired of France and Germany going to war every generation so they tied their steel and coal industries together so one couldn't make war against the other.

Im changing my name to the initials JHC which increased the percentage to 200!

Oh, look at Mr. Tiny Hands over here.

Ha - your own post is anti-brexit ... - ha!

...the joke above was not a racist joke. It was a Hitler joke.

You sound like you want carte blanche to make racist Hitler jokes.

The UK not being in Schengen doesn't mean UK citizens don't benefit from the free movement opportunities of EU citizenship.

If the above commenter flies straight from Canada to France then Schengen works the exact same for them as it does for anyone who is a citizen of a Schengen nation. The non-Schengen status of the UK only matters if your origin or destination is the UK, and even then, it only matters for travel, it's irrelevant for things like employment.


You could even call it a 361% increase.

yeah there is a joke which refers to Hitler saying "A glass of juice" and not "gas the jews"

I would long be surrounded by Alexander the Great before that would happen.

Descendants, you probably mean

Some might say that is because that's all it is.

But 2800 is 775% greater than 361!

European Union in a nutshell... and nothing for nothing, kinda worked out well so far.

Russian aggression in Croatia? That's a long way boy. And I mean, Romanians are migrating even to my country, Poland. Same with Ukrainians. Their countries are just so poor I suppose literally everyone apart from die hard patriots wants to migrate. We are nearing 2 million Ukrainian immigrants/refugees in Poland, if there aren't that many already.

They should have held a referendum back in 1940.

Why is it annoying? It's just a passport.

"This thingy increases your cancer risk by 80%!!1OMG!!1"

New risk rate is 0.18%. Ohhhhh.

If that's the only thing good that's going for it,wouldn't that make the media rational in their constant criticism of something so important?

A total of 2,865 Britons took German citizenship in 2016

Yes, how will they deal with such large numbers


Their loss. No Hugo Boss uniforms and awesome spiked helmets for them.

If only the Germans had been up front about how much it would reduce immigration!

But will the British people assimilate or import their own culture, just to bring Germany down to their level?

/s, of course.

They did this shit with Americans wanting to go to Canada after the election.

Voting: yes

Everything else: no