The Most Graceful Suicide

Expected a Reinhardt to charge off a cliff

Was still not disappointed

About that...

It's often repeated in high tier play that if the rest of your team dies and a cliff is nearby, jumping off will reduce trickling and deny ult charge, especially on attack.

...That being said, still amusing to watch, even if it's more legit than stupid.

Whomst'd've clickbait

A warrior's greatest enemy,

is gravity.

It's not just exclusive to high tiers, to be fair. Even if you're in bronze, a 1v6 is never a good idea. It is strange to get used to, though.

This is the first FPS game I've played where I've had to remind myself "Oh, I should just kill myself instead of fighting actually."

Thank you Dark Souls

Definitely, however if he hadn't raised his shield I would have killed him earlier during my ult (depriving me of any potential ult charge) and allowing him to join his team sooner.

The Wile E Coyote at the start is what absolutely makes this

He wasn't retreating, he was merely advancing backwards @o@

You never had trickling happen? I call shenanigans, there are even tricklers sometimes in plat/diamond solo queue.

I believe he didn't notice his team died at first, once he noticed he kept his shield up to avoid feeding ult to the rest of your team or even you, once your visord ended

... Vinny?


"Reinhardt kys"

Has science gone too far

I wish he ran in place for a second before falling.

y'all'd've if i'd've.

"Induce" implies more persuasion than "make"

Your Uncle?

Are you sure? I've been in Bronze, Silver, Gold and now I'm in Plat reaching Diamond and I've seen players never grouping up especially tanks that abandons the point throughout the ranks