The fake trailers from Tropic Thunder were so random, unexpected and hilarious

The fake trailers from Tropic Thunder were so random, unexpected and hilarious

Originally Tugg Speedman was going to played by Tom Cruise. He had to drop out due to scheduling and Ben Stiller asked if he wanted his cameo. Thats how he ended up playing Les Grossman. Tom was so excited to play this character that he kept rejecting concept art and told the makeup department to make him fatter and balder. The dancing came from his first fitting in the costume. He told him he thinks he should dance in the movie, and Ben just let it happen. It wasn't in any of the scripts.

These were especially great at the theater. You didn't realize the movie had started as they essentially picked up when the real trailers ended.

Take big a step back, and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE

The side-eye that Toby Maguire gives RDJ while fondling his balls beads is AMAZING.

the one where Jack Black makes fun of Eddie Murphy's Klumps was amazing.

I don't know what kind of pan-pacific bullshit power play you're trying to pull here, but Asia Jack is my territory.

So whatever you're thinking, you'd better think again! Otherwise I'm gonna have to head down there and I will rain down in a Godly fucking firestorm upon you! You're gonna have to call the fucking United Nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you.

I'm talking about a scorched earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!

From Rain of Madness, the 'documentary' included with Tropic Thunder:

Lazarus's total commitment to past roles had been borderline unnerving. While in Ireland preparing to play the gay priest in Satan's Alley, he was once found circumcising an adult male behind a pub in Belfast.

My favorite part is the fact that they all use alter egos except for Toby Maguire

In a movie just filled with scene-stealing performances and quotable lines, this scene is my favorite. The quiet line at the end, "Find out who that was," is my favorite line in the whole film.

Worked in a video store a few years back and a guy legit asked me if we had that "Monk movie with Tobey Maguire". Said it looked pretty good.

I thought the Booty Sweat commercial was real until about halfway through the movie. I didn't really know who Brandon T. Jackson was at the time and it seemed just stupid enough to be a real drink. It wasn't until he pulled out a can in the movie that I realized it was fake.

Yeah the first one was a real movie to me. I was so confused.

Les Grossman is one of the highlights of Cruise's career especially considering he pretty much created the character on his own. He's as talented as he is out of his mind

I think the funniest part is that RDJ was playing a seriously dedicated method actor, who probably had to do all those things for real

Here we go again...again.

He was also a big pastiche of Chris Farley, being a depressed addict trying to get out of constantly playing obese characters who fall over

"I've been a baad baad boy father"

gets me every time

"People say my movies about farts. It's not about farts, it's about family and fuck you, you can't do what I do!"

Better drink some of this... Booty Sweat... I got back in Danang...

I know, Belfast is in Northern Ireland.

MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Winner Tobey Maguire?

Tropic Thunder is my all time favorite comedy

Old man in front of me actually said out loud "Jesus Christ!" At the Booty Sweat commercial.

Less random than you think -- they perfectly set up the three actor archetypes we would be dealing with throughout the film. Great work establishing character.

We have:

The guy who takes himself too seriously (Robert Downey Junior) The guy who can never be taken seriously (Jack Black) and the guy who desperately wants to be taken seriously (Ben Stiller)

Perfect set-ups for comedic conflict

They weren't random - they quickly introduced how the main characters had been type-cast. Absolutely unexpected and hilarious though.

Cuz he's not really in the movie.

Winner of the Beijing Film Festival's coveted "Crying Monkey" award

That was probably for the best.

whispers "I've been a bad, bad boy father."

I went to see this movie as a young teen with my mother. We were planning on seeing something else and it was sold out, so we went to see Tropic Thunder, not knowing anything about it.

Now, my mother is pretty religious. She actually works at a church. So I spent the entire Satan's Alley trailer trying my hardest to not laugh at Toby Maguire's O-faces. Especially since she was silent through the first three, I was certain she wouldn't appreciate the humour.

But the moment Robert Downey Jr. gets his hands all wrapped in the rosary, I hear this uncontrollable, manic laughter. Easily the loudest laughter in the entire theatre. I look around, and it's my mom, figuratively dying of laughter. She's just losing it. Can't control herself. She's fucking crying because she's cackling so hard.

To this day, she loves Tropic Thunder. Which is weird because she hates that style of comedy, in general. But she always spends the entire movie laughing.

I always wished I could have seen Eddie Murphy's face the first time he saw that. I mean, is he self aware of how bad that horse shit was? Somehow I think he actually thought it was funny.

Sort of like how Tyler Perry actually think's Madea movies are 'thespian achievements'.

Mine is, "But I will rip your tits off if you don't get me those theaters."

Yeah it was brilliant and hilarious. We had a group of middle aged women sitting in front of us in the theater. They had an outraged and disgusted reaction to suddenly seeing Booty Sweat. The raw content, figuring out what had just happened, and combining the audience reaction was just too perfect. It was probably the funniest movie theater experience I've ever had.

Has only gotten more on the nose with times. Looking at you Fast 8.

Should have suggested to watch Spartacus instead.

You want a Bust A Nut bar?

Eddie does not have any shred of a sense of humour when it comes to jokes at his expense.

There are so many damn lines from this movie that are great:

I don't read the script the script reads me.

Never go full retard

To be a moron, to be moronical. To be the dumbest mother fucker who ever lived.

Oh okay, Flaming Dragon, fuck face. First take a big step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!

I don't know what kind of gun this is. I only know the sound it makes when it kills a man.

I'm a lead farmer, Motherfucker!

I know who I am! I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!

Hey, Alpa. If you get me some drugs I will totally suck your cock. Stroke the shaft, cradle the balls, swallow the gravy! C'mon man, let's do this!


"I don't break character until after I do the DVD commentary."

Its a double edged sword. Sure seeing Tom Cruise do Simple Jack would be one of the greatest things in the world but on the other side, Ben Stiller wouldn't not have been nearly as great as Les Grossman. That role was expanded for Tom Cruise and he added so much to the character that wasn't there originally.

"I don't read the script, script reads me"

That song was also way too goddamn catchy. I still sing the lyrics to my cat occasionally.

Mine is: Huge profit margin

Flaming Dragon's a heroin manufacturer. They're responsible for an eighth of the drug trade in Asia. Huge profit margin.

The fucking Simple Jack trailer gets me every time. Also makes me think of this.


I'm always find myself saying "SURVIVE" whenever​ a friend is in any form of mild peril.

Mine is "Cover me you limp dick fuckers"

I would 100% watch Satan's Alley, just saying

Friggin' loved Jack Black in that movie, hell he was even kind of badass when he was running around in his tighty whities with a handgun.

Also kind of interesting, his character is trying to stop being typecasted as fat comic relief, and takes the role of the character "Fats" in a war movie where he seems to be the comic relief character.

Yeah. Get him chuggin on Alpa's ass water. It's a cure-all.

And the guy who wants to get paaaaaid (Brandon T. Jackson)

Reference to Spiderman...

I've read that Les Grossman is heavily inspired by Harvey Weinstein

"Hurry. We only have 18 hours until they wake up"

In some countries... its considered a compliment

Les Grossman is Tom Cruise's masterpiece, hands down.

Edit: don't get me wrong guys, tomorrowTom Cruise has some phenomenal roles but Les Grossman is still the cream of the crop.

Edit 2: damn you auto-grat autocorrect ...

That role came at a time when his career was in real jeopardy. It wasn't long after he jumped the couch, and he was being a lot more vocal about Scientology. People were starting to pull out of deals with his production company. Then he rocked that shit with Les and the world remembered they like to watch him on screen despite all that other stuff.

Satan's Alley is also a euphemism for the butthole.

See for me it's Cruise's "we don't negotiate with terrorists" everyone cheers

The commentary for this movie is amazing. Robert Downey Jr. stays in character the whole time.

I honestly think if anyone would have a sense of humor it would be Eddie Murphy in that moment. The guy is a natural comedian, and comedians usually love it when the tables are turned on them.

Who left the fridge open?

Les Grossman

Harvey Weinstein

Not Pictured: The comically large cigar he loves to smoke.

Harvey Weinstein

Not Pictured: The comically large cigar he loves to smoke.

They don't have to get permission; this type of induction in a movie would certainly fall under satire, which is exempted from copyright law.

Agreed. Part of the reason the part is so memorable is because it's just a perfect little nugget of comedy. Don't ruin it.

"Laugh at this you bastards!"

I worked at a theater and a lot of people thought they were actual trailers, even after seeing the movie. They just never got the joke. I overheard one customer say that she really wanted to see Satan's Alley.

Nope. He's incredibly insecure and he lost his nerve out of fear of failure. I feel really sorry for the guy, he's got issues.

I managed a theater at the time. We got complaints at least once a day that they were inappropriate and how dare we advertise a drink like Booty Sweat??

You think you're the only one who gets sick when he doesn't get his jelly beans?

Find out who that was.

The MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss kills me

"we don't negotiate with terrorists" applause*

Prefect quick funny character introductions. You learn so much so quick without exposition.

the whole cast was great. I loved Jack Black's character having withdrawls from "skittles".

This might be daring, but for me Tropic Thunder belongs to the Golden rank of comedy with things like Airplane or Spaceballs.

"Who left the fridge open?"


If I'm not mistaken, Tom Cruise used prosthetics for his hands and arms

I think you mean F8.

"Big ass titties!"

Lance Bass and JLH too


More like the guy who wants desperately to be straight.

It’s “viet cong.” There’s no “s,” it’s already plural. You wouldn’t say “Chineses…”

I only just now got that Satan's Alley is a parody of Brokeback Mountain. Method actor Kirk Lazaraus is representing method actor Heath Ledger, and Toby Maguire lookalike Toby Maguire is representing Toby Maguire lookalike Jake Gyllenhaal.

I watched all the trailers and it was at this point where I actually burst out laughing. Cracked me up that they used his real name as well.

Mine as well, it also has my all-time favorite comedic performance. Jay Baruchel is amazing!

I wonder if it was hard for them to get the okay from universal, fox, and new line to use their logos

I hate to break this to you. She loves this humor but doesn't want you to know.

I like Tom in movies but I never cared for Tom the person then I listened to his nerdest podcast interview. Dude is just a person that only knows extremes. If he loves something he loves it. After listening to him I came to like Tom the guy. I'm not a fan of his Scientology bullshit still but other then that he's a dude who had a shit childhood whose enjoying every moment of making movies. He wants to be the best but he never stops having fun and for that I can't fault him.

I remember the audience's reaction to the Booty Sweat commerical was fucking hilarious. The absolute sense confusion washing over all of us made it even funnier.

Whoever was in charge of marketing for Tropic Thunder deserves a massive raise. The lack of details and spoilers in the trailers leading to it's release really made the surprises even better.

They were going to do a solo Les Grossman movie, but it was cancelled.


Saw this opening weekend and people walked out after a few drops of "i luh da pussy!"

Meanwhile, my mom leans over, "This is the movie, right? This isn't a real commercial?"

Ben Stiller should really make that Scorcher movie.

I believe he got really mad at David Spade/ SNL when they called him a falling star on weekend update. He seems to have lost his sense of humor.

Honestly I'd watch it if it was real.

Well it did have 2003's MTV Movie Award winner for best kiss, Toby Maguire.

He was able to film all of those scenes on one location, though. Three days in one room can net you a lot of footage.

More beaaaans