The Chicago Blackhawks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs after being swept by the Nashville Predators.

The Chicago Blackhawks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs after being swept by the Nashville Predators.

Hey Chicago, if you weren’t going to win a playoff game, you could’ve done that with 61 less points. Much more efficient

Chicago won as many playoff games as us and has a 0% chance in the lottery while we have the highest odds, we obviously had the better season

First #1 seed to be swept by a #8

edit: As some users have pointed out, this also happened under a different seeding structure...the first was also the Hawks (in 1993)

First #1 seed to be swept by a #8...twice

Calgary Flames fans

"No team in the playoffs is going to have a rougher time on /sub/hockey than us these next few weeks."

The Chicago Blackhawks

"Hold my beer"

Chelsea Dagger was not even played once during this post season.

The top seed Blackhawks scored just 3 goals in that entire series...

San Jose scored more in a period on tuesday.

This has been your hourly "shit on the Avs" post


The 2017 Blackhawks were the sacrifice that the gods demanded for the Cubs finally winning the World Series after 108 years.


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Did you know the sharks have never won the Stanley Cup?

apology for poor english

where were u when black hawk down?

i was sat at home listen to before he cheat when carry call

"black hawk down"


Damn I feel bad for Chicago fans. Now they have to buy another jersey for whoever wins The Stanley Cup.

I love this

How does it feel to be on the right side of shit talking?

RIP playoff brackets

4-0 Sweep, Fastest Predators on Earth

Edit: Now with more Chelsea dagger

I'm here for the spicy memes.

And losing four games

Thank fuck.

It's different. I don't know what this feeling is; happiness?

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Did you know that Brent Burns has never won the Norris trophy?

It's nice to have friends other teams who got swept.

Chicago blew a 0-0 lead in the playoffs


Fucking Malkin was a no-show for us the entire series.


The Hawks fans must be feeling waaaay worse than Flames fans though :/ We got in on a wild card spot, and still aren't in a cup window. We were making the 2nd round at best. The Hawks are still trying to hang on to a cup window. Getting swept in the first round by the 8th seed is definitely much worse than our situation.

Live look at Blackhawk fans in this thread

I picked Nashville vs Pittsburgh at the beginning of the season for the final and stuck with it. Oh boy

Call me crazy but I don't think 3 goals in 4 games is gonna get it done.

HOLY FUCK I get to look at the Chicago broom flair until next season starts, don't I??

Nashville should've played it at least once.

However, most analysts still have the Hawks winning in 5.

delete this nephew

MOST INACCURATE THINGS IN THE WORLD (in increasing order of inaccuracy)

North Koreas missile program

Pissing while drunk at 3 am

Beer league one-timers

The projections for Aaron "Safest pick in the draft!" Curry

The Blackhawks this postseason

anything following the sentence "hold my beer"

the search for that Malaysian airlines plane

Brock Osweiler


The Blackhawks finished with the same amount of playoff wins as the Red Wings and Avalanche this season.


Hawks fans

Oh shit, this one's my favorite.

Flair up mother fucker, its the playoffs.

They should of played it for the empty net

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Did you know the Chicago Blackhawks are the only No. 1 seed in NHL history to be swept in the first round by an 8 seed? That has literally never happened before!

So, I'm guessing now since the Cubs are World Series champs the Hawks are now doomed to a century of failure? Also getting draft picks > getting eliminated in the first round.

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Did you know that the San Jose sharks are one of two California-based teams in the 2017 NHL playoffs?

Wow. Is that real?

EDIT: It's real

Predators Mascot Jerking Off Gif
Predators Mascot Jerking Off

I know those feels. The 2017 Stars were the sacrifice so the Cowboys could find a QB that didn't constantly end up in the hospital.

Its the same guy who wrote about how phil kessel ate too many hotdogs or whatever.

You won as many games as the avalanche in the playoffs, congrats.

Nashville right now
r/hockey right now

/sub/hockey right now

Well, my bracket's fucked.

I felt a great disturbance in the Playoffs, as if millions of brackets suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

He sure showed up in our series :(

Or Crawford's own goal.

Congratulations, Nashville. You fucking OWNED us all series. You fucking deserve this!

I'm mad as fuck, but I'll be damned if I'm salty to the better team. Go fuck up the West!

I'm going to go throw up now.


I actually think the gazelle put up a better fight

Same. Before the season began I said Nashville over Pittsburgh in 6.

This is what we get for winning 3 cups

"The Calgary Flames have only scored 1 even strength goal"

Chicago: "Imma gonna try sumthin"

Maybe even this

Shea Weber died for this.

Jerking off as I type this

This is it guys. This is finally the year magic happens. It's the year all of our memes come true.

It's the year of /sub/hockey.

First the Blackhawks are gone, next thing you know Toronto knocks out Washington. It's a tough matchup for the Leafs against Pittsburgh, but Fleury falls apart and the Maple Leafs are going to the ECF after Matthews and Marner combine for 37 goals in 5 games. Then the Rangers advance to play Ottawa, and holy shit what a dream matchup. Karlsson vs Lundqvist? We're not even worthy of the amazing attractiveness. NBC Sports sees record ratings since The Bachelor is finally over with. King Henrik gets 4 straight shutouts, then another 4 straight shutouts against Toronto. It's awesome, he deserves it, he deserves the Cup. Toronto fans are upset, but hey, no one expected them to get this far, no hard feelings Rags.

Over in the west, Edmonton beats San Jose and somehow convinces Bettman to let Joe Thornton play for them for the remainder of the playoffs. Nice! They faceoff against Anaheim and win a tough fought series in 6. Nashville has to face off against...wait, what's happening, could it be? YES! ITS A REVERSE SWEEP! YOUR MINNESOTA WILD ARE HEADED TO THE SEMI FINALS. Mike Yeo gets fired and the Blues hire Dan Bylsma. In the 2nd round, Bruce Boudreau pumps his team up so much that they only lose by 3 goals in a game 7 against Nashville. Edmonton then sweeps Nashville in 3 games.

The Stanley Cup finals are epic. McDavid vs. Lundqvist. Kreider vs. Lucic. Larsson vs McDonough. Edmonton Gretzky vs. Rangers Gretzky. God it's such a great series. Every single game goes to triple overtime. Then it's finally game 7. Game 7 of the most amazing playoffs we have ever seen. The teams come out, the puck drops, and when the final buzzer sounds...yes...YES!!! YES!



I can never not laugh at this meme


Add in that all our games we were within 1, and I think I am at solace.

Remind me to make a crying Subban meme when i wake up from my beer coma.  Literally didnt have one ready, its too early!

Fuck me, I'm blaming this 100% on the Cubs, fuck the Cubs!

Edit:  Fuck every single one of you.

Remind me to make a crying Subban meme when i wake up from my beer coma. Literally didnt have one ready, its too early!

, I'm blaming this 100% on the Cubs, fuck the Cubs!

Edit: Fuck every single one of you.

I'm here for the memes and to see a little broom show up next to their logos.


'bracket is kill' 'no'
God damn it >:(


Hahahahahaha, jokes on you. I already have a Matthews jersey.

And everyone rejoiced.

I'm sorry but I did not catch that.

Did you know the sharks are the most recent team to lose 4 straight games after winning the first 3 in the playoffs? That has happened only 3 other times!

In rather spectacular fashion too. I don't know what to think.

Of course he does. The Greater Toronto Area has 6.5 million people and half of them are complete dipshits who love reading take down pieces on our teams best players because if it was phil kessel's fault its an easy fix, if its the fact that phil kessel can only make everyone on his line better, and not every line on the team then its a lot harder.

Christ, the Hawks seriously set themselves up with that motto choice for the playoffs

Steve Simmons should just be shot into the sun.


Especially when they occur in only two of the games




Blackhawks, OUT

Kings, OUT

/sub/hockey rejoices

More like

The important factor here

I mean, never happened to us...

He still has a job?!