The birthday card I received from my vegetarian brother.

The birthday card I received from my vegetarian brother.

Happy birthday.

Thank you Mr dick-nipples

Hummus is delicious

Please, mr. dick-nipples is his fathers name.

Hummus actually has a symbiotic relationship with humans.

Once one human ingests it, said human is compelled to make any other human - that it will be in close contact with later - eat the hummus to avoid embarrassing "garlic breath." That is how hummus finds new hosts.

Isn't nature beautiful.

Hummus is dope though

Alright. This post has inspired me to bring the best damn vegetarian/vegan food I can to all future potlucks/gatherings.

I'm not vegetarian by a long shot, but I don't think plant-based meals get the respect they deserve. They can be fucking awesome.

Edit: not trying to say OP doesn't respect vegetarian foods! Just wanted to state my intentions and maybe inspire others :)

If anyone's interested in more of Gemma's work.

I specifically like this one.

That made my day! Happy birthday

As an omnivore who literally just ate a steak 10 minutes ago, but also will eat the shit out of some delicious veggies: can I just point to the elephant in the room and acknowledge that things have progressed to a point where over-compensatory, self-righteous meat-eaters are waaaayyyyy fucking more obnoxious about their dietary habits than any vegetarian or vegan(at least on reddit/the internet)? Because it needs to be said.

Edit: BTW more of a reference to comments ITT than to OP.

So you were celebrating for April 20th?

It makes your vegetables 1000x better without being shitty for you like ranch is!

Are you kidding? Go to any greek or middle eastern restaurant and get any meat dish, then dip it in hummus. Bonus goodness for soft pita. It's fantastic.

Me dick-nipples saves the day

My sister is a vegan and refused to come to my birthday party this year because we were grilling burgers and steak. She used to come over for steak all the time before she went off to college but when she came back it was all healthy greens and fancy juice. I think skipping my birthday was her biggest missed steak since since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

placing this down here to save the comment in case of self-deletion, but not wanting to ruin the bamboozle. being hidden under a pre-collapsed thread due to the deleted post above helps.

Sure, let's go with that one.

You can't win friends with salad

Your dick-nipples saves the day?

I personally love bringing grain to potlucks because it's such a versatile food. My favorite preparation is either fermented with a bit of hops or mashed and distilled. Best served chilled with a lack of shame and a healthy dose of self-loathing.

Thank you :)

It's good on sandwiches too! And healthier than mayo!

Hummus exists only to remind you that you're not eating baba ganoush.

Came here to post her website too. Gemma Correll

You can just call him Shitting.

Hummus > baba ganoush

like dont we all celebrate 4/20, in our own way mannnnnnnnnnn.

Hummus is amazing, but dipping grilled meat in it may or may not work... I guess it depends on the meat.

Hot dogs and hummus anyone?

True, I've been vegetarian for many years and mostly keep it to myself yet I still have had so many occasions when some random asshole hears I'm vegetarian and they just HAVE to defend why they eat meat and tell me that they will never give it up. I don't give a single fuck! It's ridiculous how many people just assume all vegetarians are preachy and they just attack you for it even when you never even said anything about it to them.

Want to win?

7 Layer Dip

What about fetta stuffed peppers? Or tomato and avocado with balsamic dressing? Sweet potato fritters? Veggies are delicious!

Seig heil!

Wow I actually discovered my own shittymorph post in the wild. I feel like a part of history now.

Hummus: the real reason dinosaurs went extinct

J/k hummus is fucking awesome. Give me a few pita chips and I'm in heaven.

Yes, hummus leads to baba ganoush.

biggest missed steak


The Irish accent seems to be leaking into your typing

I went to find some baba ganoush the other day and ended up getting very irate that there were dozens of hummus options and no baba ganoush!

It's like a competition to use the healthiest ingredients....

Wow. This has to be the third or fourth time I have noticed your username in the past week, and I don't look at them all the time. You're everywhere, dick-nipples.

Shitting dick-nipples?

This thing always makes me sad! Poor bullied sweet long-neck

Google hummus on hotdogs and it's been done a lot... hell besides hummus and tzatziki dogs, even Rachel Ray has done it. There's even a place in Detroit that sells a Lazeez dog with hummus.

dick nipples oniii-sama