The Assassin's Creed poster confused my theatre

The Assassin's Creed poster confused my theatre

They must have confused it with The Passion of the Christ.

Snissassa Deerc looks a Great Movie.

The Passion of the Creed. Not to be confused with the Rocky spin off.

How is that even possible when they employ teens?

Because dumb teenagers



Tbh it looks better the other way


Is that the Australian version?

Because stoned.

I mean remove the text and it can go both ways, because it looks like it takes the perspective of the "hay bale".

Rocky's Creed. An amateur boxer and assassin challenges the Philadelphia Master Templar to a fight in the ring.

Yeah good thing text isn't easy to orient 😁

I'm all for places hiring people with disabilities, but maybe this should have been a job for people with functioning eyeballs

Because couldn't give a flying fuck.

Nah it's the Yankee one ya cunt.

The gang cracks The Da Vinci Code

He faked his own death so he could disappear and become one of the greatest assassin's in history. His plans go awry when they find out his grave is empty 3 days later, and so begins the biggest cover up in history, now known as the New Testament.

Coming to a theater near you:

Assassin's Creed: Chrisitianity

I came here to say this and like how shifty the movie is, this ad is just as horribly designed

Omg an upside down apostrophe? What is this sorcery?

My guess is this: In your theatre works a guy who regularly browses /sub/gaming and was inspired by the annual Spider-Man box art repost.

It's a comma.

I like to call it Da Da Vinci Code.

So that's how Jesus was resurrected; he jumped into hay.

We all complain about all the posters looking the same with the same guy looking the same way in all of them. But look Assassin's Creed tried something different and no one can figure out what to do with their unique poster. There is a lesson in there somewhere, I just know it.

I worked at a theater myself. We'd frequently get high. My favorite part about working at the theatre was trading snacks with the other shops in the mall. Like I couldn't stand eating popcorn and pretzel bites after working there a while. But I could trade trade them for auntie anns pretzels, super cookies and even Chick-fil-A nuggets sometimes. Also, watching all the new movies the Thursday before they came out to scan for quality. We were permitted to invite guests for the screenings. Good times.

Edit: free movie vouchers were pretty great also.

Edit edit: you wouldn't believe some of the movies we'd find used condoms in. Pretty much all of them, the amount of Disney movies with condoms on the floor is disturbing.

What about the upside down S?

I worked at a movie theater in high school. I can confirm. i was the only employee who wasn't stoned.



That's just an upside-down S. Duh.

Joke on the Jesus-y pose.

the amount of Disney movies with condoms on the floor is disturbing.

Guess they just couldn't hold it back any more and had to let it go.

I'd watch that. With arms.... Wide open.

Deerc Snissassa