That is my corner...

For a split second that Cat thought about it. Wisely he did the right thing. That Eagle would have fucked him up. I've seen a Eagle drag a 36'' Musky out of a lake. They are incredibly powerful.

I want to visit this porch

So much shit going on there. That has to be the most interesting porch ever.

I wonder if whoever filmed this realizes just how close this came to a video of a cat being eaten alive.

Actually, this lady has eagles and foxes sit on her patio and chill with her cats all the time. It's pretty cool.

Good thing the bird was in a good mood. And not hungry.

Good choice kitty.

A lot of animals in the wild function under a certain principle, which is that they fear any other animal that doesn't fear them.

That's why sometimes the best thing to do is stand your ground. If you run, they recognize you as prey, and they run after you.

So, generally speaking, if you encounter a wild animal that doesn't fear you, that means you should likely be scared.

If they are indifferent towards you, then that's ok. If they come towards you, that's a problem. If when you move towards them, or make sudden movements, their reaction is not to run away, that's a problem.

That's why this is an interesting situation. The cat might already know this eagle, or other eagles, so it may be familiar to them, or it is just too big for the cat to recognize it as prey. The eagle though also does not recognize the cat as prey, nor as being dangerous. What is odd as well, is that they are so near each other.

Ordinarily for animals in the wild to get so close to each other, they would need to be in indifferent proximity for a while. This might come about from using the same waterhole, and keeping their distance, and eventually the fear goes away, and they get closer and closer.

However in this instance, there doesn't seem to be a reason for the cat to be there, and neither seems bothered by the other, so I would guess that these animals are both tamed, and may have even been raised together.

With cats though, it is also possible that the eagle just didn't fear them, they sneaked up on it one day, and the eagle just gave them a strong warning bite, or talon attack, whatever it is they do, and the cat learned not to fuck with it that way.

A cat would not fear an animal that stands its ground, because the cat's method of attack is to stalk a prey, and then pounce.

EDIT: These animals are definitely attracted to that porch for artificial reasons. They may be fed there, or it is a place where they care for wounded animals or something like that. Further down there are 2 cats, and a fox which are indifferent to each other also, as well as to the person filming, and you can see the fox smelling them.

It would take a very good reason for the fox to be there, and a long time of the human being not moving a muscle for it to get close, and those cats would definitely not accommodate that strategy. That fox was probably either raised there as well, or has been visiting that place for a long time, and the person filming has been feeding it, and being very nonthreatening around it for a good while.

I dont think that cat has much money.

What better symbol of America

That cat looks at the camera with an expression of "Well, did YOU invite them? because I don't know any of these people!"

Not to mention all the legal trouble it would have been in for attacking a protected species.

We live in the Puget Sound area. Our previous house had a pair of nesting bald eagles. They would often dive down to the water and come back up with a giant fish, probably salmon, and bring it back to the nest. Our daughter was a toddler at that time and I was legitimately terrified of them deciding to swoop down and grab her. Also FYI- teenage eagles are loud obnoxious assholes.


It's a pretty great stoop you got going there Stoop Kid

Wait, that's the same place, cat and probably eagle. holy shit

"I am literally America."

I was waiting for Mankind.

I love how the eagle looks at the camera like "Is he for real? Does he not know who I am?

Only PARTIALLY eaten alive. More than half of the eating would happen after death.

This is Alaska. Wildlife is feeding her too. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

wow, is this what it's like to live in Alaska?

That looks like Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

If you play the full version of the gif, the eagle threw the the cat off Hell in a Cell and plummeted 16ft through an announcer's table.

Dutch Harbor Alaska! My Dad has some great stories from his fishing boat days and one of the best ones is his one about coming in sideways into dutch harbor during a storm.


I like how birdy looked over at the camera like "you believe this shit?"

Cat: Mind if it sit here? Eagle: not at all. Cat: thanks. Eagle: this scenery is almost as pretty as you! Cat: this is weird, I'm gonna leave.... Eagle: Aww, where'd my friend go?

"Domestication" describes an effect that happens to an entire species, over many generations.

You don't know much about eagles, huh?

I've never expected this kind of attitude from a cat.

Wow... I have never seen a cat so utterly defeated, I mean like unconditional surrender defeated, not even a pissy hiss or half hearted claw swipe.


This is America, we capitalize everything.

The second cat that saunters up looks like my mom's wild rescue cat. Pure muscle from causing trouble all day. She's gone toe to toe with raccoons and possums.

That is a classic "nope."


Because he was abandoned there!

It looks a lot like Southwest Alaska.