That could be me

That could be me

He's called "Lowcost Cosplay". He has a facebook page and its hilarious. If you say otherwise, you just hating

Goku nipples getting succ

Low cost, high entertainment. Thats value for you right there.

Fuck me Facebook is fucking cancer

That ain't goku g

Been a long ass time. Bardock??

You fanny bandit piece of shit

Edit: it's peyton in a mask

I actually don't. My arms only go up to my elbows.

I bet you feel stupid now

How you going to suggest a link and not provide the Link?

I'm typing with my nubs.

Have some compassion

That's some ghetto ass low-budget creative problem solving.

Link to his Facebook

yall gonna have to walk down to the Namek and get me breastmilk from a Saiyan immigrant

This is great though, gotta admire the creativity


Well, you typin so no excuses.

lmao i never noticed, why tf would that be on him

Nigga you got fingers. Do it yourself.

it's low cost, so it's doing the least but making it look like doing the most, it's pseudo or /sub/metadoingthemost

Wait if your arms only go up to your elbows how are they connected to the rest of your body?

U dik