Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama

You can almost hear the gunfire.

As he looks at the murder Capitol of the USA.

Edit: The soon to be crowned 2016 Murder Capitol. (The greater metro area of Chicago)

You guys have never been to Chicago have you?

There are so many things that I disagree with Obama on, but he is a class act, a great role model, and by all accounts a wonderful father, husband, and person in general. It disgusts me that he and Michelle have suffered the personal attacks.

I was not happy in 2008 when he was elected. I am rather fiscally conservative and thought that his election heralded dark times for our nation. I thought that he was an inexperienced leader who relied on race baiting and nebulous promises of change and hope to sucker a gullible people.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by President Obama. I have not liked everything he has done (I particularly hated his amnesty by executive order), but I have found him to be reasonable and dignified. Indeed he stands as a stark contrast to the hysteria and temper tantrums of his opponents. I am deeply saddened that conservatives have sunk so far and have so little to offer.

God speed Mr. President; thank you for your service and enjoy the rest of your life.

And yet these qualities are rare among Presidents, especially that new guy whose name escapes me because he cums every time anybody says it

Cleveland Indians murder was in that direction.

Karma whore.

13 most dangerous cities in USA. I bet 90% of Reddit would put Chicago at #1, and they'd flunk.



St Louis








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Everyone keeps saying this like it shouldn't already be expected of the kind of person we SHOULD be electing as a president. You don't get put on a pedestal for doing what is expected.

The reason people would put Chicago higher is that it increased 59% this year alone. It also had the most murders of any city in the US.

If you use current numbers instead of 2014 numbers, the list looks a little different:

City Murder rate (per 100k) St. Louis 59.3 Baltimore 51.2 Detroit 44.9 New Orleans 44.5 Cleveland 35.0 Newark, N.J. 33.0 Memphis, Tenn. 31.9 Chicago 27.9 Kansas City, Mo. 26.4 Atlanta 23.9
Obama : You're welcome

Obama : You're welcome

Hated Obama in 2008 (some remnants of conservatism that my parents instilled in me were still mostly strong). I regret this to this day, even at the time when somebody misquoted me, but I likened Obama's ability to stir up the masses with passionate speaking to Hitler. Then, as a still mostly conservative after his first 4 years I actually admit I thought he did an amazing job (minus Clinton's way of dealing with Russia while under Obama. That reset button was embarrassing the day it happened). But Osama bin Laden, Captain Phillips, etc were about the best things an outward-looking conservative could hope for! His second term was much less successful but I've really admired how he's handled things. Incredibly presidential. I'm now firmly liberal, but even while harkening back to my conservative days I really do appreciate what Obama did for this country. He has been a little behind on gay marriage and marijuana, but he steered the big ship and let the states and the Supreme Court sort it out.

Edit to add: comparing anybody to Hitler is an awful idea. I was 20... give me a break. But if I've learned anything this election season it's that I'd rather have educated people stirred up than uneducated racists.

Right? Who are these people who seem to know so much about this city?

That doesn't look like Camden, Gary, or Flint.

I live in the northern suburbs, if this was taken recently(can't tell), idk how the fuck they don't have more layers on. It's been cold AF lately....

That's the furthest South and West in Chicago Obama dares to go.

3-1 never forget

That's not St. Louis.

Seriously, stop painting bad stereotypes by echoing what you hear on the news. Are you between 16- 22, black, part of a gang and live in Englewood? No? Chicago is pretty safe otherwise. Yes there a tough spots but a lot of what you hear on the news is taken out of context. People aren't getting mowed down by drive by shooters daily in Lincoln Park.

total numbers maybe.

per capita even in US Major Cities, not even close.

My sentiments exactly. In '08 I was very leery of the "cult of personality", his lack of experience, and overt idealism. I was a bit right leaning as well back then, and Obama to me, seemed like a dangerous choice.

I don't think my ideological position has changed much, but it seems the rest of the conservatives have moved so far right, that my views are more in keeping with liberals these days.

Obama turned out to be more pragmatists than idealist, and the "no drama Obama" moniker is well deserved. When I think of the President and his family now, I see class and dignity. I will miss their presence in the White House, and I believe history will view him with fondness.

What some say with irony, disgust and vitriol, I say with sincerity and conviction:

Thanks Obama!

This isn't /sub/politics, you don't get free karma for the edgy trump hating comments.

Fox news viewers who have never been here think its a hellhole.

Bombing middle eastern children.

Hahahahaha guess what. I grew up poor as fuck.

Wanna know how i lived? We lived 5 of us, in a cold 2 room leaky basement. My mom was an immigrant (has a greencard) my dad left her when i was 1.

Because of my "liberal handouts" and progressive ideas i work a corporate job now, making more than most of the rural south. I would NEVER have neen given these things if it werent for how amazing America is and the people who were empathetic and gave this poor latino inner city boy a chance.

Ive been called spic, beaner, dirty mexican (im not mexican) made fun of by conservatives and people who i bet voted dor Trump. And you know what? All that made me a stronger person.

In four years, we'll see a post of a romantic photo of Trump and Putin.

Lol, surely that's a joke as he is standing (on solid ground) about as far East as you can in the entire state of Illinois.

I don't align with Obama on many topics, but he and Michele are great examples of the poise and character a President and First Lady should present. They both represented their roles spectacularly.

It was okay today until it started raining...

Also being the first Nobel peace prize winner to bomb another one!

The term "troll" has officially lost all it's meaning, even on reddit.

The violence is real but its in certain parts of the city. If you were in the area where those buildings are and much of the north side you aren't near the violence.

Im not near violence and ive lived here my entire life.

I bet he's tired of dealing with so much bullshit and just ready to relax.

Doubling the national debt

I was going to comment saying STL is currently #1, thanks for recognizing.

Having a different opinion == troll, according to this guy

Who said anything about trump? Shouldn't Obama be able to stand on his own merits?

4) Obamacare... I could write a book about this, but it truly was the greatest disaster of his presidency.

A paragraph will do, convince me.

Obama moved to the center once he was President. As a President should. You need to work for all of America, not just the 50% that elected you.

What about the gun running

My grandma watches CNN and every time I mention I want to move to Chicago (from Detroit, of all places) she says "I can't believe you would want to live in that AWFUL, CRIME RIDDEN city". I've visited Chicago loads of times and it it miles beyond what Detroit is, or even will be 20 years into it's 'resurgence'. I get that there are problem areas there, like any other city, but I just find it odd that people are so quick to denounce it.

I'm one year into my career, with an undergrad/masters in business, and I feel like Chicago is the best option for my next step, due to its large financial sector, but grandma just doesn't get it. She just knows that people get shot there all the time (thanks CNN).

Hey, nice going Oakland! Got out of the list.

How does he race bait, other than just existing as a half-white half-black person?

Is it race-baiting for a non-white person to occupy the White House?

He's a cluster-fuck for traditional racists. Is he white? Black? Indonesian? They don't know what the fuck to make of him, and he runs circles around them by being a class act.

Flint, MI! Whoop!

He added 9 trillion dollars onto the US's debt and I see him as a racer baiter.

2016 MURDER per capita in USA. not just "violent crimes" like listed below. 30 cities no Chi. I will say this, Chicago Heights and Harvey IL are on there, but as is the same with Chicago itself and its homicides... these are not nice places.

13 most dangerous cities in USA (violent crimes per capita). No Chi.

I'm thinking “Agent Orange”, 'cause he's orange and working for the Russians.

Edit: Also, he's toxic as fuck.

Arrrr you ready to rummmmmmble!?

Obama is ending his two terms with one of the highest approval ratings ever. The nation is in a much better place financially than ever before. His family and administration have conducted themselves with grace and dignity against overwhelming odds and insufferable criticisms.

Also, go Cubs!

Dude right? Like this morning wasn't bad walking into the office, and then the weather was like, "Fuck it, let's give them rain." Drive home on 94 was sketchy a bit here and there, plus my favorite no turn signal drivers 🤗🤗🤗

Thanks for not prosecuting bankers and Wallstreet criminals for deliberately crashing the economy. Thanks for continuing the CIA's proxy wars in the Middle East. Thanks for not doing anything to balance the Federal budget.

I refer to him only as Tinyhands McTrumpadump.

K, we get it.

I've been, parts of it IS a hellhole. To be fair, it's not all bad, some of it's worse.


Crazy things happen in Cleveland when the series is 3-1.

Despite the fact that Congress controls spending, the economy was in recession when he took office so of course the debt went up. Most added debt was from the stimulus and the tax cuts the Republican Congress passed without paying for.

The thing is that Chicago is huge.

You could take the South Side, make it its own city, and it'd be one of the most violent cities in the world. Then all the rest of Chicago (you know, the parts with the tall buildings and world class museums and food, the part people probably actually mean when they say "Chicago") would be one of the safest.

City borders are weird like that.

The nation is in a much better place financially than ever before.

For the people at the top, yeah it is. The GDP is up but the median househould income for the average American family is still way below the level it was at when he took office.

The basic summary is none of the money being generated over the past 8 years has worked its way down to the people at the bottom leading to a greater income inequality.

(This is all in the latest Census Bureau report btw.)

Scandal free? Wut?

Trump Trolls are out ya'll.

Pulling us out of what would have been the next great depression, killing bin Laden, making healthcare accessible to 20 million people who didn't have it before, saving the US auto industry from going under. But you Trumpcucks would never acknowledge any of that.

wait... you guys actually believe the piss report? even though it had stuff about jerking off to Japanese anime at the bottom of the report and his friend Michael Cohen was confirmed by the University of South California to have been there at a baseball game when it says he was in Prague?

this is really sad you guys will believe any fake news....

There better be some golden showers.

yeah but maybe not have one that speaks like a child that just discovered he won't get punished for saying "bad words"

I mean, yeah lots of presidents fucked up during their terms, but how many were actually already ruining the countries image before being put into the white house?

sorts by controversial

this should be fun

Yes because people who don't agree with you can't have their own opinions, there has to be something sinister about it.

Reddit's obsession with Obama is just weird, almost cult like. He was the most prolific speaker of any president but meh, he just scam us by his speaking. He was mediocre at best when it came to being presidential.

He secretly made the Cubs win.

Holy shit, did you come up with that yourself? Daaaamn

Edit: I'm not being sarcastic

Doubling the US debt. Race baiting. Setting records for killing kids via drone strikes. Creating an atmosphere in the middle east that allowed ISIS to become what it is.

Then why are they always complaining about people disrespecting their master? Seems like inferiority complexes.

Because parts of it are nice?

This is a great picture.

Just out of curiosity - not shit-stirring - but can someone who really hates Obama explain why? I mean, I just don't get the virulence.

What's really rich are all these comments about how much war Obama engaged us in. Like Trump is going to be a purveyor of peace or something. Are you people for real?

Berniecrat here. All y'all make me sick.

The muzzle flashes are so romantic...

My go-to is "Dipshitler", but I need a catchy last name to go with it.

Foreign cars would still exist, but the Big 3 US Automakers were so close to bankruptcy that without intervention (thanks Obama), they probably wouldn't exist today. Certainly not as independent entities, maybe as subsidiaries of BMW or Toyota.

I woulda been nice of air Force one to drop them off at Midway or O'Hare instead of walking from Gary airport.

Are you for real? What is with this constant comparing of reality to assumption? It's possibly the world's worst, most insufferable argument to suggest that: "Person A did something, but Person B probably will prob do the same thing too so it's moot." And you're actually culminating this inane comment with an "are you for real?" suggesting it can't plausibly be reality to believe anything other than your vapid logic.

It's actually fascinating to look back at the 2008 Election Thread from /sub/politics now in hindsight.

Just look at the euphoria, the hope of America becoming a progressive paradise, of a Democratic Party renaissance.

Among the absolutely breathless euphoria, a lone dissenter with +1 karma made a prophetic prediction of what type of president Obama would ...

Compared to Reagan, Nixon, Bush and Clinton. Yes.

Ya, they did. Mine did. We canceled insurance because we can't afford it anymore. There's nothing affordable about the ACA for the working class.

Can't blame Fox news for this article. @CNN

Even this breakdown, which also includes low income or no income policy holders, shows rate increases across the board.

i only need two sentences: obamacare is broken because republicans took away the public option, so i'm sorry to say it needs to be redone. until then it's actually worse than what we had, and just made health insurance even more exploitative

For what?

Escalating racial tensions and calling it progress

When he makes personal remarks about a black kid getting killed by police while referencing their skin color while the investigation is still underway, on national television - how is that not race baiting?

Wtf happened to this poor subreddit, rip /sub/pics

Any closer and he'd get shot.

The Fox News is strong in this one. The list for King Piss is already longer than this and he hasn't taken office yet.

Chicago is unique for having the highest amount of gun related homicides due to gang warfare, maybe other cities have higher over all violent crime rates.

I've never been. Let me guess, Fox news lied about how bad it is?

My life was good with Obama. I went to college, got a job right after I graduated. My dad got treatment for his Parkinson's, which would have gone untreated without Obamacare. He was a good president, an honorable man and somebody that I trusted and looked up to.

Liberals live in a fantasy world.

I miss him already. He's a great man and a great President. He accomplished a lot. And did it all with grace, humor, and respect for his fellow Americans.

The Bush administration just manufactured the war that Obama's inherited.

It's east of St. Louis

Well if you rank by number of shootings Chicago is number one

You're the only one talking about race.

Politician hot right now.

Lots of white yuppies moving into the area cough

it's funny that you imply that people who voted against him were because of his race.

how about saying something, too, about the number of blacks who got up off their asses and voted just BECAUSE he was black?!?

just as racist.

He can't stand any closer due to errant gunfire.

Wow St. Louis is winning by a mile.