TFW you've never made anyone this happy

It's perfect! They gave her a puppy that looks like her favorite toy dog.

The moment the teddy bear died inside.

Well that didn't work. Now she's crying.

As I've been informed by a colleague of mine, the proper response to that retort is "Fuck you, Watson" So, on that basis:

Fuck you, Watson

Cynical old me can't help but believe the mom kept wiping the hair out of her daughter's face to ensure her full reaction was captured on video.

Super cute nonetheless.

Stop making grown men smile like giant goofs and wipe tears from the corner of their eye, okay? Stop it!

the way she hugs that stuffed animal is heartwrenching...

Why do you think that is bad? Those were tears of joy and this is a moment their whole family will cherish forever.


What a terrible mom, making her daughter so upset...

The best part of this is the mom putting the girl's hair over her face

I always thought it was, "keep digging, Watson"

Nah. That teddy is looking forward to having a new ally in protecting that girl from the evils of the world.

Teddy and doggo are going to be bros fighting the good fight alongside each other.


I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Fuck it let’s all cry.

By the looks of it, they gave their daughter the greatest gift she had ever received. The either bought a stuffed animal to look like the dog or the other way around, they thought out and carefully planned this moment where their child would meet her new best friend.

But yeah, we should critique the mom for wanting to capture the full moment. 🙃

Jesus Christ Karen, cover your face! I have the camera on and everything!


Realistic and ballistic sound a lot alike.

Cynical and realistic look a lot alike.

My first thought.

I really tried to scroll past this I really did

I've seen it a million times and get the feels every time.

This is the only acceptable repost

My mom used do things like this for me when I was crying actually. I wanted to comment on how sweet it was and surprised to see someone thought it was shallow. She would move my hair when I was talking normally even so I just see this as affectionate personally.

The post gave me ovaries

This video will always make me tear. I want a daughter like her she looks like an angel. So grateful for that puppy.

This one is funny in reverse but can't make it myself because of .gifv

What in the name of fuck is wrong with you? Jesus christ, that isn't even so-terrible-its-funny bad, that's just straight up pedophilia. You're a terrible person and your mother regrets your birth. I'd say your father regrets you too, but seeing as he's already dead inside, he can't really feel anything anymore.

...Also, your theme account is bad and you should feel bad.

as a dad this is heartwarming as a dad who has seen toy story too many times i this is heartbreaking

That's specifically mentioned in the full video.

This post makes my ovaries hurt