Taylor Swift: judge dismisses DJ's case against pop star

Taylor Swift: judge dismisses DJ's case against pop star

Now, that is what I call... swift justice.

Count on Reddit to Taylor a pun for every occasion.

I used to enjoy puns. I still enjoy puns but I used to too.

Now we wait for Monday when the jury starts deliberating. They will need to find whether her mom and bodyguard are responsible for Mueller's job loss.

I'm a bit confused, will they also decide whether Mueller did the deed or not? And is Taylor's counterclaim a separate case or will this jury decide that at the same time? 🤔

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

Posts on this sub always take a long time to shoot up. I'm also willing go bet a lot of women left this sub, because it's become of the most hostile subs towards women on Reddit.

A counterclaim will be resolved at the same time. Because it involves the same set of facts, it's judicially efficient to resolve them all together.

The jury could decide that Mueller did it. Truth is an absolute defense to slander. However, the jury could also dispose of the case without reaching that issue, such as by deciding that neither party met their burden.

I'd say because everyone knows this case hasn't been that emotionally difficult for Swift, it's a relatively small thing to have happened. She didn't take him to trial, he tried to take her. I don't think she needs anyone's support because she's got this on her own. Her case is also a lot easier to argue and therefor win.

As opposed to Kesha who was clearly mentally drained by it all and needed some support but that was because her assaults were likely more scarring (not that having your ass grabbed but someone isn't scarring). Kesha's case, no one knew what would happen, and obviously she lost getting out of the situation she was put into.

Just my 2cents

1) she didn't steal an album cover 2) she reposted a stolen, edited picture on Instagram and took it down when notified that it was stolen 3) she offered way more than the required royalty fees Buy most importantly, ZombieGarden: 4) how does that make it okay to grope her without her permission?

Sounds like they still have Bad Blood.

I can't wait for her to win. Destroy them.

Art theft or not she kind of deserves to not be groped so... relevance?

It's only been up for 3 hours and (in the US) it's still early on a Saturday morning.

This will get attention, just give it until the afternoon.

What about that comment needs to be explained? It is not exactly cryptic

I used to enjoy puns, then I found Reddit.

So sexual assault should be legal? Piss off

I think they're asking why didnt she get more support.


[puts glasses on]

US District Judge William Martinez determined that the pop star could not be held liable because David Mueller failed to prove that she personally set out to have him fired after the 2013 photo op. His identical allegations against Swift’s mother and her radio liaison will go to jurors for a verdict.

I failed to see the above comment lacks an understanding of the article. Honestly it comes across like you're calling someone out for not reading the article when you yourself havn't read the article.

It's not... As long as you get her permission first.

Nobody deserves groping...

Once you get famous I'm gonna hire a big dude to grope your (straight I'm assuming) ass and dick. You cool with that though right?

Or if you say "well taylors straight and the person who groped her ass was a dude" what about a creepy woman you're not attracted to at all who makes you feel nauseated thinking about what she's done to you. Clearly you've never been sexually harassed because let me tell you buddy, it makes you feel like shit

But what?

I just searched for this and all I could find was an issue around a fox that an artist drew, a swift fan sent to her with their own signature, and then taylor posted it on Instagram without realizing her fan hadn't done it. What album art did she steal?

That's his point. Just because she did something shitty doesn't mean she deserves to be groped.

This post isn't very highly upvoted and the comments are mostly lame jokes. What's the deal?

You should respond directly to those comments and ask those men why they're here. I already know why they're in this post.

I had a response written and I just deleted it because I'm not good with words. While not a fan, make sure you dislike someone for the right reasons... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/taylor-swift-responds-to-artists-infringement-accusations-...

... exactly

None of what is true? Have you been following this case at all? 🤔

The claims against Andrea Swift and Frank Bell were not dismissed. Taylor Swift's counterclaim is also still on the table. Next week the jury decides what to do with Mueller's claims against Swift and Bell.

The title is pretty useless as it implies the case is over, but the article itself says in the first paragraphs the exact same thing as my comment did. Its main deficiency is that it's not clear on when Taylor's counterclaim goes to jury or if it's decided along with Mueller's claims.

I think people aren't taking it that seriously because the person trying to sue her is just some nobody.

What do you mean by that?

You must be new to the internet if you believe that headlines are a good way to glean any information off of an article.