Taking bets on Kenneth Jenner

Taking bets on Kenneth Jenner

How did she not think of that though? She basically contradicted herself

I never got this. Like we call her Kaitlyn and refer to her as a woman but Kendall and Kylie call her dad. Really confusing

I mean didn't she have an interview where they tried to get her to read something and she couldn't read it.

Couldn't read it? Like on some Floyd Mayweather shit ?

I guess each family decides. Would be a big jump to say mum for both, feel cold to call first name. Idk.

I mean, if Kendall is a woman who's not girly, Caitlyn can certainly be a woman who's not girly. Gender identity and expression are nuanced like that.

Now I'm not the smartest guy in the room, but you think maybe she was referencing not fitting into gender roles?

Fifty's a fountain of dankness. He ruined LL Cool J's career in a beef just for shits and giggles by buying the rights to his whole portfolio and blacklisting it on radio.. He's an absolute madman.



I still go back and look at the memes 50 was postin if I want a good laugh

Excuse me sir this is Reddit, where gender is binary and the personality traits don't matter.


I was thinking it made the most sense to just call Caitlyn Jenner 'mom' and just keep calling Kris 'manager'.

Yeah. It depends on the situation. Caitlyn transitioned pretty late in life, so consider they probably went all the way through childhood saying "dad". Tough habit to break even when talking to media.

Some folks transition earlier and then adopt and to those kids they are usually mom b/c they've only ever been female to them

I was not aware that 50 was this dank. Are there any more? I need more.

Ya but tbh the bankruptcy was a pretty clever move to screw over some girl that was suing him. Way too lazy to look up and link it, but I thought the same thing and my boy filled me in.

Gender roles isn't some new Tumblr thing lol it's just like women doing traditionally girly things and men doing traditionally masculine things

It always fucking has been. Boys can't play with dolls, wear pink, have emotion. Girls can't get dirty or ask boys out or have rights. If anything, saying there shouldn't be gender roles makes it way easier for our youth

You are why the Earth is gonna explode.

that's exactly what I had thought

it's perfectly reasonable to expect one of kaitlyn's children to be more comfortable exploring their own personal queer qualities, she's literally taking inspiration from her father and has someone very important in their life to look up to

What's confusing? They're not going to jump to calling her mom, they already have one of those lol

Goddamn TMZ is cancer.

I have a trans family friend and her daughters still call her dad. I don't think it's that uncommon.

lmao someone's triggered!

Being a woman doesn't mean being girly.

It makes sense to me. I don't think 💭 hey my dad is a man so I'll call him dad. It's just kind of his name?

Not sure about that one. LL is worth around $100 million 50 about $16-20 million. 50 is in bankruptcy protection right now.

That's not an interview and it's just her getting nervous while presenting.

It's different for different people. Family members might say mom or dad depending on what they want. Doesn't matter much

"Did you call mom?"

"Yeah she'll meet us there. Stagemom can't make it though."

Well that's an answer that leads to more questions.

I feel like she could wear almost anything almost any way she wants tbh.

Which ones?

It's just kind of his name?

Totally agree. You're just told 'this is mom and this is dad' and it's basically their names until you reach an age where you realize that have actual names.. but they're still mom and dad. If you were, off the bat, told that your female parent was 'dad' and your male parent was 'mom, you wouldn't even think twice. Mom and dad only has the gender connotations that we give it. They're not even true shorthand versions of mother and father, either, so what does it matter.

50 was an initial investor in Vitaminwater. He's loaded.

I see your /s and all but (breathes in) kaitlyn is still 100% scientifically the father despite the gender change and it's correct to call her the father, it's not offensive

in case anyone was actually unsure

Makes me happy that most of the comments here are respectful, and the shitty ones are all downvoted.

Well "we" have a much less personal relationship with Caitlyn Jenner than her daughters. I don't know about you but I don't find it as difficult to comprehend that a random celeb has transitioned and is now, in fact, a woman. If my parents decided to transition though, I'd accept it just fine but it'd still take a while to get used to the new family dynamic.

how dare people feel like their gender identity is wholly incompatible with either of the two sexes! i am so angry that i will berate and mock them for it!

-most of reddit, disgustingly enough. i'm so thankful it hasn't infiltrated this thread yet

They blast the Jenners saying everything is handed to them and they've never worked a day in their lives, and yet they are the exact reason they are like that. Stop reporting their every move and mistake you hypocrites.

Its like you didn't even read the comment

Damn she looks good in short hair. Short hair girls winning

Kung Fu Kenny Jenner

Is her father girly though?

I don't really follow any of it but just because (what's her name now, not Bruce?) had gender reassignment surgery doesn't automatically make her girly.

Kendal can perfectly validly be saying that she's not girly just like her father who is also not girly.

I'm not a scientist, but wouldn't the biological father be the one who provided the sperm, and the biological mother the one who provided the egg and carried the child? I get being respectful and saying biological parent, but I don't see why anyone should get offended. It's just biology. In calling her the father, no one is misgendering her or in any other way trying to disrespect her, it's just biological fact.

Yeah but she gave context that made it seem like she thought that.

Someone's about to go fishing with all that bait

Got a source on that one?

Never happened. But sounds cool.

EDIT: And only person responsible for ruining LL's career is LL.

Idk I just googled "Kendall can't read"

She is their father (as in biologically), but she's a woman now. She's still technically a dad, but I don't think the end of your comment is necessary.

When your dad transitions into a woman, you can call her whatever you want.

no. he's just willingly stupid. seriously.

Do you have any examples? I'm not really familiar with Caitlyn Jenner as a person.

I'm also genuinely unsure if you're referring to the fact that she's transgender. She can be a non-feminine woman, just like a man doesn't have to be masculine.

I mean before the sex change, Bruce was a all time Olympian, father of like 5 kids, married twice and multiple baby mommas.

Though he of course said he always felt like a woman, Bruce was damn near more manly than most of us out here. Plus he didn't have a sex change until Kendall was like 20 right?

She ain't the bright bulb in the Pepsi factory.

It's Caitlyn now I believe, and I think she was meaning "I don't fit into gender roles", but very poorly worded.

Maybe if we pretend society didn't do things, their influence will just magically disappear!

This that one thing you read while smoking and you sit there taking the longest exhale of your life contemplating everything

"Sperm donor" doesn't roll off the tongue

How does one become bankrupt when they are worth $16-20 million.

Caitlyn is still really athletic, especially considering her age. She rides ATVs and motorcycles and golfs and plays tennis. She's also into cars, boats, etc., which are typically masculine interests. Sure, she also likes makeup and clothes, but I think what Kendall is referring to is that she sees herself as more of a 'tomboy', which was heavily influenced by how athletic her dad is. I haven't watched much of the show but I remember seeing an episode where she talked about how her and Caitlyn would always play sports together. I think they bond through that.

Username checks out


What? This isn't a male vs female debate. What the above commentator is saying is that not having rigorous gender roles is beneficial for both genders.

I think he means she is quite a feminine​ woman. I've only ever seen her with long hair and elegant dresses.

How about "Fertilizer"?

....do you have any references for that? Never heard that, and google is bringing up nothing.

He def didn't ruin LL's career. Than man's been doing TV for the last decade.

I don't think you understand the difference between gender expression and actual gender

Of course they can but the role Caitlyn filled for them was Dad so it wouldn't just switch because of a label.

This comment was legit so stupid it pissed me off. I thought I couldnt be trolled, but congrats.

I consider Kendall a girl's name.

Better off since you're easily confused.

She make it look sexy

How are women more protected also throughout history and in many places still today women have less rights

Not really. Mom is 'short' for mother, I guess, but dad isn't even close to father. I'm sure that if we did an experiment where the names were reversed for the genders kids would be none the wiser because they equate it to that specific person, like a name. Like 99% sure that I thought my mom's name was actually mom for like the first 4 years of my life.

Edit: In case anyone was wondering what they said, it was an incredulous "Are you serious?" in response to my saying that mom and dad only have the gender connotations that we give them. They aren't inherently reflective of genders.

We live in a time where a father can be a lesbian.

Before Caitlyn transitioned, she was into "boy" stuff like golf, cars, sports, and stuff like RC helicopters and cars. That was always what "Bruce" liked to do, why would Caitlyn be any different than her former self? If Kendall can be a more "boyish" woman, why can't Caitlyn?

father is not a social construct

the role a father plays in social relationships is a social construct

just like gender and gender roles are social constructs but sex and ones role in reproduction is science

I have a transwoman friend with boys and they still call her, "Dad." They understand that she's transitioned, but it's also understandable that they've been ingrained to say "Mom" & "Dad" since they learned to speak, so that one is a little tougher to overcome. It's really not that confusing.

wait a second....

This is some high quality /sub/iamverysmart material.

Mayweather's entire success is based around the fact that he DOESN'T take those hits.

He's 49-0 because he's the best defensive boxer in history.

It is. You can still be the gender you identify with and not be a caricature of that gender.

Fuck off, stop being transphobic. You don't know shit about what it feels like to be trans

This response is so tired.

This shouldn't really be a liberal/conservative issue. Shit if conservatives are all about personal liberty they should be fine with people identifying however they want.

Also, not everyone who supports peoples ability to identify and express gender as they please are liberal. Bit more nuance to this issue.

You can downvote the whole world and literally every single person replying but you are still a dumbass who doesn't understand basic concepts.

Biological father isn't a "social construct" you moron.

He can pay bad bitches to read him bedtime stories everynight.

I agree. Some people are just genuine assholes. Not everyone is secretly what they hate.

Kendall is low key lesbian. I know alot of yall don't want to believe but it's true. Tag me so when it's revealed I can tell yall I said so

I think gender is binary, but I also think personality traits have a much bigger influence on your character than your gender.

over the top exaggeration of what we imagine hyperfemininity to be? valley girl who spends all her time and money on clothes, makeup and being afraid of bugs?

Gender and gender roles are two different terms though. You're right in thinking of gender as boy and girl but gender role refers to how the genders are suppose to behave.

adult female human, but I know I'll get shit for saying that :P

I mean. Caitlyn has only been out as trans for what? 2 years? Kendall is 22, so that means for 20 years of her life her dad was identifying as male. So maybe she just slipped up because she's not 100% used to it yet?

From what I've seen on their various tv shows (I like trashy reality TV okay?), because Kendall and Kylie Jenner are Caitlyn Jenner's biological daughters, they still refer to her as "dad". They feel that Caitlyn's influence in their life has always been from a father's role and remains so.

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Duh, obviously it's a man guys!!1!1

You know a lot of kendalls.