Surely, you can't be a shitpost.

Awesome work dude. One of the funniest gifs I've seen. This is an entirely different kind of gif.

This is an entierly different type of gif.

All together.

JK - Your GIF is enough to pass the filter.

This is an entierly different kind of gif.

This is hilarious. Yeah I was battling the length factor pretty hard. Had to compromise a little on frame-rate and resolution.

Very well done, great gif! Loved the subtle upvote on the plane console! Nice job!

This is an entierly different type of gif.

The subtlest dickbutt is the greatest dickbutt

It's the perfect compliment to yours. Little did I realize when I made it a couple of years ago - it had a destiny! Funny that mine was also meta.

Great work BTW.

If this isn't on the front page by this time tomorrow I'll have lost 87% of my faith in Reddit.

Good job hiding the dickbutt, by the way, I almost missed it!

Right after they mention the dickbutt, it's on the wall in the background

This is an entirely different kind of gif.

I picked the wrong day to stop making gifs.

I was annoyed because I thought there wasn't one. Where is it?


Rechecked the gif. Oh shit. This is an entierly different kind of gif.

Man, if I'd have gone to sleep 5 minutes ago, I wouldn't have had tomorrow's (today's...oh god it's 12:52am) top post spoiled.


Yeah I just called that

This is an entirely different type of gif.

Damn it, autocorrect

This is an entirely different kind of comment.

...though you're not wrong.

It's too short. Your story telling is out of this world! I wish there was an entire movie.

Nothing "technically" wrong about length. It can cause a giffer to compromise color quality and, if the maker is willing to screw it up lower the frame rate, the original buttery smoothness of the source frame rate to hit a target upload file size. Also they take a bit to watch.

When you're talking about delivery, most are actually converted to and delivered as video files these days. The original upload usually has to be a GIF though, and there are file size limits for that. For Imgur, it's 200M. I think Giphy might allow more, but if you try to upload a straight video to them they'll limit it to 15 seconds. (*see below) Imgur doesn't support upload as a video yet.

The joke about tumblr GIFs is that their upload size was limited to 5M for a very long time. People hacked their GIFs to pieces in order to reach it. Thus tumblr is a laughing stock of High Quality GIFs.

[*edit: I was wrong about who and what size limits are around. Imgur has a 200M limit and does not have video upload, Gihpy has a 100M limit and no video upload, and Gfycat supports video upload with a 60 second limit and GIF upload of "unlimited" size with warnings about conversion quality. Thanks to /u/falconbox's later comment for making me want to double-check.]

Here you go.

To put it mildly! OP made some next level meta from one of my favourite movies. The shitting on TBBT was funny.

Just saw it. Fuking great 👍

"This is not a dance, I'm begging for help, I'm screaming for help, Please come let me out!"

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing After Effects!

Not sure where else to ask this: what is wrong with making a gif longer and keeping high resolution? Other than computer render time, using something like giphy surely loads it fast enough?

i have no idea what's happening in this sub anymore, but i love it.

There's also a very subtle dickbutt between Speezy and the Girl's head on the shadow line when he says "this an entirely different gif all together"

I love your reaction gif comments...very classy

I miss Leslie Nielsen :(

Thank you for explaining the joke, I've laughed about it in the movie and I still didn't get it

This is entirely different type of high

"It's entirely different altogether" means that every part of it is different; altogether means completely.

If you are leading a service or other speaking type thing, and you say "all together" to a group of people, it implies they should all say a thing "together" at once, like a group.

Altogether != all together. He meant it as an adverb, they took it as a command.

I didn't notice any framerate problems here. I'm on mobile and was very impressed at the length and quality. Nearly 2 minutes long.

Anything over 1 minute and I usually have to compromise on resolution far too much because my laptop can't handle the rendering from Photoshop.

I agree, one of my favorite movies and I could hear the dialogue in the characters voices.

FYI...gfycat now supports up to 60 seconds for video upload. They secretly increased the limit fairly recently.

Edit: I'd recommend converting any mp4 to webm first using XMedia Recode because otherwise gfycat will convert it to webm itself, damaging quality a but. But you can do it pretty lossless yourself with that and prevent the compression. (I only learned this recently)

(I have to convert because Vegas can't render webm like Adobe Premiere can with a plug-in)

After he says "this an entirely different gif all together" between spezy and the woman's head

That is subtle.

I missed it and thought it'd pop up at the end while the camera was panning across the cockpit console.

I've seen that movie god knows how many times in the last 30 years and damn I've only just spotted that joke.

Bowing in awe. Mother f'ing hit this GIF out of the park. Amazing. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd go find a suitable reaction GIF. I'm super lazy though.

This is an entierly different type of gif.

Where is it? I've watched so many times I can't find it


This is Patrick

"This is an entirely different kind of plane, altogether" becomes "this is an entirely differeny kind of plane, [now say it] altogether."

You aren't wrong. This gif is on a totally different tier than any other gif

Airplane! Great movie that I'd suggest anyone watch

All the episodes of Police Squad are on youtube...

This is an entirely different kind of gif comment.

Ahhhh - that misspelling stuck out to me like a Turkish prison, but otherwise great gif!

It's a feature film

This is a gif.

Don't call him Spezy!


One ticket please, I have patients to see tomorrow.

This is an entierly different type of gif.

This is glorious. The meta is getting a bit much, but I'll be goddamned if I don't make an exception for this one.

Looked so hard for a dickbutt on the planes console

Intercom: Hello ladies and gentleman, this is the final boarding call for High Quality Gifs Airlines, flight to the top.

You must be new.

This is an entierly different type of gif.

Thhhaaannnk yoooouu! Actually my favorite movie. Can the meta shift to Airplane! for awhile?

That's what she said

Nice man, love it

Arial Black, my old standby before I got into fitting the text into the source better.

I don't remember what font hers is.

It's a nice, bold, legible font. I've used it a lot in the past, but now I've been trying to avoid it unless I'm going for a "memey" look. It's easy to fall in a rut with it.

I like the gif, love the scene/movie, however:

(I'm also no expert so please shit all over me if I'm off here)

The way the text appeared was distracting for me, not sure what it was specifically, however, just wanted to offer that. Cheers, and don't call me Shirley

Same.  I had to watch it again to see it

Same. I had to watch it again to see it

This is an entierly different type of gif.

I'm sorry sir, we need your seat, please stop off the plane.

Call me stupid, but what was the joke?

This is an entierly different type of gif.

I'm going to say 18 months before we see the first feature-length meta gif.