Sunset looks like the apocalypse

Sunset looks like the apocalypse

Is that Portugal?

Yes this is Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

Not anymore apparently.

Black hole sun.

Nice, been there couple weeks ago. Such a nice place!

Famous last words

Fallout: Li5boa

Won't you come

"huh, this sunset burns more than usual"
Enjoy your hand lettered username!

You can see all my past lettered usernames at r/letters_ur_username

Enjoy your hand lettered username!

You can see all my past lettered usernames at /sub/letters_ur_username

And wash away the rain

It always amazes me how people can correctly identify the location based on one random picture

I'm not crying. You're crying. 😢

Won't you come

Hahaha, I was kinda lucky, been there literally two weeks ago for the first time in my life and I was really impressed with how cool the rooftops looked! Then the first thing I've noticed after the sky was the rooftop to the right, but still it's really funny how our brains can connect stuff and really keep random memories.


Chris Cornell died today

Idk how to feel about this

Now that Portugal won Eurovision, it's only expected that Earth passed to the next level

Blowout soon Stalker

I used to have dreams that looked like this, esp back in the 90s, where the sky was that red and orange color and had apocalyptic overtones. Seeing this IRL still sends a little chill down my spine. Lovely image!

Your only speech options are 'sim' and 'não'

Yes, I know all too Well :/

Suicide, hanged himself

If you're from Lisbon, are you considered Lisbian?


That was unexpected

Yeah, confirmed.

low odor

well then what the fuck is the point

Don't leave us hanging OP!

What camera did you use?

I recognized that this is Portugal because of the Assassin's Creed Game where you run from an Earthquake.

its probably just constipation.

Run! You're stuck in the movie Independence Day!