Stefan blesses us again!

Stefan blesses us again!

I hope he fucks cancer and lives a long time

Maybe we work on AI's and brain transfer. Robo-Robbie.

Or Robot Rotten.

Why, just why did cancer get this guy, fucking hell give me cancer but let him live for eternity

What kind of sick fuck dislikes that?

He would be number

01001111 01101110 01100101


You asked for it

God has spoken. We're going to the North Pole bois!

Technically, 1 would be 1 in binary.

He so dank he dresses like a fairy gopnik

You already have it , you just never noticed .

You're on /sub/dankmemes, this is basically a cancer ward

That's "One" in binary.

I just fucking love this man. His attitude on life and his situation are keeping me from depression. I play the we're number one video every single fucking day to remind myself that hes pushing me to remember that i'm just as important as everyone else who is number one.

All 2 employees

If I had a buzzfeed employee for every gender

or freeze his body and in the far future when the technology is sufficiently advanced bring him back to life

Fuck why are half the people here acting like he's already dead. That's the kind of stuff you say of someone who already passed away.

I thought that said, "I hope he fucking dies of cancer" and I freaked the fuck out about why this was the top comment.

No shit

Jesus. I thought he said Satan


Knowing redditors, it'll be more infamous than Shackleton's expedition. (It failed miserably. Really interesting story btw.)

Two people that are on my kill list

God's attention span is 13 words long

Why the fuck does it have dislikes

Buzzfeed normies dislike stefans videos

For the lazy:

Santa Claus lives in Finland, Korvatunturi

01101110 01101111 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100

'Fairy gopnik' is my new favorite thing

Not me.

I'm pretty sure our God knows that better than you

Make Roboticus real?

If I could take this man's cancer upon myself and it meant he'd live out the rest of his long life as a happy man, I'd do it. That would be my gift to the world, letting this man continue to give his.

Stephan > Everything bad in the world

Don't underestimate the power of shitposting.