Star Wars Episode 9 Pushed Back to December 2019

Star Wars Episode 9 Pushed Back to December 2019

This feels prudent. They just swapped directors so they're giving the new one more time just in case.

Also, I rather like December being Star Wars movie month.

We're releasing VII in May! Edit: December We're releasing VIII in May! Edit: December We're releasing IX in May! Edit: December

Star Wars for xmas is the new THING and it rules

Really happy about this, I much prefer going to the cinema in December than in May, feels much more comforting for some reason.

Dec 2015: Episode 7

Dec 2016: Rogue One

Dec 2017: Episode 8

May 2018: Han Solo Movie

Dec 2019: Episode 9


OCD intensifies

Lol it wouldn't be out of respect they would change the date so WW doesn't get reamed in the box office

December 20th, 2019 is the exact date for those who can't access the link.

It's also the date for those who can access the link.

Not mad, TBH. Wonder how Patty Jenkins is going to react to this...

E: Also, I'm so ecstatic about this December release date. It's LOTR all over again, and that makes me so fucking giddy. Thank you, Disney.


It's Christmas, then.

Now they will almost surely move Han Solo to December premier.

Same. I relate Christmas with Star War season now. Makes that time of the year even better!

it would be so strange if they didn't. Why put Star Wars against Avengers?

I love Star Wars Decembers so I don't mind. Wonder Woman 2 will probably get pushed back now.

"Hans Solo", OCD intensifies

And it's Infinity War, which I'm actually more excited for.

Good call, my young padawan.

Yes, and I bet out of respect for Star Wars they change as well. Though I will gladly see both, WW was amazing, not everyone can and Star Wars will siphon off from WW more than WW would from SW.

May 1977 May 1980 May 1983 May 1999 May 2002 May 2005 December 2015 December 2016 December 2017 May 2018 December 2019 May(be?) 2020

Star Wars being in the same month as the biggest and best holiday makes sense.

Waited in line for Rogue One in single digit temperatures with 20+ mph winds. The joys of living in a small town without reserved seating.

Excited to do it again.

Why? Has Wonder Woman 2 been pushed to December as well?

Unsurprising. It was never going to be released in May as originally scheduled, at the same time as Avengers 4? Of course not. Disney would never allow these two behemoths to cannibalize each other.

Yes! I love that Christmas season is Star Wars season!

Not yet.

That's a pretty elitist way to look at it. I'm 26 and I'm loving the new trend of Star Wars at Christmas.

[Non-denominational screeching]


implies that it is a new feeling, perhaps around 21 months old.

Ive been saying this, Disney decided they cant copyright christmas so theyre going to replace it with Star Wars. Is the Han Solo movie scheduled for Dec 2018? I swear there was more TFA merch on store shelves two Decembers ago than there was xmas stuff.

They should pay Target or somebody a hundred million dollars to make all their cashiers say "May the Force be with you." all December instead of "Happy holidays."

My plan for this years lego winter village is to have the train towing a snowspeeder and have it transition into a lego Hoth scene.

"God bless us, everyone and also may the force be with you"

Mary Poppins Returns

And this time...


So is everyone else. I don't know any who are super pumped for the Han Solo movie, at least not more excited than they are for Avengers.

Hmm, the payoff of 10 years of connected movie storylines or a throwaway movie that no one really wanted, but is Star Wars?

BVS vs. Civil War Part 2.

No, WW is going to change simply put of self preservation

Uh... Han Solo and Infinity War are still slated to release in the same month

It feels like christmas.

Did the Han Solo movie get pushed back? Because if it didn't at this point I think they should just stick to December releases. The May releases aren't a tradition anymore if three fourths of your new movies are released in December.

JJ wanted to delay VII to May 2016, but Bob Iger overruled him as they'd made a promise to investors that buying Lucasfilm would pay off within three years.

That sounds awful and amazing at the same time

Good. It's hard enough to picture next Christmas without Star Wars. I'm glad Christmas 2019 will have a new Star Wars movie.

We felt this coming three years ago

I'm torn between asking for a lightsaber bottle opener or lightsaber chopsticks.

Nah, being downvoted for being a douche

because maybe it might send a message that something is very wrong with the film? Like a water world thing where its set up to fail before anyone even watches it

TIL Episode 9 was originally scheduled for release earlier than December 2019.