Spotted at an "antique" mall in Dallas

Spotted at an "antique" mall in Dallas

Perfect label: TACOBELL ANUS

So someone printed off a joke cover someone made of the book "Little Obie and the Flood" by Martin Waddell removed all the names and started selling it as a poster for $25?

Here's an old reddit post linking to the "fixed book covers"

"Antique" indeed.

edit: I wonder if this is the guy who ended up making this.

/u/din7.. was that you buddy?

Yep Taco Bell named their franchise based on this painting.

I guess I'm some kind of fucking miracle being the only person in this thread that has no digestive problems after eating taco bell.

A steal at only $25. You can't get any old anus for that cheap.

Negative. I have seen this floating around on imgur for a year or so now.

I wish tacobell ruined my anus

Instead of 3 black guys I met at a college party.

Never understood the Taco Bell thing. I think the problem most people have with Chipotle is just the result of a human body not being meant to consume a burrito the size of an infant child.

Why did Taco Bell ruin three black guys you met?

you have died of diarrhea

I member passing the taco bell when I played oregon trail, it was just past chimney rock

Taco Bell and chipotle both get these memes a lot. It's almost like some people just can't handle Americanized Mexican food, but keep eating it anyway.

Twitter's Paperback Paradise posts these and other edited book covers regularly.


I would honestly buy this just so I could sneak it into a Taco Bell's bathroom and hang it up.

Damn. That would've made my day.

Or perhaps getting a bumload of fiber for once in their lives.

You could always print this pic...


25 bucks for this? Who do they think I am, Bill Gates?

ha, most antiques malls these days aren't strictly antique, but more a collection of oddities. The seller wasn't legitimately trying to pass this off as being over 75 years old.

Alex Baldwin's first book...

I think it has to do with drinking really. I've seen drunk people think taco bell is the greatest indulgence in the world (been there myself too). Alcohol is known to do a number on one's stomach. My hypothesis is that people who blame taco bell for destroying their anus were also very drunk while doing so and it is not solely the fault of tacos.

You will find no quarter here.

I would buy it

My dream. 3 tall strong black guys ruining my anus at a party. I already did it a couple of times and get tired.

I made this.

What is physically wrong with people who can't digest a couple of soft taco supremes or an order of nachos bell grande? Are they already in the habit of taking a swig of pepto bismol or kaopectate two minutes after every meal? Do they keep tums and zyrtec in the center console of their vehicles? I'll admit I don't crave Taco Bell more than once a month and I'm careful not to overeat it simply because I don't like feeling full eight hours later. But I don't get the joke. There has to be more of an element of truth in it to make me laugh.