Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go

Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go
Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill O’Reilly Has to Go

Allegations come in. O'Reilly goes out. You can't explain that.


It's because he lost his sponsors.

Not because he sexually assaulted women.

Edit: 15 Years of settlements, guys.

It was the sponsors.

Fox sent a powerful message: a workplace culture of rampant sexual harrassment and aggression will only be tolerated for 2 decades

oh when they spin it, it will be 100% bill's idea to leave the no-spin zone.

Bill O'Reilly's next girlfriend is going to get the shit beat out of her for this.


Fox News knew about sexual harassment allegations for more than a decade (back to 2004). They did nothing. O'Reilly lost more than half his advertisers in a week. Next week O'Reilly is fired. O'Reilly brought in $180 million advertising dollars in 2015. Losing more than half your advertisers would be a decrease of roughly $90 million, plus $13 million dollars in settlement. These "allegations" could cost around $100 million and would make any corporation nervous.

Fox only cares about money, not sexual harassment.

Kudos to NYTimes for breaking this.

Kudos also to the women who stood up against, especially the ones who did so with no demand for money.

edit: I originally saluted FOX News for having the guts to fire their top slot. But after 100 replies saying they deserved no thanks, I took that part away, you're right.

FUCK IT...we'll do it LIVE!


Breitbart is spinning it as being the left's fault. If only those leftys hand't caused Bill to sexually harass all those women...

Breitbart is spinning it as being the . If only those leftys hand't caused Bill to sexually harass all those women...

Fuckin' thing sucks.

It is always always always about the money

Not surprising I suppose. Right or Left if you are in the spot light you should at least live your life with a modicum of respectability both privately and publicly. O'Reilly chose not to do that.

Put me in, coach!

Not defending him, but to be fair, I think a lot of corporations only give a shit about money more than sexual harassment. It's fucked.

And only if it's discovered and reported on first!

Caution! You are about to enter the No Spin Zone. The Factor ENDS right now!

A FOX spokesman: "O'Reilly's departure won't affect our operations here. We've already asked Neil Cavuto to double his own sexual harassment activities."

This goes beyond "respectability". Hes a wife beater, groper, an abuser who operated for decades with impunity. Don't trivialize what he did.

And the world will be better for it. Allegations aside, he is undoubtedly one of the most rude television hosts I've ever seen. Hope Fox eventually cans Hannity too.

Keep in mind, Fox isn't firing him because of the sexual harassment. They're firing him because the sexual harassment became public knowledge. #FamilyValues

Man, its like our legislature should do more for the American people, and not corporations.

Did, but advertisers are running away at the moment.

And if advertisers start taking money away.

He's going to loofah her falafel so hard

Well now that O'Reilly's No Spin Zone is out, this is Kenneth Bone's chance to get his Bone Zone show. I'm pulling for the guy.

We'll do it LIVE!

but this really took some guts to fire your top guy.

or.. you know.. $13 million

Hannity still hasn't followed through on his promise to be water boarded.

When your rape allegations and out of court settlements cost more than the revenue your ratings bring in you finally get the axe. Couldn't have happened to a shittier person.

so good. The shot at the end where he just becomes a background feature throwing shit... classic.

God, the comments...

Ok....the screaming Snowflakes win AGAIN. They have taken a Conservative voice, loved by many, off the air. This is DESTROYING MY RIGHTS as a Conservative to hear the OTHER side of the story. This is the last straw. I'm DONE with Fox, in addition to the Liberal networks and ask O'Reilly to start a CONSERVATIVE network where we can get honest news. I am so ashamed of Fox.


I'm having a hard time understanding some things. Isn't Sexual Harassment a crime? if so, how you can pay your way out of it? More over, if you take a "cash settlement" for your sexual harassment instead of prosecuting, then you're a whore... flat out


As much as it pains me to say so, I may have to stop watching Fox news now. Bill O'Reilly is the best journalist on television today, bar none. And for Fox to release him based upon some baseless claims from a bunch of (obviously) paid accusers is beyond low. Guess Breitbart is the only news source I can trust anymore. So sad.

How do people not give a shit about posting these things publicly on Facebook? I'd be worried a potential employer might spot them and consider me too much of a liability to hire.

Man, he sounds a little nuts, HR. He might shoot up the office one day because his guy didn't get voted in. Put that resume in the trashcan.

Jim Lahey: Feel that? Randy: Feel what Mr Lahey? Jim Lahey: The way the shit clings to the air Randy... Randy: Shit clings to the air? Jim Lahey: It's already started my dear good friend. Randy: What's started, Mr Lahey? Jim Lahey: The Shit Blizzard.

Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger -- you just opened up Pandora’s shit-box.

Isn't Sexual Harassment a crime? if so, how you can pay your way out of it? More over, if you take a "cash settlement" for your sexual harassment instead of prosecuting, then you're a whore... flat out

"It didn't happen and if it happened she's a whore anyways." Just covering all bases...

When's Breitbart going to go? At least Fox News only lies habitually. Breitbart is straight up yellow journalism.

Well, just like the tides, this also has a solid explanation.

This has become common terminology in the industry now, bless him for this and this alone.

Full qualified to be President, last I checked. Possibly more so than the incumbent.


So like Bill Cosby and rape; his supporters have a tough decision.

Yeah he did, and he immediately changed his opinion on it and admitted he was wrong. Good guy.

No one ever went bankrupt overestimating the stupidity of the American people...

I think Breitbart took that famous saying to heart as an organizational value.

So it was about the money

Milo Yiannopoulos: finished

Tomi Lahren: fired

Alex Jones: "plays a character"

Bill O'Reilly: gone

Maybe Trump was right when he said we were going to get tired of winning.

The part I don't like in this story is that he just signed a $20M a year contract with Fox News. When they ousted Roger Ailes, they bought out his contract, and that means most likely a bazillion dollar golden parachute for O'Reilly, too, one of the world's most rude, hypocritical and allegedly lascivious TV hosts ever. He'll forever justify his actions and will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Exactly. His inappropriate actions would've gotten anyone fired and if it weren't for his money and fame, he would've been kicked out a long time ago.

This is DESTROYING MY RIGHTS as a Conservative to hear the OTHER side of the story

Muh rights! Muh freedoms!

It didn't take guts, nor was it altruistic in any way. Advertisers were fleeing not just from O'Reilly, but the network as a whole. They had to make some sort of show that they weren't going to keep backing these lecherous old guys in order to do damage control for the entire news network - not just one guy. Their hand was forced.

He could have been President.

Fun fact, my mom dated him waaay back when he was just starting out in TV.

I'll have to ask if he ever showed signs of this. She'll probably say no, she's super into Fox News. But he used to antagonize my Nana and mom broke up with him because he was a huge dick.

Doesn't he bring in some $400 million a year for fox though?

But Bill O'Reilly doesn't save

Your mom got dumped bro, not the other way around. Sorry :(

While I agree and I would make that comment too, Fox News loudly proclaims itself as an arbiter of morality, setting standards and drawing lines on what codes they believe the country should run by.

When they break these 'family values' or rules of conduct it's suddenly about the money.

The hypocrisy is what should be jumping out to everyone, viewers or no.

follow up


Lol this wasn't gutsy at all. Fox is in the middle of a PR nightmare, advertisers are fleeing and privately wondering if they should boycott FN in full, and they are attempting to make a huge buy in the UK that this scandal makes much more difficult.

They would have deserved credit if they dumped him a decade ago instead of covering for his ass. Now it's come back to bite them and the only reason they are doing this now is because it will only get worse if they keep him on.

Guess Breitbart is the only news source I can trust anymore.

Why do these people exist?

The bottom line is the bottom line.

• "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin

'Nuff said...

"Sir, that's an intern, not a beverage."

Look at me. I am the snowflake now.

"Bill didnt do anything wrong" is not surprising from a guy who likes to "grab em by the pussy"

Cue slack jawed conservative

"Something, something, BUT BILL CLINTON!"

This one is the worst of the three for me. It's unbearably disgusting to turn someones traumatic experience against them because they have less money and influence than their offender. Textbook sexism and elitism.

"She can beverage my ass".

Sir that's incoherently inappropriate.

On the one hand, I'm masturbating profusely.

On the other hand, they'll just replace him with someone worse.

And only if the revenue is less than the out of court settlements.

Eh, kinda. That's ultimately why Rupert Murdoch let him go, that's true. But realistically, he has been hit multiple times with allegations of sexual harassment and Fox usually just paid the settlement and that was that.

Ever since Ailes was forced out, Murdoch's sons have taken a larger hand in Fox News. They hated Ailes and they didn't have any care for Bill O'Reilly, and they put pressure on Rupert to finally shit can O'Reilly. It seems they want to take Fox in a new direction. That's one of the reasons why Shephard Smith has suddenly been so vocal in his criticisms of the Trump Administration.

Look up some of the things he's had to say about Trump, Spicer, Kellyanne Conway. It's inconceivable that he would have been allowed to be so outwardly hostile before Ailes was forced out.

Not anymore you won't!

I also watched Dave Chappelle on Netflix.

Why is it always paid accusers, or paid shills with these people? Seriously I'd love to get a job where i got paid to pull that shit!

They saw him as a brute that would abuse "the liberals" like he abused women.

Someone made this comment yesterday and it really seems to ring true: Republicans would shit in the town well so long as at least one liberal had to take a drink.

That they held on to him for this long, and that anyone still sees him as a wise commentator, is an embarrassment to the right.

They knew about his behavior for decades. It's not like they couldn't have seen this coming.

Didn't Christopher Hitchens actually do it? There was a man who put his money where his mouth was.


Because they would gladly betray their own grandmother if there was money in it, so they assume all people are like that.

Don't forget us programmers when we want to make a change to the software without testing it.

The comments are always in the comments.

Yeah, the Citizens should Unite or something.


he used to antagonize my Nana and mom broke up with him because he was a dick to her


they dated for a bit before he moved to New York and ghosted her

so you just said your mom broke up with him because he was a dick, and then said he moved to New York and ghosted her? Which was it?

can't a guy buy some Hot Chocolate???

Conservatives have made it pretty clear to the world that sexual assault is a-okay as long as you stick it to them liberals.

He rapes to save, and he saves more then he rapes. But he definitely rapes.

It's how she likes to tell the story, but you're right. I just let her have it.

I mean, Lahren was fired for being pro-choice... I'm not sure how that's a victory for anyone.

They paid these women to go away quietly to try and keep him. It wasn't until the New York Times article came out about the scandal that they took action. Never forget what actually motivated them to action here.

Edit: The motivator was money.

I just let her have it.

We all have.

Yes, she was fired for rightfully calling Conservatives hypocrites when it comes to the issue of abortion, however I don't think that erases her repugnant behavior on everything else.

Trump did it, anyone can.

Well anyone with money can.

"Welcome to 'Bone to be wild' hosted by Ken Bone" (who keeps his bone to himself!)

$13 million in settlements is a pittance compared to the kind of money Bill's show was drawing, so Fox was happy to pay it.

It's the fact that it went public, and advertisers pulled out of his show from public pressure that cost him his job.

That's pretty fucked up, there's got to be a lawyer or an executive at Fox who knew they were spending money settling these suits, and were happy to pay it until the news went public.

Trump will create the Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention and will hire O'Reilly to head it.

Theres always money in the banana stand

He also ran a smear campaign for awhile insinuating that he was a terrorist sympathizer. His name is Jeremy Glick. Here's him with Bill.

Milo and Tomi in the moooorning!

I mean they are the voice of the Republican party, lecherous old guys are their demographic.

I'm 21, my mom had me at 43. They met in Boston I want to say in the mid to late 70s. Mom had just started working at a large Boston hospital, and they dated for a bit before he moved to New York and ghosted her.

Didn't he threaten a kid with assault for saying that, even though he lost his dad in 9/11, we shouldn't invade Iraq?

Clearly the Illuminati. They use giant machines, and gravity is a conspiracy. The moon is actually a disc floating above the flat earth

Heck, the current one endorsed him.

Fucking thing SUCKS!

But but Trump said he didn't do anything wrong! So unfair