Sombra should be able to hack the snack machines and ATMs in the various spawn rooms.

Sombra should be able to hack the snack machines and ATMs in the various spawn rooms.

Would be cool to hack it and have soda spit out or money.

Upvote so Jeff can see

You assume it would survive enough for the easter egg to happen. Never before has the mythical clean spawn room occurred.

This is the change we need to make Overwatch great again!

Since Hanzo mains

Also, the various screens on the game (Numbani in the attackers spawn, arcades in Hanamura, specially Lumerico screens in Dorado, etc.) To make them display her logo. Those little touches would be amazing.

Of course, this should be with no cooldown.

Again? When did it stop being great? :(

Hours of developer team work for 5 seconds of novelty, nice.

pretty useless comment on the post tbh.

Maybe the ability to hack Arcade Cabinets too so they aren't so GOD DAMN STATIC FILLED I JUST WANT TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL PIXEL TYRAEL!


Jeff seems like the kind of guy who would take all the best candy for himself first, maybe we need to tell one of the other guys?

Why hack 'em when you can take 'em for free?

I always thought it'd be cool if Sombra could hack the various monitors in spawn rooms/ships so they'd turn purple and display her skull or something.

Just make it like the reverse of the health packs: she can hack them before the match starts, but once the attack spawn opens she can no longer interact with them. That way accidental hacking targets during the match could be avoided.

While technically true, this could also describe victory poses, highlight intros, and emotes.

At the same time, many would argue that it's the extra levels of polish that separate Blizzard titles from the competition.

I get it might be funny but we get too many joke suggestions. The Overwatch team is small and highly focused, there's absolutely no reason for them to work on useless additions like these instead of actual content.

And to make it okay doing so doesn't cause cool down.


I mean, you say that, but shooting a basketball through the hoops in spawn used to not provide visual and audio effects.

I see nothing wrong with fun little suggestions like these. If the Overwatch team doesn't feel like it's urgent, they won't work on it right now.

"so are you actually playing sombra"

"nah man im just doing the arcade machine easter egg haha"


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You have to reload to shoot these same things so why wouldn't there be cooldown? I'm not trying to be a dick but I just don't see why they should take cooldown off without good reasoning? It'd be cool enough to hack a few things regardless

This buff will make sombra valuable hero

So did everyone's highlight intro.

Highlight intros are a potential revenue source

Everyone knows Jeff keeps them in the basement with restricted internet access. They can't even access Reddit!