So I get home from work and these guys are doing this in the park across the street. Life is Awesome

So I get home from work and these guys are doing this in the park across the street. Life is Awesome

We have a park here in San Diego, every Sunday about 30 people get together and LARP. It's very entertaining. Families bring their kids out there for picnics amongst others drinking and so forth. It's really a great time.

Until George sets up the guillotine, then it's a headache.

then it's a headache.

I wouldn't say that. It's more of a pain in the neck.

This may not be LARPing. There are legitimate leagues for medieval weapons fighting, and I would guess these guys are practicing for that.

I think these guys are in the SCA.

They joined forces and killed OP. He's obviously an evil wizard with his picture machine.

This is a duel the man in red insulted the others honor

SCA likely

This totally looks like SCA. I fight against many people in kits that look as good, or better, than these. And at least from this shot, those look like rattan weapons to me. They only need to be 1 1/4 inch thick, by SCA rules. SCA tends to run a practice for specific regions every week. For instance, the practice for may area is every Wednesday evening. (Regions usually being a large city, or county)

however, I may be wrong. There are many groups that fight in similar armor, who use real weapons, and this may well be one of those groups.

No roleplay involved, just like fencing but with more stuff

The guys in the OP are not LARPing. They fully intend to beat the tar out of each other. Helmets like they have prevent concussions. Fighting without concussions is great! Plus, knights are totally bad ass.

No, I make legitimate sound like it's a god damn sport. Which is why I said "legitimate leagues." Anything else is your own reading.

This isn't just people fucking around with spears. These are people who take part in organized leagues, with sponsors, refs, league standings, championships, the whole nine.

Tell me they actually fought to the death.

No, they're not playing a role. They're actual athletes who are engaged in an actual sport fight with medieval weaponry. Simulated battles have been used as sports games for a thousand years. Just because this is taking place in present day doesn't mean the people doing it are role playing.

Would you say a lacrosse player is roleplaying as an American Indian from a few hundred years ago, just because they invented the sport?

You two are really splitting hairs here...

This is SCA fighting, it's kind of in between strict medieval reenactment and LARPing. It's historically inspired but the emphasis is on having fun , not getting everything absolutely accurate. Source: I run my local group practice.

Or HEMA but with those helmets SCA is my bet too.

This looks more like the SCA society for creative anachronism. .

Damn.. You guys are good!

knights from 1800s


Careful, I wouldnt stick my neck out.