SM64Online can lead to some interesting cut scenes

Looks like the friend who always pulls faces behind someone who is trying to be really serious with you, and in the end you just can't help but crack up.

Well he IS a plumber.

It was really a complete accident too, as the guy playing Mario could only actually see Blue Toad at the time

There is a SM64Online? Omg


He knows where the cutscene occurs.

Yep, just came out a couple days ago

No it's still derivative work based on their trademarks, characters, and world

Based on Nintendo history, they will likely try to squash it. Nobody has yet challenged Nintendo in court, so the full legality of derivative work is untested.

How has Nintendo not dropped a Cease and Desist yet?

princess confused face



I thought I read an article somewhere that Mario and Luigi are no longer plumbers.

it's been dropped from their official bio, but they did some plumbing in Super Mario 3D World as well.

in one of the Mario and Luigi games they plumb.

Oh yeah, I'm sure...

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10/10 explanation. Answers the question. Touches on all of the necessary details. What more could one ask for?

Pokemmo exists, even though many roms have been ceace and desisted

An explanation in written form so I can understand at work.

- No, wrong hole! - Mamamia!

They are however custom made models, they weren't imported from anything. So I'm fairly certain this just falls under fair use.

On its own, it's nothing more than some assembly, a couple models and a networking program. None of those came from Nintendo.

I mean, they haven't gone after artwork and stuff, nor is Kaze providing competition to their games. There's basically no reason for Nintendo to even try removing it.

Make sure you are using the exact same emulator version and rom version. Also, if you aren't playing on a local network, you'll likely need to port forward the router of whoever is the server have to go premium to watch the finality.

Well, no, not professionally. Obviously they were plumbers.

Oh. Well, yeah I knew they did plumbing In Super Mario 3d world, but I just thought they weren't plumbers now.

My friend and I found this rom last night but we can't seem to get it to work. We were trying for two hours and attempted everything and nothing worked. If anybody can help it would be much appreciated! Thanks!